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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Okay here's your review for reviewing mine
Looking forward to seeing what you've got so lets see shall we.

Smacjdown Review:

Nice starting match, well written, I was expecting a Kane win.

The Laycool interview was well written, in character with the 'Chell and Lay, and them speaking about The bella's having an identicle twin that is ugly haha. Good Job.

The Swagger/Show match was good but it seemed like it was one sided for most of it, with Swagger in charge, not that that's a bad thing. Another nice match.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces Zigglers arrival, good, good match again, Zig Zag win. Good match. Damn it it's hard to find flaws in your writing and booking so far.

I'm guessing Kofi wont be winning against taker tonight but I'll see.

Yay Christian vs Punk, sound like a great match lets see, Christian misses the Killswitch and then hit's it again, Christian wins, great, I dunno about Christian being picked for the intercontinental championship though, I think he deserves better, but whoever I'm predicting Kaval to win next week. Del Rio has a good enough charcter to be a solid main eventer so I think he shouldn't be picked to face Dolph.

So Matt Hardy is gone, too bad, I like him. I doubt he'll come back in this BTB, if he does then it will probabl him coming back to win a big title.

Alot of good detail in the main event, I knew Kofi would lose nice to see taker hitting some of his favourite moves and you kept Kofi looking strong and detemined, kingston kicked out of a chokeslam pretty impressive

Fantastic show, sorry that im bad at finding bad things, I know your looking for constructive critisism but I really thing you shows are great, I reviewed Smackdown as it was the first show on the page I will review some future shows of yours.
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