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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Royal Rumble feedback

Sorry about the lateness. Okay the opening video was good and set the scene for the ppv nicely. I hadn’t heard the ‘Drones’ theme song by Rise Against before but I listened to it and thought it was a bit bland. Nice to see a US Championship match at the Rumble, especially since there were only 4 matches the other night in Boston. Really impressed that you have a match card pic for each match, great effort. You went all out with this match and the small slug fest at near the start was a good way to get things going. A minor reservation I had was that you said Test was ‘momentarily dazed’ during the early stages of the match after Benoit had briefly had him in the crossface. Altho the crossface is a powerful hold I think this was a bit soon in the match to make Test seem so worn out already.

The exchange that followed when Benoit broke out of the bear hug was excellent. I didn’t like it when the referee ‘cowered in fear’ when Test complained about not getting a 3 count because I like referees to seem strong. Overall, a great match. One thing that I would have liked to been a little different is that I would have preferred Benoit to get the win with a little more ease than he did, no disrespect to Test but Benoit was one of the best ever in the ring.

Nice build up for the IC match, building some good heat for Dykstra. I liked this match and you illustrated the injuries Hardy was carrying well. As expected Kenny had the more impactful, straight forward offence but you conveyed that Jeff’s high flying nature could get him back into the match in a flash. The top rope DDT on to the steel chair was a big finish and I really dug it.

I think Danielson could be a good addition to the roster and I hope you use him well. The Batista vs Finlay matched seemed intense on physical and the parts outside the ring were good, especially when Batista went into the ringpost. Another highlight for me was when Batista reversed a DDT and dropped Finlay on the hard floor, sounded painful. The finish was decent but I think there should have been some kind of ref bump before Batista hit Finlay with the shillelagh so the ref more clearly could not have seen it. Also that would have served the purpose of the ref not being able to count the pin straight away, and Batista could have used the Batista Bomb to finish the match instead. Good match though.

I didn’t really like when you said John Cena was doing last minute stretches before the WWE Championship match. Minor thing, but it makes him seem either a bit geeky for overdoing it, or if he hasn’t stretched yet it makes him seem unprepared. I dunno, Rob looked a lot better at the start because you said he looked so calm, maybe that’s what you were going for so sorry if it was. I liked that this feud wasn’t a typical ‘I hate your guts and I’m a lot better than you’ kind of thing. The exchanges just before Cena locked in the STFU were excellent. I think it came across as a close and competitive match, and an entertaining one also. I liked the embrace between the two at the end of the match, it was a good way to end proceedings.

I didn’t really liked when you showed wrestlers getting psyched up backstage immediately before the Rumble match because I think it takes something away from the surprise factor when they enter the match. Only a little bit though. I think maybe a promo video or something would have been better, just my opinion though. I think you made a good decision to have Punk and Kennedy as 1 and 2. Nice to see Booker at number 4 because I always expect a total jobber will come out at 4 and 5 lol. To be honest the roster in 2007 was a lot stronger than it is now though, not to mention the 40 man aspect. I didn’t really like the way Punk slumped to the mat after hitting the GTS on Kennedy. I know you wanted to make him seem drained but I think he would be a little pumped after hitting it. I only really like to see people stay down after hitting big moves if they are moves like a superplex, or a big jumping move from the top rope or significant height. Hmm JR said Johnny Nitro was as tough as a 2 dollar steak, not sure about that one (well in 2007) HBK and Taker both had a big impact when they showed up, with a couple of eliminations each and I liked that as they are both huge stars. CM Punk lasted a good while which I liked. I also really dug the way Orton burst into the match and went straight for Triple H. The near elimination of Kennedy by Orton was good and it continued to develop Kennedy’s personal Rumble story. This also enhanced Kennedy’s brutal assault on Flair, and made it really believable how pissed off he was and that Kennedy thought he was going to win the Rumble.

A criticism I have of the match is that everybody seemed to have a hot period when they first entered. I know it is common for most people do really do well when they first enter but even Trevor Murdoch seemed dominant when he first entered. I don’t think it should be the same for everyone. I think it was a good booking move to have Edge eliminate Lashley because Lashley is such a force, and Edge was the eventual winner. I think it was a good move in general to have Edge score quite a few eliminations, because I know a lot of people would have booked/expected a more heelish win with maybe Edge just getting 2 or even 1 elimination or something, but still being the last man in. I’m not Edge’s biggest fan so I’m not hugely into him winning but you wrote his victory well. Overall, a fun and exciting match.

Overall, a great PPV. The Royal Rumble match stood out. I liked the Benoit vs Test match second best from a technical standpoint whilst the WWE Championship match and the Royal Rumble itself were the matches with the most passion and emotion.
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