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Originally Posted by Rawlin View Post
and now they're visible again.

or i just went nuts for two minutes. either or. but for like a minute i couldn't get on page 8 because there was no page 8, and sheik was talking to himself.

Originally Posted by InstantClassic2.0 View Post
They went missing for me too, I thought this shit just got even more serious

You two need to just chill the fuck out for now...
LC's blue mod bar keeps disappearing for me.

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
And most of them are.
This is pretty ignorant. There are plenty of Christian terrorists out there. ETA are a catholic group, or at least post-catholic or something. I'm sure there are have been Christian suicide bombers in Ireland on plenty of occasions too.

There's a strong argument that says that the American military terrorise weaker nations too. #CANOFWORMS

Originally Posted by Rawlin View Post
this is fucking pathetic, tbh. hopefully no one actually cares and everyones just trolling one another for a good time. cuz if otherwise, wow.
Nah, I think LC and Shiek actually care. Unlike some of the back and forths between me and Cerbs, where neither of us (apart from Cerbs) could actually give a fuck and the things that are being said are usually witty and creative (apart from what Cerbs says).

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