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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Eye of the Storm II

Adam Pearce and Matt Classic vs. The Set

So the set has one big guy and one really little one. It seems that most of there offense involves the big guy finding creative ways to throw the little guy at their opponents. There was also one spot where they tricked Pearce and the big guy ended up launching himself as Pearce. Other than those few moments the little guy got his ass kicked the whole time until he made the sort of hot tag. They weren't terrible but they also didn't impress me very much at all.

Matt Classic was pretty funny during this match. Near the end Pearce hit him by mistake and sent him outside the ring. Classic's response was him screaming, "Pearce, You Suck!" His other random insults at everyone else were funny as well. A very basic and short match that was good for some fun. Pretty basic for the most part though.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Grizzly Redwood

I was ready to take a gun and start shooting into the crowd when they were dead for the first 3 minutes and than starting marking out when Sonjay did some snapmares and started chanting for snapmares. Nothing wrong for marking out for a random move but the chants were just stupid. I did like that Dutt went for a snapmore and held up at the last minute to mess with the fans. Dutt might not be the best worker out there but he is a good heel. He knows how to work the fans and get heat.

That being said the match really wasn't all that good. There was one really ugly botch and a few other moves that really didn't look that good. The whole story of the match was that Sonjay was just a cocky bastard that took Grizzly lightly.

Rhett Titus vs. Kenny Omega

Pretty funny to see Omega acting a lot like Titus. Some of the more obnoxious things that you would expect to see from Titus were done by Omega early on in the match. The crowd seemed to like it (it wasn't much of a pop but they didn't seem to care about anything other than Snapmares). In fact I liked the whole dynamic of the match were Titus was taking things a lot more seriously since he was in the ring with a really good opponent. Omega on the other hand was the one that was taking the match lightly; Going out of his way to taunt and humiliate Titus throughout the match.

Omega had some really good selling of the head and neck that stemmed from a dropkick that Titus hit when he pulled the ref in front of him to stop a charging Omega. Titus did a great job of taking short cuts whenever he had the chance and he really wrestled this like something important was on the line. I mean it was a pick six match and everything but this was a big match for Titus. Much more competitive than I was expecting

Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Bison Smith and Erick Stevens w/Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris

The match itself wasn't all that amazing but I feel like it did a really good job of setting things up for Final Battle (it was the next night). Everyone thought Steen was going to announce he was leaving for a while, or maybe even retire after his match at Final Battle. Whether you think wrestling is real or you're a smark you would think that Steen's knee was injured. After all his moves he would hold the knee and sell it like there was something seriously wrong with it. The less obvious fact was that Steen didn't really get involved for any extended period of time.

A lot of this match was Generico essentially fighting the Embassy on his own and only letting Steen get involved when it was absolutely necessary. You also see some signs of aggression after the match from after Generico took the fall. At the time you would think it would be all frustration at him not being able to wrestle very well because of his injury. Looking back now though, you might think he was just pissed with Generico for losing the match. I might be reading a little to into it but there some subtle hints that Steen was just getting really fed up with Generico. I'm glad I watched it as this was the weekend where feud between Steen and Generico would get started.

Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn vs. Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana really is the perfect guy to have on the mid card. He has the ability to be really entertaining when he does the most basic stuff. He makes me laugh a lot and at the same time his technical stuff is always very well done. This match wasn't anything incredible but they kept an easy to watch pace and kept a good back and forth pace. For the spot they working on it was really all you expected.

I was really happy to see that Cabana made the elbows from Hero really mean something. The first one almost ended the match and when Hero used the loaded elbow pad it was the end of the match. Good stuff but nothing great. They could certainly do better if they really wanted to.

Kenny King and Austin Aries vs. The Young Bucks

I loved the promo right before. Aries and King displayed some horrendous 80s ring gear. Aries was unhappy to say that their tassels hadn't arrived yet but they would get them in time for the shows that actually matter. He also pointed out that he wanted to get the match over with quickly so they didn't get snowed in....

It was nice to see the Bucks wrestle with some real heels too. They really are pretty ridiculous looking and while I like them as a team it was a blast to see Aries and King make fun of them and mess with them constantly during the match. It was actually a little like watching the PWG Young Bucks wrestle the babyface Young Bucks. I mean Aries and King were doing synchronized somersaults to set up a stomp. The beginning of the match had it's fun moments and the stuff in the ring was pretty good as well. My biggest problem that just when the match as really starting to pick up it ended. Still a good match, a few more minutes and we might have had something really awesome.

Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Black

So this match really pointed out everything that is wrong with Tyler Black. In a big match in front of a hot crowd he can get away with a lot more. In this case the match was kind of meaningless and the crowd was pretty much dead. Strong focused so much of his offense on the back and Tyler just didn't sell it. You say I know wrestling isn't real but looking at some of the moves that he took I thought his back might actually be hurting, but he just didn't sell it. He didn't need to go crazy or anything with the selling but maybe acting like his back was in some pain, or going that extra mile and you know grimacing in pain and grabbing his back....

The action and the work rate was incredible and they went out there and told a pretty compelling story. Black put on a great effort and Strong came out there with a game plan, stuck to it, and it worked for him. The match was still really good and I enjoyed it but I kind of wanted to go up to Tyler after the match kick him in the back really hard so he could actually act like his back was in pain.

The American Wolves and Alex Koslov vs. The Briscoes and Rocky Romero

Well after seeing the first few minutes I wish they had just sent Edwards, Koslov, and the Briscoes home and let Davey and Romero wrestle a singles match. their encounter to start the match was awesome. It was pretty funny to see Romero and the Briscoes all hit the a fall away slam at the same time and watch the crowd flip out. It was even better when Davey flipped out, took his tag title belt, put on Koslov's furry Russian hat, and left. After that they pretty much ended the comedy portion of the match and had a good back forth match where they kept a great pace. I would almost say that they were too fast. I feel like I almost needed a breather in the middle of it.

The Briscoes and Wolves ended up brawling out of the ringside area leaving Koslov and Romero in the ring alone. They were really good in the ring together for a few minutes, we saw one of the best looking super kicks that I've ever seen. The ending was a little lackluster but I think it was one of the guy's finishers so I guess it made sense. This was really good and this was one of the matches that would be great to see live. MOTN

Not the best show but it was less than 2 1/2 hours and had some quality matches. It's missing that one great match but everything was solid for the most part. It was a lot better than Buffalo Stampede II for what it's worth. And it came for free with Final Battle so even it sucked I really couldn't complain that much.
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