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Re: Travis get in here right now young man

Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
So what exactly are you trying to say? The majority of Arabic culture is "looked down" upon? What about the "redneck" culture? Is that embraced and celebrated now?

How about the African American culture? Or the Hispanic culture?

The thing is, there's good and bad in EVERY culture. Some people just want to look at and assume it's all bad. Without even really studying the culture or visiting the society itself. I've been guilty of this myself.
Of course there's good and bad in every culture. Nothing is universal.

I just don't see many people wanting to migrate to Arabic countries...as opposed to non-Arabic countries. The culture is just not that attractive. Not many cultures are that treat half of their population as second rate citizens, whether it be by sex, religion or race. The United States had a huge problem with that for far too long... that type of discrimination still exists, but at least it's illegal now.

Why don't you live in an Arabic nation btw? It's not very attractive is it?

As for my own culture, it is what it is as well. I love it though, and I'm proud of it. I'll probably never leave it. It's right where I want to be...no matter how idiotic some of the people in it can be.

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