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Re: Travis get in here right now young man

Originally Posted by Sheik View Post
@GD: Sure, I'm a stubborn guy. I'm also very passionate, yeah of course. That's me. I don't give a fuck. At least I have character.

You know what I am also that not too many people on here (ESPECIALLY YOURSELF) can claim to being?

I'm real. I don't kiss ass to anyone, and I'm not afraid to tell it like it is.

No matter what the situation is. And as far as me taking certain things seriously, yeah I do. I take wrestling and my culture very fucking seriously.

Until you walk a mile in my shoes you can't judge me.

If you're liked by everyone, then you're fake. Plain and simple.
There is no need to be serious all the time. Being serious all the time makes you unhappy. If I remember correctly, you were saying how you were never happy... I was like that before but I let my guard down with people and you'd be surprised how happy you are when you don't take everything so seriously.

And yeah you are right. I can't judge you, and you can't judge me. But guess what? People still do it anyways. besides, what I have come to learn is that the whole real vs. fake thing is just total bullshit. im not saying everyone is real or fake or anything like that.

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