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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

This is only the second time I’ve reviewed a show as I’m new here but really interested in BTB. Having read through all of yours, it is brilliantly written and looking forward to Raw. Anyway, onto Smackdown…

Starting things off with Long and JBL was good to see as quite rightly if it is Teddy Long’s show and JBL continues abusing him on commentary every week then Long is gonna take action eventually. Putting JBL on probation is interesting and bringing Tazz in just adds something else for JBL to moan about which is a great thing. Your writing of JBL is priceless and one of the highlights of Smackdown for me.

Kennedy coming out to address some issues is a good move as you’ve been building him up well. And again, classic JBL with the shortstack comment on Tazz haha. Good move showing the Rumble footage, give Kennedy some more heat. Batista coming out was unexpected but I suppose Flair was his mentor. The announcement from Long about Kennedy-Taker #1 contenders match was a good booking choice. I can see Kennedy coming away there with the win, which will further both his storyline with Batista/Flair and also Taker/Booker as surely the King will get involved?

Benoit/Tatanka, only one winner there. Great to see Benoit straight to the point after the match calling out Finlay. A straight up fight that will be at No Way Out. Good heel tactics from Finlay in rolling outta the ring but I wouldn’t have expected it from someone who ‘loves to fight’. But the fight still occurs, Benoit going after Finlay just shows how bad he wants to hurt him, very good move there, highlights the fire inside Benoit.

Booker interview does just the job, definite involvement in tonight’s main event from him I think. He wants Taker at No Way Out and unless you go triple threat I can’t see Taker beating Kennedy tonight.

Good tag match up next, these four teams put on an exciting show. All of very different styles. Glad to see you adding Burchill to the Bluebloods group.

The MVP/Miz/Hardy segment was interesting. You do a good job with MVP but I would’ve preferred Miz to be a bit more built up with his character before starting the ‘Really?’ and ‘Awesome’ stuff. Fatal 4 way at No Way Out should be a good contest. The fourth man I haven’t a clue at the minute.

Helms in typical Helms fashion, making sure everybody knows he’s the best cruiserweight around. Good job there, keeping his cockiness until Danielson arrives is how it should be done. Helms hen dismantles Funaki as he should. Danielson finally debuts next week and that should be interesting. JBL’s commentary is just brilliant.

Test puts up a good fight against the animal but there was only really one winner there as there should be. I like that you have built Test up though to contend with some of the bigger names.

I’m not too keen on the FBI deal here, I will see how it develops though but at the minute it’s a miss for me.

Kane as the fourth participant in the #1 contenders match is something I should have seen coming. Very good move, keeping things between him and MVP going. The tag match was a standard tag match, faces gain momentum and get the win with MVP wanting no piece of the big red machine, good match up and liked MVP walking out on Miz.

The Anderson/Kennedy segment was fantastic I felt. The viciousness of it all was the key. Now finally Flair is going to accept Kennedy’s challenge. Well I hope! Bringing Batista in at the end was also a shrewd little move as it keeps the Kennedy/Tista situation going too.

Kennedy coming straight out after the attack was a bit strange, normally the focus shifts somewhere else then back again but it is the main event. Wow, Edge is coming to Smackdown to use his title shot, that’s a big call and hopefully he’s the man to end Batista’s reign. Surprise move but I like it. Would’ve perhaps preferred it at a different time than tonight or at a different point in the show though.

Kennedy/Taker was a very good match and the result was the right one. Great way of getting Booker and Kennedy some more heat with the finish and I am looking forward to both Kennedy/Batista and Booker/Taker at No Way Out.

Good show imac and really helped further every feud on the show which is what it is all about. Loved the Kennedy/Anderson beat down and the continuation of Booker/Taker. The No Way Out card looks good for a single brand PPV and with Edge now playing a part on the blue brand, things are sure to heat up. Keep up the good work.
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