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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

Returning the favour on your review of my Smackdown. I wasn't an active fan of wrestling at this time, so I apologise in advance if I don't understand a few things. But the timeframe should serve you well seeing as you have a talented roster available. Anyway, on to it...

No other choice than to start the show with Batista. What he said was fine, but I'd like to have heard more from him before he was interupted. A bit more of how much it meant to him to become champion, more about how he intends on dominating the show going forward, etc. Trips interupting is also a logical choice, very much liked the choice of the word fluke, a solid method of Hunter getting some heat back after the defeat. Edge coming out to make his intentions clear regarding the MitB briefcase makes sense, but again, seemed very short, especially after the fact that it was the first Money in the Bank in history. Perhaps an Edge interview were he didn't have to share the spotlight so much would have been better? Jericho is a strange choice to be out next, as the announcement from Bischoff, as I'm not sure you should be clouding the issue between Trips and Batista at this point in time. Interesting main event announced, but I find it a little odd that you'd put Batista in this position the night after the biggest win of his career. He should really be beating Jericho and looking strong in the process.

Hassan <3 Loved the character, and a feud with Benjamin over the IC Strap makes all the sense in the world. Match at Backlash plz.

Orton's character shown through much more than Michaels' did here. Michaels felt very subdued almost. Vince out, announcing the draft early is good as I always like a few weeks of hype leading into the draft show. Not so sure about Vince just throwing Orton and Michaels together in the manner he did. You could easily have had Orton hit a surprise RKO (rather than the Sweet Chin Music we got) in retaliation for Michaels interupting him, building a bit of bad feeling between the two, saving the announcement of the match for a later day. Nothing wrong with sticking the two of them together, would make for an exciting match, but a feud between two guys of their standing should have had a bit of a better start than this.

Trish > Christy. Always.

Christian and Tomko getting the win is always good. Run with the tag titles plz. Kane and Matt Hardy, what a strange pairing. Were they not feuding a few months earlier? Ah ok, Matt 'accidently' costs his team the match. I liked the way you had Coach reitirate the history of the two. Assuming we're gonna see something come of this, maybe even a match at Backlash?

Interested to see Edge involved like this. I guess I understand where he's coming from, thinking triple threat could weaken whoever the champion is once the match is over, making it easier for him to cash in. But as I said earlier, I'm not too sure about having Batista lose the night after becoming champion. You could have saved this for next week maybe, there would still be time to build for Backlash.

Overall, a hit and miss start to the thread. I'd like to see a lot more detail from your promos, they felt short and rushed. Details in matches aren't that important, but detail in promos are imo. The card we have for Backlash so far (Hassan/Benjamin, Orton/Michaels, Batista/Triple H/Jericho, Kane/Hardy?) on paper is shapping up nicely, but the way you've approached things could have been better. Out of all of those potential matchups, I felt that the one you handled best was Benjamin/Hassan. The booking for that was spot on. The others had some questionable decisions. Also, I don't think there was a mention of Regal and Tajiri, should have had them involved in some fashion. Got some potential, so keep working at it, and by the time you hit Backlash you should have a better grasp on things.
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