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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

Lots of awesomeness in Kojima/Tanahashi. Not sure what my rating is, but I do know it drops significantly for one bit of psychology screwup I just can't ignore: In last year's G1 Climax final, there was a moment where Tanahashi had Kojima dead to rights, hit him with the frog splash, and then just to make sure, went back up to hit it again. The second time, Kojima got the knees up, and made a comeback.

Fast-forward to now, and the exact same thing happens in the rematch. And I mean the exact same thing -- it's not like Tanahashi had just hit a huge match-ending move that he didn't get in the first match, something that would make him believe that this time, Kojima was too out of it to block the second splash (itself a stupid thing to go for if he believed Kojima was done, given how it backfired on him last time). To me, falling for the same thing against the same opponent twice, with no change in circumstance, just makes Tanahashi look stupid, which in turn makes Kojima look a bit lame when Tanahashi then goes on to beat him anyway.

On the other hand, maybe I wouldn't have noticed had I not just re-watched the August match last night. The Wrestle Kingdom match is still plenty good.
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