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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Evolve 5: Danielson vs. Sawa

Chuck Taylor (3-0) vs. Mike Quackenbush (0-0)

My opinion that Chucky T is Godís gift to wrestling and Kentucky still stands after seeing this. Actually this made my opinion of Taylor even stronger since this was so unlike a lot of the other matches of his that Iíve seen. For the most part heís been in these crazy spotty matches. This had some amazing technical wrestling; Quack is always a blast to watch when heís in the ring with another good worker. They took things off the mat for a little near the end and that was just as good. Fast pace and easy to watch. It really shows off the style that Evolve is trying to work (or at least was as Iím not sure there is going to be another Evolve showÖ)

Aeroform (1-3) vs. Up in Smoke (2-0)

Good to see Cheech and Cloudy are in heel mode. Unfortunately I really dislike Aeroform and agreed with Up in Smoke about being disgusted with a lot of tag teams in Evolve. This match was pretty fun with Cheech and Cloudy finding a good medium between being heels and high fliers. Aeroform flew around like they always do. Good stuff and I like where they are taking things with Cheech and Cloudy.

Adam Cole (1-1) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (3-1)

Itís amazing how much more I like Jimmy Jacobs when there is a feud or storyline involved. They might have based this whole match off a single promo but it was enough for Jacobs to turn it into a compelling match. Basically he thought Cole was a joke and nowhere near on his level. From the start it just seemed like he was toying with Cole in the ring. Adam Cole did a good job of not letting all the antics get to him and he was able to hang with Jacobs during the match. Itís amazing how Jacobs goes from average at best when heís just booked in a random match to awesome when there is a feud involved. I wish we could see a rematch as this was awesome.

Drake Younger (2-0) vs. Sami Callihan (2-0)

Exactly what I was expecting. They were really stiff, took some crazy bumps, and there was blood. I still liked it as it was a good change of pace for the show. Actually there had been 4 matches to this point and all 4 had been very unique. I feel bad for Younger sometimes, he really isnít a bad wrestler but he gets so much heat because he is a CZW guy. Anyways very entertaining and a good watch.

Donít Call it a Scramble:
Brad Allen (2-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-2) vs. Gran Akuma (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) vs. Frightmare (0-0) vs. Rich Swan (0-1)

Moxley is awesome. He started the match with Allen and at one point Allen went for a moonsault, botched it, and pretty much landed on his head. Instead of doing something stupid Moxley stood there and raised his hand in the air and celebrated like he did something impressive. It may have been a bad botch but I think it ended up being better than if Allen had actually hit the move, every time he would go to the top after that the fans would just start yelling at him not to do that. It was pretty funny actually and Allen pretty much had to go heel to counteract it.

Other than that this match was all spots. It was a lot of fun but it was still just spots. Gargano was clearly the star of the match (and not only because he ended up winning). He was the most over by far and he got plenty of offense in. Good match, and they had a Homicide/Gargano segment after so it couldnít get much better.

WSU World Champion Match
Mercedes Martinez(c.) (4-0) vs. Amazing Kong (0-0)

Why didnít this have an ending? I would love to the know the reasoning behind that. The action in the ring was pretty good. Nice to see Martinez not dominate the whole match and Kong is always a good monster heel. I was really getting into the match when they abruptly ended it. This was one of the main draws to this show and it sucks that it was such a let down. Too bad we might not be able to see a rematch for a very long time.

Kyle OíReilly (2-1) vs. Ricochet (1-2)

Very interesting clash of styles. These two are literally exact opposites of how they wrestle but they seemed to pull this off well pretty well. It was really cool to see Ricochet start some crazy flippy move only to have OíReilly reverse it into some crazy submission. OíReilly eventually tried working the leg of Ricochet and managed to keep the match to his style for a good amount of time. Ricochet managed to fight back but there was always some really painful looking move to stop his momentum, including a lariot that would make that Japanese announcer that scream, ďLARIOTO!Ē proud.

This was a really good effort from both guys. Iíve always thought of Ricochet as spot monkey or a great tag team wrestler. This is the best singles effort that I think Iíve ever seen from him. I think OíReilly has a great future ahead of him. He impresses me every time I see him wrestle.

Bryan Danielson (1-0) vs. Munenori Sawa (1-0)

If I remember correctly people were worried that Danielson would be able to do a lot of things because he was under WWE contract. And they were kind of right, he didnít take any crazy bumps, I donít recall any shots to the head that he took, and there were less stiff shots from Sawa than I expected. But itís Bryan Fucking Danielson he had an awesome match anyway. Iím so happy that we got to see a little bit of Danielson back on the indies. The technical things that they were able to do were amazing. I was taken back by how quick and crisp some of the moves they were doing were. Itís not Evolveís best match but itís right up there.

This might be the easiest to watch ever. At the 2 hour mark the main event was almost over. I've already watched almost a full ROH show today and I say down and watched this in one sitting with ease. I really hope that they can get the next Evolve show on DVD soon and eventually tun another show.
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