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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar

WWE Monday Night Raw- 4/4/05

Video package to kick off the show with all the highlights from the Raw side of things, including Edge winning the MITB contract, Randy Orton coming up short against the Deadman, HBK being beaten by Kurt Angle and of course Batista capturing the World Title from Triple H. The package ends with the infamous Jim Ross, ‘The Animal has been unleashed at Wrestlemania!’

Opening video hits followed by Pyro.

Jim Ross: We are live from the Staples Center, Los Angeles 24 hours removed from an electric Wrestlemania. I’m Jim Ross alongside Jonathan Coachman and Coach tonight marks a new dawn here on Monday Night Raw.

The Coach: You’re damn right J.R. and I got a feeling that all hell is gonna break loose here tonight!

‘I walk alone’ hits to a thunderous ovation as the new World Heavyweight Champion Batista walks out suited and booted, grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Ross: There he is Coach! The man who last night finally got his hands on his former mentor, his former leader Triple H. And last night Batista realised his dream and became the new World Champion.

The Coach: J.R, you and I both know that last night, Batista got lucky and when Triple H shows up here tonight, that title around Batista’s waist will be back in ‘The Game’s’ possession, mark my words.

Jim Ross: Lucky?

The Coach: Am I speaking a foreign language to you? I know you’re an Oklahoman and all but c’mon.

J.R just scowls at Coach as Batista gets a hold of a microphone. The crowd in L.A. starts a loud ‘BA-TIS-TA’ chant as the champ begins to laugh slightly.

Batista: Wow it feels gooooood to be in L.A tonight!

Batista: You know, when I won the Royal Rumble back in January, I was filled with pride, to join a list with names like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and more. But last night, last night, I went a step further, I accomplished the ultimate goal in the business, I became( pauses for a moment laughing slightly), I became WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Man, you don’t know what that means to me.

Batista: Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all, I went toe to toe with that son of a bitch Triple H. The man who took me on board, the man who used me for his own good, the man who would stab his own grandmother in the back for this title. As soon as I won the Rumble, he knew, he knew damn well that I was a threat to him and he tried to force me out the door, over to Smackdown.

Batista: He thought he could click his fingers and I’d run. No chance Hunter, you were running scared and I knew it and last night I had great pleasure in kicking your ass all over the Staples Center!!

‘The Game’ hits to a chorus of boos as the former champion Triple H walks out to the ring.

Jim Ross: I get the impression Coach that this isn’t what Triple H expected would be the situation here tonight.

The Coach: Batista best be ready for this J.R. Some guy once said’ Business is about to pick up’ and I couldn’t have put it any better right here and now baby boy.

Triple H: Dave, Dave, Dave. I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Coach murmurs ‘he better give it back’ as Batista stares a hole through HHH.

Batista: What’s that Hunter? Huh? If I got something of yours, why don’t you try and take it from me?

The Animal takes off his sunglasses and jacket and looks ready for a fight.

Triple H: That would be all too easy Dave. You see, last night I lost MY World title. I will admit here and now that I took my eye off the ball, I took me eye off the ball for one second, one damn second and you capitalised. Fluke Dave. Fluke. You know it, I know it and these people know it.

Boos fill the Staples center as ‘You suck’ chants begin.

Triple H: Boo all you want, chant all you want, you know it’s the truth and soon enough that title will be back around my waist. Cos Dave, you know that I’ve got a rematch clause and when I invoke that clause there ain’t a single person that can stop me from taking back what’s mine.

Batista: Rematch clause huh? Well if you’re so confident you can beat me then how about right here tonight we do it. (Triple H looks concerned) Me and you, World title, what do you say Hunter? Cat got your tongue?

Metalingushits to the surprise of all the fans and to the surprise of the two men in the ring as Edge walks out to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge: Sorry to spoil the party gentleman but I think you’re both forgetting something. See last night, the World title scene turned on its head, but not just in your match. No, last night I became the first ever ‘Mr.Money in the Bank’.

Boos all round as Edge looks thrilled with himself.

Edge: You see, this briefcase here holds a 12 month contract that guarantees me a title match anytime I want. Batista, I think you may need to forget about your rematch with this has been and focus on ME!! I could cash this baby in tonight if I wanted to and there’s not a thin..

Batista: Well why don’t you? Come on Edge, you and me, right here, right now, I’ll take you on, I’ll take you on (points at HHH), I’ll take the whole frickin roster on.

The Animal is getting pumped up as the crowd rally behind him.

Edge: I’m not that stupid Dave. I’m gonna bide my time and when everything is in place, when you least expect it, I’ll be waiting and I will become the new World Heavyweight Champion and you? You can bank on it.

Break Down the Walls’ hits as Chris Jericho comes out to a mixed reception.

Jericho: Don’t get ahead of yourself Junior. Last night, you screwed me out of that contract. I had it won before that spot monkey Benjamin knocked me off the ladder.

Triple H: Why are you out here Chris huh? You’re at the back of the line, so why don’t you turn yourself around and go to the back and whine to Bischoff. The way I see it, I’m entitled to my rematch and when I win my title back, maybe by that time you’ll be ready to hang with the big boys around here.

Ooooohs fill the arena as Jericho is pissed.

Jericho: Look Hunter, I don’t know who you think you are but I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror before you start talking about hanging with the big boys (as Jericho motions downstairs to a decent laugh from the crowd). The way I see it is, yeah you got your rematch but I want my shot, I deserve a shot! And I am not leaving this ring until I get it.

Triple H; How bout I make you?

The Game and Jericho go face to face as Edge attempts a spear on Batista but The Animal moves out of the way, throwing Edge through the ropes.

I’m Back’ hits as Eric Bischoff comes out to deal with the mess inside the ring.

Bischoff: I don’t know what the hell is going on here but I do know it all revolves around one thing, the World title.

Bischoff: Hunter, you have got your rematch and it will happen at Backlash in just under a months time. However, Hunter, there is a twist. You see I think these fans would love to see Chris Jericho and Triple H go toe to toe with one another, am I right?

The crowd cheers as they expect Bischoff to give them what they want.

Bischoff: Well it ain’t happenin tonight that’s for sure haha. But it may happen come Backlash.

Triple H mouths ‘What?’

Bischoff: You see tonight’s main event will see the new World Champion Batista in action! And he will go one on one with Y2J Chris Jericho! And if, if Jericho defeats Batista, then he will be added to the title match at Backlash! Have a good night folks!

‘I’m back’ hits again as Batista and Jericho looked pleased with the announcement while Triple H is furious. Edge remains on the outside making his way up the ramp, signalling at his briefcase to the three men in the ring.


Jim Ross: We are back live on Raw ladies and gentleman and Coach our main event is set for tonight.

The Coach: J.R. I cannot wait! Batista is gonna get what’s coming to him tonight when Chris Jericho beats his ass 1-2-3 in the middle of that ring.

Jim Ross: Well we’ll see about that Coach.

Ain’t no stopping me now’ hits to a decent pop as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring for his upcoming match.

Jim Ross: Coach here comes a man who last night put on a heck of a show in the Money in the Bank match, amazing athleticism from Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: I gotta agree with you J.R. Some of the things this kid does in the ring is phenomenal.

Out next comes Daivari dressed to compete with Muhammad Hassan, the arena is filled with heat as the two soak up the atmosphere. (If anybody could tell me Hassan’s theme music it’d be greatly appreciated).

Jim Ross: These two human beings makes me sick Coach. Every week they come out here and whine about America, about our country. Talking about how they get a rough ride just because of their culture, bull Coach, in actual fact it’s because these two are self centred pieces of crap.

The Coach: I think Hassan and Daivari have every right to feel disrespected by these people J.R. They and I include you in this BBQ boy are prejudice.

Jim Ross: Aw gimme a break Coach, gimme a damn break.

Shelton Benjamin v Daivari- Non title match

The match begins with Benjamin going straight after Daivari who makes it to the ropes allowing himself some time to escape Benjamin’s pursuit. The two men lock up as Benjamin gets on top of things, throwing two, throwing three hard right hands at his opponent.
Benjamin gets a hold of Daivari and hits a pefrect german suplex. Goes for the cover but gets a two count. Benjamin goes to work on the arm of Daivari, stomping away at his opponent before whipping him into the ropes, hitting a vicious clothesline on the helpless Daivari.
Muhammad Hassan the climbs onto the apron, getting the attention of Benjamin who gets in the face of Hassan, the referee intervenes as Daivari attacks Benjamin from behind, throwing some tough right hands on Benjamin who falls to the mat. Daivari applies an armbar on Benjamin who grimaces in pain, reaching out for the ropes, just inches away before finally getting a hold of them. The crowd begins to get behind Benjamin as Daivari waits for Benjamin to rise again.
As Benjamin gets to his feet, Daivari charges at the Intercontinental champion, who ducks, Daivari bounces against the ropes and comes back right into the awaiting Benjamin who gets Daivari in position for the T-Bone suplex! Bang! Benjamin hits it, 1-2-3, it’s over and Shelton Benjamin picks up a big win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

After the match Hassan attacks Benjamin with a steel chair, two vicious shots to the back of the Intercontinental champion as Hassan poses to the crowd with the title belt in his hands,the heat is tremendous for Hassan as Daivari recovers to pose with his client.

The Coach: That J.R. is your next Intercontinental champion! As good as Shelton Benjamin is, he is not on the level of this guy right here.

Jim Ross: What the hell was the need for that attack Coach? Who does Hassan think he is? Benjamin won the match fair and square and that son of a bitch smashes Shelton with a steel chair. I cannot condone this man’s actions Coach.

The Coach: He is making a statement my man and I love it.

Randy Orton is shown walking backstage as he makes his way to the ring next!


'Burn in my light' hits as Randy Orton gingerly makes his way out to the ring, looking deflated after his loss to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton the person I have no respect for Coach but last night, Randy Orton the performer gained a hell of a lot of respect from not just me, but a lot of people in the back. Orton came as close to ending the streak as anybody before him.

The Coach: That young man right there is the future of this company J.R and last night proved it. He may not have beaten the Deadman but he proved a point last night. To all the doubters, to all the haters, Randy Orton proved last night that he is the real deal.

Orton takes a mic as the fans chant UN-DER-TA-KER

Orton: Chant his name, chant it all you want, he’s not here tonight and I doubt he will be for a long time. Last night, I pushed The Undertaker further than anybody has before, I pushed him to his limit.

Orton: You see, Undertaker may have won the battle last night, but like it or not and you may not realise it yet, but I will win the war.

Orton: I am the future of this business. (Coach shouts ‘Tell em Randy’) The Undertaker is on life support. He is at the end of his reign of terror here in the WWE and when, not if, but when he retires is in my hands. I control The Undertaker’s destiny and just like that (clicks his fingers) I can end it.

Orton: So I am simply out here tonight to let each and every one of you people know that last night marked the passing of the torch. And that torch is going to burn the Undertaker’s legacy and it’s going to burn via the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Sexy Boy hits to a huge pop from the crowd as Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring.

Orton: What do you want Shawn? Like I said, the torch has been passed. Do you want to be another name on the Legend Killer’s hitlist? Is that something you really want Shawn?

HBK: Randy, I’m not out here to shut you up believe it or not, though you are sending the L.A. faithful to sleep here at the minute.

Orton clenches his fist, angry at Michaels’ comment.

HBK: Easy Randy. I came out here because you said something that caught my interest a little. You said that Undertaker won the battle but you will win the war. Now tell me Randy, how do you expect to win the war? How do you expect to click your fingers and end The Deadman when he’s over on Smackdown?

HBK: And it got me thinking, last night, I also lost. I lost the battle to Kurt Angle, and how the hell do I win the war if he’s also on Smackdown? So I thought, well Randy has a master plan if he’s gonna topple the Undertaker, so I figured why not hear it in the flesh. So c’mon Randy, tell me, how are ya gonna do it?

Michaels gets in his face with a goofy grin, infuriating the Legend Killer.

Orton: Like I said Shawn, it doesn’t matter when, it is in my hands. I can do it this Friday on Smackdown, I can do it in a years time but I will decide when to end it, and there’s not a damn thing The Undertaker can do about it.

HBK: Randy, ha, so young, so stupid. I’m gonna speak really slowly for ya ok? HOW DO YOU PLAN ON GOING TO SMACK DOWN WHEN YOU ARE CONTRACTED TO RAW?

The crowd laughs at Michaels’ joke as suddenly ‘No chance’ hits to a mixture of cheers and ooooohs as Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, this wasn’t what we were expecting Coach! What does Mr. McMahon want with these two superstars?

The Coach: The boss is here baby!! It doesn’t matter what he wants J.R, he’s the boss he can do as he pleases.

Mr.McMahon: Well I’m guessing neither of you were expecting this tonight huh? Shawn I heard you rambling about contracts and whatever else, Randy I heard about you wanting to win the war, blah blah blah. The fact of the matter is, Shawn is right. It ain’t gonna happen, not on my watch.

Orton: But sir, you have to give me The Undertaker, I am the future of your company, I am gonna make you BIG money for years to come. Come on Vince, make it happ….

Mr.McMahon: That’s Mr.McMahon to you Randy.

The crowd ooooooooohs again as the boss stamps his authority.

HBK: So Vince, what is it you wanted to share with us this evening?

Mr.McMahon: Mr.McMahon Shawn.

HBK: Vince, what do you want?

Mr.McMahon: I’ll pretend that didn’t happen Michaels cos I have some great news for all you fans here tonight, for all you fans across the world and particularly for you two gentleman inside the ring.

The crowd wonders what the news is, some already catching on to what Vince will announce.

Mr.McMahon: It’s time to shake things up again!! And in just under a months time. The night after Backlash, live on Monday Night Raw, we are gonna have ourselves a good ol’ draft lottery. Each and every superstar is eligible to be drafted. And that means that you Randy, and you Shawn, better pray to god you get drafted or that the Undertaker or Angle come over here, because if that doesn’t happen then the war is already over. Have a good night gentleman.

Mr.McMahon leaves the ring as Orton and Michaels look pleased with the news, as McMahon walks up the ramp he pauses quickly and turns back around.

Mr.McMahon: Oh one other thing. Seeing as neither of you will be getting what you want til after Backlash that leaves you two free for the Pay Per View. So how about it Los Angeles? Backlash, the Showstopper one on one with the Legend Killer.

The crowd roars with excitement as Michaels grins at Orton before hitting Sweet chin music on him!! Vince McMahon smirks as the show goes to a commercial

We return from the commercial

Jim Ross: We are back folks and before the commercial break, huge news from Mr.McMahon!!

We are shown a replay of what happened ending with Sweet chin music.

Jim Ross: Coach I cannot wait for Backlash and now 24 hours afterwards we’re gonna have a draft lottery!

The Coach: Well I gotta admit baby that Backlash is shaping up nicely and the Draft lottery best bring the goods home to Monday Nights.

'Time to rock and roll' hits to a decent pop as the Women’s champion Trish Stratus walks out ready for a Wrestlemania rematch with Christy Hemme.

'Walk idiot walk' hits as Hemme makes her way out to an average reception.

Trish Stratus v Christy Hemme- Women’s championship

The contest begins quite back and forth as Hemme goes in aggressively on Stratus. Stratus starts to shift momentum though and hits two consecutive clothesline on her opponent. Stratus goes up to the top rope looking to take advantage of Hemme who was just rising from the mat. Hemme was playing possum though and knocks Trish off the turnbuckle and onto the outside. The match goes to the outside where Trish turns the tables once more, ramming Christy into the barrier, a nasty bump for the feisty redhead. Trish grabs Christy and rolls her into the ring where she goes to work on Christy’s leg but Christy rolls Trish up! 1-2- Kick out by Trish! A close shave for the champion.

Christy gets on top of Trish and starts holding her down by her hair ringing her neck almost as the ref warns her. Christy takes her foot off the gas as Trish recovers. Christy goes for a clothesline but Trish hit’s the drop toe hold, Christy’s face slamming into the mat as Trish gets the crowd pumping. They know what’s coming as Trish gets ready to hit the Stratusfaction!! Bang!! 1-2-3, it’s all over, Trish retains in a hard hitting affair.

Winner and still Womens Champion: Trish Stratus

Jim Ross: What a matchup Coach and yet again Trish Stratus proves why she is the best in the business.

The Coach: A great effort by the still fairly inexperienced Christy Hemme but Trish just survives, I see big things on the horizon though for Christy Hemme in future.

We go backstage where Triple H is sitting in his locker room with his head in his hands before Chris Jericho enters.

Triple H: Out!! Now Jericho!! Do not get in my face again or I will knock your teeth down your throat.

Jericho: Whoa, easy Hunter. I don’t want any trouble. The way I see it, I know you don’t want me in the match at Backlash but think about it. If I am there at Backlash, it’s 2 on 1. Me and you can take Godzilla out the equation and then we fight it out, one on one, man on man. I know you’re running scared of Batista, I don’t blame you. With me in the mix, you got nothing to worry about. Just take that on board Junior.

Jericho leaves as Triple H thinks things through wondering what to make of Jericho’s suggestion.


We come back from the commercial as Just Close Your Eyes hits to some heat with Christian and his problem solver Tyson Tomko walking out ready for tag team action.

Jim Ross: Last night at one stage it looked like Captain Charisma was on his way to becoming Mr. Money in the Bank but he came up just short in his attempts and it’ll be interesting to see Coach where he goes next from this.

The Coach: I thought it was Christian’s time J.R but with the problem solver by his side and with the talent Captain Charisma holds I think we will see 2005 be the break out year in Christian’s career.

Slow Chemical hits as Kane makes his way to the ring with his partner for the evening Matt Hardy!

Jim Ross: Well an interesting team right here Coach, these two men have a storied rivalry but tonight they must put their differences aside.

The Coach: Ha ha J.R. I love this! Only Eric Bischoff could be so smart by putting these two together tonight. Genius. Watch them implode

Christian and Tomko v Kane and Matt Hardy

Tomko and Kane start the match off with Kane dominating with uppercuts to Tomko before whipping him into the corner where the right hands continue. Kane hit’s a scoop slam on Tomko before heading to the top rope. Christian heads off his corner though and pushes Kane off the top rope down to the mat as Christian pats his chest gesturing to his ‘Peeps’.


We return to see Tomko in control of Kane, working his back with a knee to the kidneys, Kane being willed on by the crowd as Matt Hardy waits impatiently to be tagged in. Kane begins to gain some steam and kicks Tomko in the gut before hitting a vicious high boot to the big man, as he crawls over to his partner. Kane makes the tag! Matt Hardy enters and gets right on top of Tomko, big right hands before hitting looking to hit the twist of fate! Tomko reverses and clotheslines Hardy as he tags in Christian. Christian takes down Hardy and stomps away on Hardy’s left leg, Christian runs the ropes before hitting a strong leg drop on Hardy. Kane then enters the ring to the crowds delight!!

Tomko joins in and all four men are in the ring now! Kane hits Christian with a big right and grabs Tomko by the throat, Christian makes the save, NO! Kane grabs Christian by the throat! Double choke slam incoming, but Christian kicks the Big red machine in the gut. Matt Hardy looks to take out Christian but accidently takes out Kane! Kane falls outside the ring as Christian turns Hardy around to hit the unfretted! 1-2-3, all over, Captain Charisma and Tyson Tomko picking up the win.

Winners: Christian and Tomko

Jim Ross: Damn it, that CLB steals one off of the unfortunate Matt Hardy.

The Coach: Unfortunate? Hardy got what was coming to him. You do not take out your partner like that J.R. Hardy is selfish.

Jim Ross: Coach for the love of god, Hardy didn’t mean that.

The Coach: Didn’t he? Look at the history J.R, he knew damn well what he was doing.

We go backstage where Batista is making his way out ready for the main event.

Jim Ross: There he is folks, the World Champion in action next!!


We return to the music of Batista, ‘I walk alone’ as the animal makes his way down for his first match since becoming champion.

Jim Ross: Big big stipulation here tonight ladies and gentleman. If Chris Jericho can defeat Batista, he will enter the World title match between Batista and Triple H at Backlash.

The Coach: I think he’s gonna do it J.R! I said earlier and I’ll say it again, Batista got lucky last night and he will be found out come Backlash, be it Triple H or Y2J.

Jim Ross: We’ll see Coach, we’ll see.

Break down the walls hits to a mixed response again as Chris Jericho makes his way out ready for this huge contest.

Batista v Chris Jericho- Non title match, if Jericho wins he gets inserted into the Backlash main event.

The match starts with a lock up as Batista forces Jericho back into the corner, the ref breaks it up as the crowd chants heavily for Batista with a minority chanting ‘Y2J’. Jericho dusts himself down as he braces himself for a Batista onslaught. The Animal charges back at Jericho who moves out of the way as Batista runs into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Jericho then looks to take adantage hitting a belly to belly suplex on the animal before applying a firm sleeper hold.

The Animal struggles for a couple of minutes as Jericho demands he tap out. Begs the referee to end it. The champion picks himself up though and elbows Jericho in the stomach, releasing the hold in the process, Batista kicks Jericho now in the stomach as he runs to the ropes and hit’s a vicious clothesline on Jericho. The Animal panders to the crowd as he looks to finish things with a Batistabomb. As Batista signals thumbs down, out comes Edge to real heat. Edge gets on the apron to distract Batista, the ref is checking on Jericho as Edge nails Batista with the briefcase! As Edge smirks out comes Triple H!! The Game gets a small pop as he hurls Edge from the apron and begins to nail the Rated R superstar with left and rights. Inside the ring Jericho is up and Batista is completely out cold! Jericho wonders what the hell is going on as he locks in the Walls of Jericho! Batista isn’t even conscious and the ref calls for the bell. Triple H realises what has gone on and stops what he’s doing with a look of despair, realising that Jericho is heading to Backlash.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Meanwhile, Edge has managed to scour up the ramp with a wry smile on his face, knowing that he now has the adavntage come Backlash despite not even being in the match!

Jim Ross: For the love of God, that bastard Edge has gotten exactly what he wanted here tonight and Coach next week there is gonna be hell to pay! I guarandamntee that Edge is gonna get what’s coming to him and Batista will be the man to deliver it!

The Coach: Ha ha absolutely genius from that man Edge J.R! That contract he holds is golden and tonight Edge has played it perfectly!

Show ends

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I don’t expect much but any would really help me as I want to improve and see what people think.

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