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Learning to break kayfabe
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First of all, thanks for the review Stephen. I’ll be continuing to read your BTB so I hope you’re going to keep reading mine. You made some good points in your review. And you might not be far off with a few things!

My workload has increased quite a bit recently and I feel as if my thread has stalled a little. To keep it moving, I’ve decided to use a shorter recap form for Smackdown for a little while until I get a bit more free time to write the show in full again. Raw will remain a full show as will the PPV’s but I’ll get through a little faster this way.

Hope people continue to enjoy (if indeed they are) ...

Live from London, England

*** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO *** PYRO ***

The night begins with the announcers, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker, hyping up the Intercontinental Championship contender matches. Last week, Christian defeated CM Punk after Punk’s former follower, Luke Gallows, distracted the Straight Edge Saviour. This means that Christian will be one of the three men placed into the Cyber Sunday vote to determine the challenger for the Intercontinental Title of Dolph Ziggler. Tonight, Luke Gallows himself will face MVP and newcomers Alberto Del Rio and NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval, will meet to determine the final two potential challengers for Ziggler’s title at Cyber Sunday.


Ziggler and his girlfriend, the consultant to the General Manager on Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero head towards the ring with Ziggler proudly carrying the Intercontinental Title. They step into the ring where Vickie battles for the attention of the London crowd before introducing her boyfriend who has a microphone. He proceeds to slam the London branch of the WWE Universe and states that he cannot wait to get away from the wind and the rain back to Florida and the sunshine. With intense jeers and heat from the crowd, Ziggler moves his attention onto Cyber Sunday and his potential challengers. He belittles all five remaining challengers, Christian and the four who face each other tonight, with specific focus on the man already guaranteed in the vote. Ziggler compares Christian to David Beckham and suggests that he is past his prime and should quit now while he is still seen as some kind of success.


Christian cracks and enters the arena to survey the peeps in the audience and address Ziggler. Christian says he is proud to be compared to David Beckham, a hero to many, before describing Ziggler as ‘all style, no substance’ and telling the champion that he’s seen many young ‘stars’ break in to the WWE but fail to back it up. Ziggler responds by asking Christian what more he has accomplished in his career than him. Ziggler belittles Christian’s achievements as Tag Team Champion as being carried by a better man, as ECW Champion due to the show being axed and his multiple reigns as Intercontinental Champion as being the result of not being able to hold onto the title. Ziggler claims that he will hold the title for a long time and will certainly not be losing the gold at Cyber Sunday – whoever his opponent may be. Christian decides to issue a challenge to Ziggler for tonight: Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian. Ziggler tries to laugh it off but Vickie Guerrero quickly accepts on Ziggler’s behalf causing Dolph to give Vickie a questioning look. It’s official though: tonight, Christian will face Dolph Ziggler on Friday Night Smackdown.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with Michelle McCool and Layla in the ring looking less giddy than they usually do. A replay of Chip Butty’s announcement on RAW that Layla is the Divas Champion and that Layla will defend the title at Cyber Sunday against one of Kelly Kelly, Melina or her Laycool partner, Michelle McCool, is shown. Layla, with a worried look towards Michelle, takes off her Divas Title belt and hands it to the timekeeper.


Melina heads to the ring and she is then joined by the other challenger for the Divas Title ...

*** HOLLA ***

... with the announcers talking about the potential for a fall-out between Laycool tonight.


An even contest that swings quickly one way and then the other. After a nervy opening, Laycool seem to rediscover their chemistry and Layla and Michelle McCool begin to seem more like their normal selves. With Melina down outside the ring, Layla goes to work on Kelly Kelly and leaves her struggling in the centre of the ring. Michelle looks to hit a catapult into the corner of the ring and sends Kelly flying into the corner where she collides with Melina, groggily up onto the mat, and sends a stunned Melina flying off the apron again. With Kelly struggling, McCool sets her up and delivers the Faith Breaker before getting the 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Layla and Michelle McCool (4:52)

Michelle and Layla celebrate up the aisle whilst taunting Kelly who is sat up in the ring. As Kelly gets to her feet, she is confronted by Melina who doesn’t seem happy with Kelly’s actions in the match. Kelly argues her case but Melina turns and stomps away before Kelly seems to snap and she charges at her and smashes her through the ropes and out of the ring. As Melina lands outside, Kelly looks shocked at her actions as the pressure of an opportunity at the Divas Championship looks to have got to her a little.

The camera switches backstage where a downbeat Big Show is stood with Josh Matthews. The camera zooms away and shows Big Show’s leg strapped and a crutch being used to hold the giant star up. Josh Matthews shows the replay of CM Punk’s taunting and Jack Swagger’s assault with the Ankle Lock from last week before we see Show being helped out of the arena. A demoralised and upset Big Show tells Josh that he is angry and Jack Swagger better be ready to take the punishment when he gets back and that there will be hell to pay. Show’s anger is clear and he looks ready to explode when Swagger rolls up and taunts Big Show by laughing at him. Show desperately wants to attack but cannot move well enough and Swagger continues to taunt him from out of reach. Swagger tells Show that he is not in his league and that it is time for the big horse to be put out to pasture. Show’s head drops as he realises he cannot teach Swagger a brutal lesson right now before we return to the ring.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker hype up the return of Evan Bourne and Mark Henry to action as the pair are shown heading from the locker room area towards the ring.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


The recently reunited team of Shad Gaspart and JTG – Cryme Tyme – head towards the ring for their first appearance on Smackdown since. They salute the crowd and turn to wait for their opponents.


*** BORN TO WIN ***


A close fought battle between two fan favourite tag teams with the dynamic Bourne performing his usual high risk offence to pump up the watching crowds. However, Cryme Tyme get on top of the smaller half of the Bourne/Henry team and try to isolate him in their corner to the frustration of Henry. With Bourne down, Cryme Tyme go for the G9 as Shad lifts JTG up by the legs and slams him down but Bourne escapes just in time and makes the tag to Henry who cleans house before focusing on JTG. With Henry in control, he hits the World’s Strongest Slam and makes the tag to Bourne who climbs the ropes ... the buzz in the arena builds as Bourne steadies himself before delivering a beautiful shooting star press, Air Bourne, before making the 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Evan Bourne & Mark Henry (8:01)

A disappointed Cryme Tyme exit the ring as Bourne and Henry take in the cheers of the WWE Universe. They start to leave the ring together but all of a sudden, the Tag Team Champions appear behind them. With Bourne and Henry unaware of them, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes attack from behind and Henry is rammed into the barricade beside the ring. Bourne is slammed on the concrete floor and the champions slowly leave looking very proud of themselves with Bourne and Henry down and the announcers speculating about the intentions of the Tag Team champions.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with Tony Chimel announcing that the next two matches will be the final two qualifying matches for the Intercontinental Title vote at Cyber Sunday.


The NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval, heads to the ring looking ready for his opportunity to earn a shot at the Intercontinental Title at Cyber Sunday.


Ricardo Rodriguez introduces the Mexican who heads to the ring arrogantly playing up to the crowd looking confident of success against his much smaller opponent.


In the early stages, Del Rio completely takes Kaval for granted by ridiculing the NXT Season 2 winner over his size. Kaval surprises him with his unique offence and gets on top in the match forcing Ricardo Rodriguez to distract him to prevent potential damage to Alberto. Del Rio takes advantage and begins to regain control as he works on the arm of Kaval to set up the finishing move, the Flying Armbar, that has taken out Rey Mysterio as well as others in previous weeks. Kaval manages to counter as Del Rio sets for the Armbar and threatens a comeback as he heads to the top rope looking for the two footed Big Stomp. As he leaps, Del Rio moves and Kaval crashes down onto the mat, losing his balance for a moment ... allowing Del Rio to attack. Within moments, Del Rio has the Armbar locked in and Kaval down on the mat tapping out for the submission win for Del Rio.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio (Submission, 7:27)

As Del Rio celebrates his win with winks and waves to the crowd, Christian appears on the stage and stares down to the ring and Del Rio. After their No Mercy match, Christian will be hoping for some revenge as he goes up against Del Rio in the vote.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********


Kane heads to the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder looking far more confident than he did last week. He grabs a microphone and laughs menacingly before informing the WWE Universe that he saw the Undertaker’s match with Kofi Kingston last week. The crowd cheer for the excellent Number 1 contender match from last week but Kane goes on to belittle the achievements of his brother and claims that he saw that the Undertaker had lost something, that he wasn’t the Phenom the world knew him as. Kane vows one more time to end the legacy of the Undertaker once and for all but is then interrupted by ...

*** S. O. S. ***

... Kofi Kingston. The Ghanaian shows no sign of intimidation and heads for the ring where he stands face to face with the Big Red World Champion. He speaks into a microphone and challenges Kane for a match tonight. He tells Kane that in recent weeks, he has been so close to defeating him or his brother and that he wants another chance to prove to the world that he deserves a World Championship match very soon. Kane laughs in his face and goes to punch Kofi with a cheap shot. However, Kofi ducks and hits several kicks to disorientate Kane before delivering ‘Trouble in Paradise’ to an off-guard Kane. Kofi exits the ring and heads backstage whilst the cameras remain on an irate Kane. He grabs the microphone again and demands that Teddy Long makes the match with Kofi Kingston tonight before explaining how he is going to destroy the African superstar. Suddenly, the gong sounds out and the lights go out ... the gong sounds several times with the lights flashing on between gongs and Kane looks petrified of what is happening. When the gong stops, Kane hightails it out of the ring where the stage suddenly bursts into flames to stop his path.


The Undertaker makes his way out through the flames and towards Kane who backs off back towards the ring clearly scared of the Undertaker. Kane stands in the ring as Taker comes towards him, the crowd going wild. Taker lifts the lights and Kane looks like he wishes he was anywhere but in the Undertaker’s path. Undertaker removes his hat and coat before moving towards Kane who stands for a moment before escaping through the ropes and running away. As he does, Undertaker takes a microphone and rasps ‘Kane ... Rest ... in ... Peace’ to the delight of the WWE Universe in the UK.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns and Todd Grisham and Matt Striker confirm that Kane will face Kofi Kingston later tonight before the final Intercontinental Championship qualifier is announced.

*** MASSACRE ***

*** I’M COMIN’ ***

Both men look confident as they prepare for the match as the Smackdown announcers discuss Luke Gallows’ distraction of CM Punk last week that denied Punk a place in the Intercontinental Championship vote.


Neither man has opportunity to get into his stride before more music is heard ...


CM Punk makes his way towards the ring and stands in the aisle to watch the match. Clearly distracted by Punk’s arrival, Luke Gallows pays the price as MVP takes control of the match. However, MVP isn’t impressed with the arrival of Punk either and takes an opportunity to tell Punk to get out of the arena. MVP retains control whilst Luke Gallows struggles to establish himself in the match and MVP hits ‘Ballin’ as he looks to end the match. However, as MVP sets up for the ‘Play of the Day’ on Gallows, Punk jumps up onto the apron to distract the referee. The referee tries to get Punk down but he refuses and MVP swings for him in temper. With MVP distracted, Gallows suddenly rolls MVP up for a quick pin. MVP kicks out but doesn’t look happy with Gallows’ actions. The match continues as Punk stands down again and watches the match with an amused look on his face. Finally, MVP hits the ‘Play of the Day’ and goes for the cover ... but Punk interferes and breaks up the 3-count. The referee disqualifies Luke Gallows and MVP is the winner although he isn’t happy with the way it went down.

WINNER: MVP (DQ, 6:14)

CM Punk heads back to the locker room whilst MVP looks after him with a frustrated look on his face. However, it will be MVP who joins Christian and Alberto Del Rio in the Cyber Sunday vote to determine the man to challenge for Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Title. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker explain that voting will commence after next week’s Smackdown show on wwe.com and the WWE Universe will be able to vote on every match ahead of them starting on the night.

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

Smackdown returns with an angry Luke Gallows backstage and the camera following him. He turns into a door and marches up to Teddy Long who is on the phone. Gallows tries to plead his case for a rematch with MVP next week for the final place in the vote but Teddy refuses although he admits to feeling sorry for Gallows. Gallows looks upset but then insists that he has a match on Smackdown next week with CM Punk. Teddy Long confirms that he will make this match: next week, CM Punk vs. Luke Gallows on Friday Night Smackdown.


The Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, heads to the ring with Vickie Guerrero on his arm and the Intercontinental Championship gold around his waist. He gets into the ring and taunts the crowd for a while who jeer him. However, their jeers turn to cheers as Ziggler’s music is replaced by ...


Christian heads to the ring to a fantastic ovation. The WWE Universe are fully behind the former Intercontinental and Tag Team champion as he looks for a morale boosting victory over Dolph Ziggler ahead of Cyber Sunday.


Christian dominates the early exchanges and is well on top until a distraction from Ziggler’s girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero, allows the champion to take control with a sleeper hold. Christian fights his way to the ropes but the damage is done and Ziggler has control of the match. Every time Christian attempts to mount a comeback, Ziggler finds a way to prevent it and when he doesn’t, Vickie Guerrero does. Eventually, Christian gets in Vickie’s face outside the ring and the crowd are willing him to take her down. However, Ziggler saves the day and slams Christian into the barricades and over into the crowd. The two men fight their way through the crowd, with Ziggler on top still, and back towards the stage area where they finally escape the crowd. Christian staggers along the stage with Ziggler stalking him waiting for a chance to hit the Zig Zag on the stage. The WWE Universe scream for Christian to escape as Dolph leaps towards Christian – and Christian grabs hold of the WWE logo on the stage as Ziggler crashes down back first onto the steel stage. With Christian stood over Ziggler, he is suddenly attacked from behind as Alberto Del Rio comes out from backstage and starts to deliver a beating as he rams Christian into the screens. He locks Christian in the Armbar but all hell is breaking out now as MVP – the fourth man potentially involved in the Intercontinental Title match at Cyber Sunday – breaks Del Rio’s hold on Christian. MVP hammers away at Del Rio and tosses him off the stage down to the floor where Del Rio lands uncomfortably as MVP does his ‘Ballin’ taunt from the stage. However, he is then caught as Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag and is the last man standing on stage as his three potential challengers lay on the floor ...


As Dolph and Vickie head backstage, the cameras follow them where Teddy Long is waiting. He ignores Vickie’s mouthings as he informs Ziggler that next week on Smackdown, he will face all three of his challengers in a Fatal Four Way match!

********** COMMERCIAL BREAK **********

A replay of the carnage that ended the last match is shown as Grisham and Striker excitedly look forward to next week’s Fatal Four Way match between Ziggler, MVP, Del Rio and Christian. An explosion on stage signals the main event and attention is turned towards the World Heavyweight Title instead.


Kane heads down to the ring looking nervous again after his confidence earlier in the night had been shattered by the appearance of his brother. Kane looks relieved as he manages to explode the corners of the ring as he waits for his challenger on this night ...

*** S. O. S. ***

Kofi Kingston excitedly heads towards the ring as he looks to, once again, prove he is worthy of a place at the top of Smackdown. He is greeted by the cheers of the London WWE Universe and he signals for ‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’ in the corner as he prepares for his challenge.


As always in recent times, Kofi delivers another impressive following as he takes the fight to the Big Red Monster. For the early part of the match, Kane is in defensive mode as he tries to avoid and stop the fireball known as Kofi. With a series of stunning kicks and acrobatic moves, Kofi has Kane wobbling and has several near falls as he looks to put Kane away. However, one big move too many leads to Kane’s counter as he avoids the ‘Boom Drop’ before using a choke hold to push Kofi through the ropes to the floor. With Kingston down, Kane takes a moment to compose himself before going after Kofi outside. He rams Kofi back first into the steel post and then head first into the steel steps despite the protestations of the referee. Kofi rolls back into the ring, helped by Kane, and the champion starts to methodically beat his opponent. As last week though, Kofi is not willing to go down without a fight and several comebacks have to be thwarted before Kane can deliver a big finish move, the Chokeslam. Kane covers Kingston for 1, 2 ... Kofi kicks out of the chokeslam, just like he did against Undertaker last week, to the delight of the WWE crowd. With Kane in shock, Kofi comes back and hits Trouble in Paradise as the crowd go mad. He covers Kane but Kane manages to grab the bottom rope to the frustration of Kofi. Kane regains control a moment later as he tosses Kofi over the top rope after Kofi leaps onto Kane’s shoulders in the corner. Kofi just beats the 10-count to get back into the ring but he is wounded as Kane waits ... Kane looks ready for the chokeslam again as Kofi begins to stagger up. As Kane looks ready to go, the lights suddenly go out and the gong sounds out ...


Kane is distracted as Undertaker appears on the titantron and repeats his earlier message: “Kane ... Rest. In. Peace.” The lights go back on as Kane’s signature explosion of the corner posts fires out and echoes around the arena. The Undertaker’s mind games look to have the desired effect as Kane looks around in disbelief. He turns himself back to the match and turns around and walks straight into a Flying Crossbody from Kofi Kingston from the top rope to the delight of the crowd. Kofi gets to his feet and waits as Kane looks down and out. As the Big Red Monster gets to his feet, Kofi prepares himself and then hits the ‘Trouble in Paradise’ one more time. Kofi covers the World Champion ... 1, 2 ... 3!

WINNER: Kofi Kingston (12:56)

Kofi celebrates wildly in the ring as Kane rolls out of the ring and begins to stagger away in shock and disbelief. The WWE Universe acknowledge the performance of Kofi as he salutes them from the corners of the ring and the two announcers declare it the biggest win of Kingston’s career. As they speculate on what will happen on next week’s show, Kingston is shown with a beaming smile on his face as he holds his hands up in celebration.

********** END OF SHOW **********



Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena (???)

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Champion Layla vs. Kelly Kelly / Melina / Michelle McCool

Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. John Morrison
if Jericho, Edge or both lose, they will be forced to retire from the WWE


Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker

Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio / Christian / MVP

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