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Re: Travis get in here right now young man

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
lol just because it was Cerbs it wasn't a good rant, ya good reasoning there. It was a joke and didn't seem to be that insulting to their relationship because the person acted as if he didn't even know who Gee was.

It is not you and Cerbs that make those 2000 word rants with all those pictures that you guys probably spend hours on? I highly doubt this person wasted much of their time making this rant since it was only a paragraph.
It wasn't a good rant because the OP was trying too hard to troll Cerbs, he failed miserably. The whole "Who's this Gee person" was fail too based on the fact Cerbs mom actually knows Gee.

And yes we used to make those 2000 word rants, and no it didn't take hours. 2 minutes a paragragh (about 10 minutes) and another 5 minutes gather pictures. 15 tops. I wasn't saying this person had no life because of the time spent on it, I said the person had no life based on the fact they were trying to insult somebody for actually having a girlfriend. He must live a sad lonely life if he has to attack somebody because they're in a relationship. The guy should honestly log off, go find a hobby and a girlfriend and comeback when he hits his 20's and matures.
Originally Posted by Rush View Post
indeed. lazer or TRASH or Feech would've been my guesses.

also lmao @ Mr.Styles, how's cerbs ass taste you fucking homo?
Good. Nothing better then Cerbs ass.
Originally Posted by STUFF View Post
Thanks Certs.
Originally Posted by Eveny Screwd View Post
carb still does this when hes at home according to lorraine
Fail arguement. Go back to the hole you were in.

Credit: Bro
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