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Details of how to vote for your Cyber Sunday matches are at the end of the show. Please PM me as soon as possible!

Live from HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

Smackdown begins with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker reminding us of what happened last week as MVP and Alberto Del Rio secured their places in the Cyber Sunday vote for the Intercontinental Championship shot at Dolph Ziggler. They remind us that the WWE Universe will be choosing between Christian, MVP and Del Rio on wwe.com immediately after tonight’s Smackdown show. Vickie Guerrero comes out on the stage with an ‘Excuse me?’ and proceeds to introduce her boyfriend, the Intercontinental Champion himself ...


Dolph Ziggler heads out ready to compete as Grisham and Striker remind us about the announcement of General Manager Teddy Long last week that tonight would see a Fatal 4-Way match between the Intercontinental Champion and his challengers. Ziggler heads to the ring looking confident with Vickie on his arm.


Alberto Del Rio is announced by his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, and heads out in a fancy Mercedes convertible car. He heads to the ring where he takes a microphone and introduces himself (but you already knew that) before turning to Ziggler. He informs Ziggler that at Cyber Sunday, the people of the WWE Universe should be voting for the virtuous man, the man of excellence, Alberto Del Rio – and that he will become the new Intercontinental Champion.

*** I’M COMIN’ ***

Interrupting the flow of Alberto Del Rio, MVP comes out from backstage looking pumped up and ready to fight. He performs his usual entrance before indicating to Ziggler that he intends to win the Intercontinental Championship at Cyber Sunday. However, there is one more man heading to the ring ...


Christian heads for the ring and surveys the arena for his peeps. As he climbs through the ropes, the cheers of the crowd turn to gasps as Alberto Del Rio attacks him with a kick to the chest and the referee signals for the bell to start the match.


A fast paced opening contest sees the four men pair off initially as Ziggler and MVP fight in one corner and Del Rio continues to beat on Christian. With Christian weak in the corner after the sneak attack, Del Rio hits the Enzuguri in the corner before tossing Christian through the ropes to the outside and heading over to assist Ziggler. For a while, MVP is dominated by the double teaming of Del Rio and Ziggler – who knock Christian back down to the floor every time he attempts to return – and Ziggler and Del Rio seem happy to control the match this way. However, that changes when Del Rio convinces Ziggler to go to the top rope. With Ziggler out of the way for a moment, Del Rio seamlessly flips MVP into the Cross Arm Breaker and locks in the hold. With MVP close to tapping out, Ziggler breaks the hold with a stomp to the back of Del Rio who looks unimpressed. Vickie Guerrero gets on the mat and remonstrates with Del Rio but Ziggler then takes his chance with Del Rio’s back turned and locks in the sleeper to a groggy MVP. Again, MVP is rescued by his opponent, this time Del Rio, as Ziggler is forced to let go. With Del Rio and Ziggler arguing now, it seems the teamwork is over. Christian and MVP suddenly launch an attack and the crowd roar them on as they begin to beat on their two opponents.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with the match still even with none of the four men getting on top much at all. Del Rio and Christian fight outside the ring now whilst MVP takes control over the champion, Ziggler, in the ring. MVP starts to build momentum and hits his ‘Ballin’ move before beginning to prepare for the ‘Play of the Day’ finisher. He hits this on Ziggler and goes for the 3-count ... 1 ... 2 ... No! Christian is back in the ring to break the finish and he goes to work on MVP showing no biased between the good and bad wrestlers. He sets up the ‘Killswitch’ to MVP and drives his head down into the canvas. Surely, all over? Christian with the pinfall ... 1 ... 2 ... Del Rio is there now to break the pin. Del Rio looks to go to the Cross Arm Breaker on Christian but Christian manages to counter and hits the ‘Killswitch’ for a second time to leave Del Rio down and out as well as MVP. Christian looks around a moment trying to decide ... he goes for the pin over Del Rio. However, as he does, suddenly he is hit from behind with the ‘Zig Zag’ from the champion ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!

Dolph Ziggler wins the match as we head towards Cyber Sunday!

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler (8:49)

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler celebrate in the aisle with the Intercontinental Title belt and Ziggler makes his point to the other three superstars looking at him from the ring. Del Rio is the man that looks most displeased and he points to Ziggler and clearly tells him that he will pay for this win at Cyber Sunday.

The cameras switch backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting with his special guest, the Big Show. Big Show looks happier this week and is no longer using a crutch despite the best efforts of Jack Swagger last week on Smackdown. Show warns Swagger on the microphone that when he is fit and ready after Cyber Sunday, there will be no place to hide for Swagger and that his lights will be dimmed. Josh Matthews reveals that tonight Big Show will be accompanying Luke Gallows to the ring for his match with CM Punk. Big Show tells the WWE Universe that he is doing this to ensure that Punk fights a fair fight with Gallows after his dirty tricks on last week’s SMackdown that cost Gallows a chance at the Intercontinental Title.

*** MASSACRE ***

Luke Gallows heads to the ring clearly pumped up for his match with his former mentor in the Straight Edge Society, CM Punk. Gallows looks ready to take revenge on Punk and the odds are stacked more in his favour when ...

*** CRANK IT UP ***

... he is joined at the ring by Big Show who shakes his hand in the ring and confirms that he has got Gallows’ back tonight if Punk tries to pull anything.


CM Punk hesitantly heads out towards the ring looking very annoyed about the presence of the Big Show. He slowly makes his way to the ring and then points at Show and orders the referee to get rid of him. The referee refuses and is about to signal for the bell when ...


... the All American American cockily makes his way towards the ring as well. He performs press-ups in the aisle and then walks down to the ring where he is confronted by Big Show. Swagger laughs at Big Show as the referee prevents Show from getting closer to Swagger. Swagger gets in the ring and whispers to Punk who looks happier now. With Swagger in Punk’s corner and Show in Luke Gallows’ corner, it is set to be an interesting match tonight!

CM PUNK (w/Jack Swagger) vs. LUKE GALLOWS (w/Big Show)

Gallows and Punk start evenly but the experience of Punk begins to show as he begins to take his former running man out of contention. Punk winds up the crowd and Big Show by arrogantly kicking the back of Gallows’ head at times and showing him a complete lack of disrespect. However, Gallows’ does manage to mount and comeback after Punk tries to lift him up for the ‘Go to Sleep’ and bodyslams Punk down to the mat. With the match swinging the way of Gallows, Jack Swagger suddenly smashes Big Show in the leg with a steel chair, the same leg as Swagger injured two weeks ago with the Ankle Lock. With Show struggling and Swagger threatening a second shot, Gallows heads out to confront Swagger and the two of them begin to brawl outside the ring. Punk soon joins them and the match turns into a free for all with the referee unable to control the action. Punk manages to get hold of the chair and goes to hit Show again but Show blocks with his fist and Punk takes the brunt of it with his face. As Swagger and Punk make their way out of the ring and back down the aisle, a fuming Big Show and Luke Gallows stare down the aisle at them.


********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

As Smackdown returns, Swagger and CM Punk are seen walking backstage chatting animatedly. Punk is heard to thank Swagger for watching his back tonight but as the two of them look to go their separate ways, they are interrupted by Teddy Long. Long announces that at Cyber Sunday, CM Punk will face Luke Gallows again and this time Jack Swagger will be banned from ringside ... Punk goes mad and asks about the actions of the Big Show tonight. Long informs Punk that whether Big Show is at Cyber Sunday or not is up to the WWE Universe. If the WWE Universe decide they want Big Show there, he will be the special referee for the match! An irate CM Punk storms off down the corridor as Teddy Long smiles but he is then confronted again by Swagger demanding to be given more respect. Long smiles again and informs Swagger that he has a chance tonight to earn some respect as he takes part in the main event. Swagger looks happy with this but then Teddy Long informs him of his opponent ... The Undertaker!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


Melina heads to the ring as the Smackdown announcers recap the situation with the Divas Championship as we head to Cyber Sunday. Layla will defend the Divas Title against Michelle McCool (though we believe that McCool will not challenge her partner), Melina or ...


... Kelly Kelly who heads to the ring dressed in gold shorts. The Smackdown announcers remind us about Kelly Kelly’s actions on Smackdown last week as she attacked Melina after the bell – the title pressure seemingly too much for Kelly. They also remind us of their match on Monday night on RAW before the bell sounds for the match.


An even contest between the two Divas as this time Laycool remain out of sight and leave them to fight it out between them. Melina takes control when she uses her Matrix moves to avoid an on-rushing Kelly before hitting the Primal Scream for the 3 count ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!

WINNER: Melina (3:34)

Kelly looks disappointed but accepting of the result after the match and the two Divas embrace each other with a hug after the match. As they hug, the crowd are disturbed and the camera zooms out to reveal Laycool rushing down the aisle to the ring. Layla and Michelle McCool crash into their rivals for the Divas Titles before continuing their assault with a carefully planned double team. However, Melina’s Matrix move allows her to escape again and Kelly manages to hit the K2 to the Divas Champion, Layla. With McCool infuriated, Melina and Kelly stand up to the second member of Laycool who carefully retreats and drags a groggy Layla with her ...

The cameras switch to the backstage area and show Teddy Long dressed up and ready to enter the arena with a huge grin on his face.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


Tony Chimel announces the Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, as he enters the ring looking pleased with himself. Long enters the ring and hollas to the people in the arena before informing the WWE Universe of Smackdown’s contributions to the Cyber Sunday PPV this weekend. Long reminds everybody of the following matches:

Champion Dolph Ziggler defends against either Alberto Del Rio, Christian or MVP depending on the vote of the WWE Universe.

Champion Layla defends against either Kelly Kelly, Melina or Michelle McCool depending on the vote of the WWE Universe.

Smackdown’s Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes defend against the Smackdown challengers, Evan Bourne and Mark Henry.

CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows: the WWE Universe to decide if Big Show will be Special Referee.

Teddy then moves onto discussing the World Heavyweight Championship match between the World Champion, Kane, and his brother, the Undertaker. Teddy announces that if the Undertaker wins his main event match with Jack Swagger later tonight, he will get to choose the three match types that the WWE Universe will vote between for the World Championship match. Long continues by ordering the World Champion to stay away from ringside or else he will severely punished.

As Long is set to leave, the lights in the arena flash and the RAW General Manager’s email alert sounds out in the arena. Michael Cole walks out from backstage to a chorus of boos and jeers and demands the attention of the Smackdown audience. He says he has received an email from the RAW General Manager which he reads out:

“At the Cyber Sunday PPV this weekend, I will announce my identity to the WWE Universe. Mr Long, I have to tell you that I have great respect for you but I am intending to make RAW the most superior brand here in the WWE. I’ll see you at Cyber Sunday, Teddy.”

Teddy Long looks confused for a moment as Cole leaves the arena but then regains his smile and leaves the arena with his music playing out.

The camera switches to Josh Matthews who is stood with Kofi Kingston. Josh asks Kofi about his victory over Kane last week on Smackdown and Kingston declares it the biggest win of his career that proves that he is worthy of a World Championship opportunity against the winner of the Cyber Sunday match between Kane and Undertaker. Kofi declares his respect for both men but argues that he is ready to steal the limelight here in the WWE and that he is going to be coming after the winner next week on Smackdown.

The camera returns to the ring where the music of Mark Henry begins to play ...


... Henry and Bourne make their way to the ring with Henry ready to compete and Bourne with him to support him against his opponent.


Drew McIntyre saunters to the ring with his partner and fellow Tag Team Champion, Cody Rhodes, beside him. Drew and Cody stop outside the ring and Cody has a microphone and he addresses the Tag Team Championship Number 1 contenders in the ring. Cody informs them that they have no chance of winning at Cyber Sunday. He derides the large physique of Mark Henry and the short stature of Evan Bourne and declares them to be as far away from perfection as can be. He lets the world know that he is ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and with the ‘Chosen One’ as his partner, there is no way that Bourne and Henry can win the titles.

DREW McINTYRE (w/Cody Rhodes) vs. MARK HENRY (w/Evan Bourne)

After a dominant start from Henry that has McIntyre rattled, Rhodes’ interference distracts Henry long enough for Drew to take control of the match. Despite the encouragement from Bourne and the WWE Universe, Henry cannot get back into the match as Drew looks to dissect him piece by piece at a calculated and sinister pace. The Scotsman looks to hit the Future Shock DDT on several occasions but each time he does, Henry manages to push him away or power his way free from Drew’s clutches. As Drew gets a little frustrated, he tries to intimidate the referee but this gives Mark Henry time to get back in gear and he manages to slam Drew to the mat. The action then spills outside where Cody Rhodes threatens to get involved and distracts Henry again allowing Drew McIntyre to shove Henry back into the steel ringpost before ramming him shoulder first into the barricade at ringside. However, Henry’s partner, Evan Bourne, takes exception at the tactics of McIntyre and Rhodes and – behind the champions backs – climbs to the top rope and leaps off to deliver a cross body to the pair and send them down to the mat as well. The referee manages to separate Bourne and Rhodes from the action and they argue and end up fighting their way down the aisle.

With Henry and McIntyre still stunned, both men just beat the referees count to get back into the ring whilst their partners fight at ringside. McIntyre again looks to lock in the Future Shock DDT but Henry powers out and scoops McIntyre into the World’s Strongest Slam ... he crushes McIntyre down to the mat and makes the cover. Rhodes tries to rush into the ring and save his partner but Bourne is too quick and grabs Rhodes’ leg whilst the referee counts ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!

WINNER: Mark Henry (6:52)

A celebratory Henry and Bourne taunt the Tag Team Champions as they leave the ring shouting at the challengers that they will face at Cyber Sunday. Will this be a significant victory for Henry and Bourne as they head to their Tag Team Championship match this Sunday?

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with the main event of the night set to begin ...


A hesitant Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring after Teddy Long ‘punished’ him by pitting him against the Undertaker after his actions earlier in the night when he attacked the Big Show’s injured ankle with a steel chair. Swagger regains his confidence as he ‘flies’ around the ring and the crowd respond with jeers.


The crowd go wild as the lights are dimmed and the smoke appears and the entrance of the Undertaker begins. Slowly, the Phenom, the challenger for the World Championship at Cyber Sunday, makes his way to the ring as he looks to secure the right to choose the potential match types for his match with Kane. As he resurrects the lights, the WWE Universe get behind Undertaker and cheer as he removes his coat before turning to face Swagger.


The referee signals for the bell and the match begins with Undertaker moving slowly towards Swagger as he circles around the edge of the ring still looking hesitant. The two meet and lock up with Undertaker forcing Swagger back before launching right and lefts into Swagger’s midriff in the corner. As the referee counts, Swagger manages to escape under the bottom rope where he complains to the referee from outside the ring. After a moment, Taker follows Swagger outside and stalks him around the ring. Swagger rushes away and heads back into the ring so that he can await Taker’s re-entrance into the ring. As Taker slides in, Swagger hits a stomp to the shoulder of the Deadman several times before backing off a little. Unbelievably, the Undertaker gets straight up and stares irately through Swagger who looks almost petrified now. Advancing towards the All American American, Undertaker is again frustrated when Swagger dives back out of the ring and taunts from the outside. As we head into a commercial break, the question posed by the announcers is whether or not Swagger will have the guts to face Taker in the ring tonight.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with Jack Swagger now on top in the match and mocking the crowd as he stomps into the Undertaker’s chest with Taker down in the corner propped against the ropes. A replay is shown on Swagger countering a choke from Taker by dragging the Deadman into the steel steps at ringside and then working at the right leg by using several chop blocks and some vicious kicks to the knee. Now back in the ring, Swagger looks more confident and continues to dominate by hitting his running splash in the corner of the ring before making the first pinfall of the match ... 1 ... 2 ... Undertaker kicks out. Swagger responds by clubbing the back of Taker and reducing him to his knees in front of Swagger again. Swagger takes a few steps back before rushing at Taker and hitting a stiff boot to the face of Undertaker that sends him spinning down to the mat again. Pinfall ... 1 ... 2 ... No! Swagger looks a little frustrated and wrenches Taker up off the mat before whipping him into the corner and delivering a shoulder to him against the buckle. Another chop block to the knee takes Taker down again and Swagger starts to prepare the ankle as he stamps down on it several times. With the Ankle Lock clearly in his plans, Swagger drives Taker’s knee down onto the mat before locking it in. Taker writhes around as Swagger twists and wrenches at the ankle of the Deadman yelling at him to tap out. However, Taker – not known for submissions – refuses to tap and begins to claw his way towards the ropes. Swagger desperately tries to hold him but Taker gets closer and closer before reaching out and grasping the bottom rope. Swagger keeps the hold for as long as he can before releasing it and complaining to the referee. He turns to make Taker pay but is met with a vicious choke thrust and Taker forces him back before whipping him into the buckle. A powerful boot to the face of Swagger sends the All American out of the ring and it looks like a struggle for Swagger if he is to dent the Undertaker before his title match on Sunday.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with Undertaker in control and he twists Swagger’s arm before heading up the ropes to deliver the ‘Old School’ move from the rope, balancing as he walks along and then crashing his forearm across the tensed up back of Swagger. Taker waits for Swagger to get up before grasping his throat again and lifting Swagger up high ... choke slam. Taker goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... An explosion of red fires through the arena and the ringposts and stage burst with red flames. But Kane was warned to stay away tonight or face the punishment from Teddy Long. Taker looks around confused but there is no sign of his Cyber Sunday opponent and he turns around back to Swagger ... wham! Boot to the face from Swagger and he takes Taker down again. As he gets back to his feet, Swagger waits before delivering the spin out powerbomb that crashes Taker down to the mat and immediately into a pin ... 1 ... 2 ... Taker kicks out again to the amazement of Swagger! He exits the ring and picks up the steel chair before heading back towards Taker on the mat. He starts to set up the steel chair on the ankle of the Deadman with the referee waving at him and ordering him to stop. As Swagger gets up onto the top rope ready to crush Taker’s ankle, the crowd roar as Big Show hobbles down to the ring and pushes Swagger head first off the top rope.

The referee decides not to disqualify Taker for this interference and removes the chair from Taker’s ankle and throws it out of the ring. As Swagger recovers, he looks at Taker who suddenly sits up and Swagger realises that he is now in big trouble. Taker stalks after him and, despite a fight, Taker hits another choke slam before signalling for a big finish as he runs his thumb across his throat. He lifts Swagger into the Tombstone and drops him on his head before making the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!

WINNER: The Undertaker (13:38)

Taker stares out towards the Big Show who is beginning to edge away still hobbling on his injured ankle. A knowing look passes across the face of Taker as he nods his head once to Show who walks away. The Undertaker is handed a microphone as Swagger is helped out of the ring and the lights are dropped and an eerie blue glow is focused on the ring. Undertaker, breathing hard still, declares that at Cyber Sunday, he will face Kane in either a Buried Alive, a Hell in a Cell or a Casket Match for the World Title. He finishes by informing Kane that he will ‘Rest in Peace!’

As Smackdown goes off air, the announcers urge the WWE Universe to head to wwe.com where they can now begin voting for the Cyber Sunday matches.

********** END OF SHOW **********

To vote, please PM me your choices ASAP.

Dolph Ziggler to face: Alberto Del Rio / Christian / MVP

CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows: Big Show to be referee or not? Yes / No

Kane vs. Undertaker: Buried Alive / Casket Match / Hell in a Cell

Layla to face: Kelly Kelly / Melina / Michelle McCool

US CHAMPIONSHIP (potentially)
Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz: US Title / For Money in the Bank / Winner to be GM for night on RAW

Sheamus vs. Triple H: Ambulance Match / Chain Match / Last Man Standing

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett: John Cena to be added to make match a Triple Threat? Yes / No
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