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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Staring off with Kennedy right from the beginning is a nice move, getting the guy youíre really pushing in our face right from the start. Michaels as his opponent is a nice choice too, making for a good match (sidenote: Coachís commentary here was great, and it really showed how you o the little things like the commentary so much better than anyone else). Iím surprised Kennedy dominated for so much of the match, but itís probably for the best, as this match is all about Kennedy gaining more momentum. The finish, which was very nice, showed exactly that, giving Kennedy a good clean victory after some good counters. Michaels, meanwhile, obviously doesnít look weak, as he put up quite a fight. A good first match to keep Kennedyís momentum at a high ahead of his world title match at Vengeance.

The attack from Umaga after the match was, like it has been all along, really well done. Again, Umaga is allowed to look like an absolute beast by savaging Michaels, while Shawn stays looking good due to Umaga only attacking him when heís weak. Iím not so sure about the Samoan Spike through the announce table, as a Samoan Drop may have more impact for that type of move with the table, even if the spike is Umagaís finisher, but the attack and the post-match promo from Estrada, announcing the match with Michaels at Vengeance as a Last Man Standing Match and already declaring Umaga the winner, was very good once again. The Last Man Standing Match seems fitting for Vengeance, and should be a great stipulation, while this attack was another good one to keep the feud going.

@ Coach not wanting to visit Oklahoma. As I said, the best commentary writing in the section by far.

Simple win to keep Mattís momentum going since arriving on RAW as he moves along the KOTR tournament, while Tomko continues his losing streak. Simple booking that keeps both men going with their respective storylines.

Nice little promo from Miz, with a few good little comedic bits by having him push that real ďrealityĒ type persona with the typical dick type attitude of Miz. Phoenix wanting at Mickie instead of caring about Melinaís aspirations is interesting, because it opens the possibility of them not getting along and Phoenix going out on her own. A nice promo to keep things open with that feud and remind us that Phoenix is after Mickie on a personal level.

Vengeance is looking to be shaping into a pretty good card, with three big matches at the top of it. Looking forward to it.

Nice stipulation to add to Mickieís title match at Vengeance to make sure she shows, making it seem basically like her life against her career. Nice to see Bischoff still having his dickish side too, despite being portrayed as more of a face after assisting in the removal of Vince from television.

Melina getting the win was obviously the right way for this match to go, although I liked the interference from Beth on top of that, proving not only that she can be a force at ringside, but how strong she is by having her destroy Victoria on the outside.

A little surprised to see a promo confrontation between Angle and Cena since it has generally been a feud about action, but I donít mind it. Angle calling Cena out straight away is pretty much expected, because Angleís not the type to just stand out there and talk a lot of trash. Good to see Cena being intense right from the beginning too, making sure the confrontation stays serious, rather than having the joking Cena coming out and taking the promo away from what the feud is about. Angle trying to change things up is interesting, with the arrogance with which he spoke being good, along with the intensity from Cena in accepting the stipulation before Angle even mentioned it. The speech by Angle calling Cena a quitter was something different too, but he transitioned it all well, before the Ultimate Submission Match announcement. Itís not a match that I think Iíve ever seen in another BTB, but I really like this stipulation. Itís different, it plays on Angle wanting a match to his strengths, and itís been explained really well here in this promo. My only concern is that Iím not a fan of having too many gimmick matches on the one card, but I guess two isnít too many, although any more would be pushing it. Angle talking about what he wants to do to Cena in picking him apart in the Ultimate Submission Match was done well, while Cenaís retort was typical, yet well written, along with the little Vengeance lines, that were cleverly put in there to make for an intense end to the promo. A bit surprised we didnít see Cena try to get the STF-U on to finish the promo, but this was still a pretty great promo all the same, keeping the intensity at a high in this feud. Good stuff.

Vengeance is indeed looking like a good card. Nice little plug for it here, along with some moore of the good stuff from Coach.

Another good, intense promo, this time from Rhyno. Rhynoís probably at his best when heís scary and paranoid like this, so I like the idea of turning him into a real loner. The speech about how no one cared for him when injured was good, while the imagery of saying he was left to rot was nice too. The end of the promo was good too, tying the whole thing up well, while also making Rhyno sound really dangerous in the process.

Good way to hammer home how dangerous Rhyno is with a squash match here, really making him look like a beast in the lead up to the inevitable match between Mysterio and Rhyno at Vengeance.

Mattís still my pick for KOTR. Is him cutting a promo after the hype video just too much of a coincidence? Matt giving his typical speech about how heís headed for the top was fine, before the interruption from Long to seemingly continue the little bit of friction between Hardy and Benjamin. Longís speech was great, with some clever wordplay, before the gauntlet was laid down by Matt. While it hasnít been an awe-inspiring feud, things have been kept simple here, and the announcement of the title match from Bischoff comes as no surprise. Another solid addition to the Vengeance card, which has shaped up quite nicely. Not too sure what to think of Kennedy hitting the scene to close the promo, although I wouldnít mind another Shelton/Christian match, as that was quite the match back at RAW Roulette.

Helms getting the win was to be expected, although thatís not a bad thing. Nice way to continue Straight Edge looking dominant over MNM, possibly leading to something else for MNM. Not so sure whatís next for Straight Edge, as no teams seem set to step up to make the challenge, so maybe a bit of work on the tag team division is what is needed next.

Good little hype for next weekís card, which is already looking good.

Gail Kim coming back now is interesting, because right now it seems like she may get lost in the shuffle, with everything else that is happening in the womenís division, unless Melina beats Mickie and she feuds with Melina, while Beth and Mickie feud.

Kennedy talking to Marella Ö erm, okay? That doesnít seem like much of a choice.

Surprised to see Cody getting some mic time on RAW, not that itís a bad thing; in fact, I think itís a really good thing. Cody breaking away from Goldust and attacking him is good to see, because heís obviously better off without him. The way Cody talked down on Goldust, speaking of his embarrassment was done well, although what came next really surprised me. Having Rhodes talk about his father in this manner is a really good cheap heat tactic though, and the way he explained himself, again, seemed good, making his actions at least logical in his mind, which is what a heel should do. The whole idea that heís there to put pride into the Rhodes name and that heís going to be the one you associate with it was a nice way to end the promo, really showing what Cody is all about. Iím not too sure how seriously he can be taken at this stage, as heís looked very weak thus far in this thread, but this isnít a bad start for the new Cody.

Another good plug for Vengeance, which, like I said, is looking like a good card.

While Iím not sure Santino Marella is necessarily needed in this situation, the idea of having Kennedy stack the odds by finding a loophole in the rules to show how dangerous he and clever he can be is clever, and a good way to add another dimension to the already vicious and brash Kennedy. The match itself was written really well, using the hope spots well, while allowing for the right result to happen. The final statement from Kennedy to Christian was a good way to cap it all off.

This show pretty much sums up why the section needs you. While thereís perhaps nothing groundbreaking there, the booking all of the way through is spot on, while the match and promo writing is something EVERYONE should be taking a look at so they can learn. As much as this will sound like me just sucking up, itís great to see you back, and I really hope it lasts, because I really enjoy reading your work. Great stuff, mang.

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