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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2007

Jigsaw and Ruckus vs. Matt Cross and Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish is the man, I wish ROH still used him. All the offense they hit was smooth with no botches that I noticed. They kept this around 7 or 8 minutes I think and it did just what it needed to do as the crowd seemed to enjoy a lot of the big spots they were doing. Wish Fish didn't have to take the fall and that I wish Ruckus wasn't on a winning time. Still a good enough match.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Larry Sweeney w/Sweet and Sour Inc.

So they had been building this feud up for a while and when Claudio finally got his chance to get in the ring with Sweeney he had a bad leg that Sweeney and Sweet and Sour attacked whenever they had the chance. Claudio sold it really well and all the antics at ring side were fairly entertaining. The match only lasted a few minutes as Tank Tolland (I think that's what they called the guy) cost Claudio the match when he hit his leg with some type of weapon. Good job continuing the feud, everyone got a taste of Sweeney get beat up without it being the full ass kicking that he had coming.

Necro Butcher Rules:
Necro Butcher w/Lacey vs. Jack Evans w/Julious Smokes

I didn't think these two could possibly have this good a match. This was seriously some of the best storytelling in a match that I've ever seen from Necro. The had the David/Goliath thing down perfectly and the offense they were hitting on each other looked amazing. I don't see how I can't give this a great rating. It was never boring, the match told an amazing story, and all the spots were good. The only thing keeping it from being any higher is that I would have liked it to go for a few more minutes.

Naomichi Marufuji vs. Davey Richards

I think Davey made a fan piss himself when he did his suicide dive and landed 3 or rows back. He literally flew right over the guy in the front row. This was before the move was super over so they really didn't see it coming or expect it at all. Hard hitting and fast paced, there were a lot of near falls but nowhere near the level of overkill. It was just enough that Davey still looked good while losing. Not too long either so it was a really good undercard match.

Tables Are Legal:
BJ Whitmer, Brent Albright, and Adam Pearce w/Shane Hagadorn vs. Delirious, Kevin Steen and El Generico

A lot more psychology than I was expecting in this match. The Hangmen 3 really seemed to have a plan in place for the match and they executed it really well during the match. They got a big break early on as they sent Steen and Delirious through tables at almost the same time. From that point on they controlled the ring and kept Generico isolated from the rest of his teammates. It was a run in from Pele Primeu to take out Hagadorn and some mist from Delirious that really turned the tides of the match. When that happened it turned unto a really wild brawl with a bunch of tables spots. It was a lot of fun actually. Not a wrestling classic but I was certainly entertained.

Ernie Osiris vs. Rocky Romero

I don't know if this lasted more than a minute. Fun for what it was though.

FIP Championship Match
Erick Stevens vs. Roderick Strong(c)

Very good match. Strong's offense was very focused, working the back a lot as well as chopping Stevens a whole lot. Stevens did a good job of making Strong's offense look good. Stevens seemed to be getting beat down nearly the entire match with some really short spurts of offense to keep things interesting. He had a super human effort at the end to make it back into the ring after a Gibson Driver on the stage. After that he was on the receiving end of some more chops and he just lost it, got really mad, killed Strong, and won the title. Really good match, one of Stevens' better performances that I've seen.

Elimination Match:
Chris Hero w/Sweet and Sour Inc. vs. Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima

Awesome if the only word that could possibly be used to describe this match. You have Morishima and Dragon in the ring together in the middle of their feud, Chris Hero being every kind of awesome imaginable, and what was essentially a Danielson/Aries mini-match all in this match. Whether it was seeing how intense Danielson and Morishima were when they were in the ring together or laughing my ass off at all of Hero's antics this match was entertaining.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match:
The Age of the Fall w/Lacey vs. The Briscoes(c) w/Daisy Haze

With all the hate that had been involved in this feud it was a little odd that this wasn't some type of no DQ match but they really made it work as both teams wanted to win and there seemed to be a constant threat that they would lose control and the match would end in a DQ. The match actually did a great job at showing how important the belts were. AOTF didn't seem to care all that much about the rules in general but when the belts were on the line they were willing to wrestle without cheating at all. The match itself was pretty awesome as well. Black is the perfect tag team wrestler and I'm not sure if anyone would be better as his partner than Jacobs.

I thought the show was really really good. It might be missing that classic match from making it a great ROH show but everything here is enjoyable and there are a ton of quality matches.
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