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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Good detailed recap as always, nearly like a segmant ha

Eh ok, It was good that Tazz announced that to everyone but couldn't the announce team have done that or Tazz speak a bit longer ? I just thought it was pointless to have him say Three lines...Announce team could have said it and later when it happened Tazz could have introduced him proper.

Ok bit more reason for Tazzz to stay, I still stand by my words a bit though. Jeter seemed good, quiet arragont making demands and slightly funny that he got Tatsu who can't speak english. Match was short for you're standards but not a big deal. Santino winning is something I like because Jeter can't say much about Tatsu's defeats now, but a diving headbutt putting a Champ away is a bit questionable.

I like this segmant. Mainly because I dont knw wtf to make of it ha. Is Christian being fake ? Is Cena keepin enemies even closer or just being a usual lick ? So many questions and the answer will be interesting.

Ok I like this rivalry but I wasn't really feeling the whole name thing. I was getting excited about him finding out something then it was his name. Wade Barret is a better name than Stu Sanders and gives no reason to believe he was embaressed. The stipulation was ok it added to the match, if it was a way off changing his anme then fair enough but maybe a reason as to why Wade hated it would have been good. The match was ok, not surprised MVP won.

Not much too say about Shelton. He got some good points across and was a good way to get him involved without fighting and to play the match at No Mercy up more

Another good promo backstage. It was good and realistic throughout but when you said You're Nuts from Ziggler I couldn't imagine it and threw me off a little. Anyway, got the point across, heated the rivalry a bit more. Just need's a Layla turn and its perfect ha.

THis match was good. It was good having him lose and Chavo laugh at him. You are using the rookies well anyway. It's a hard job. I would have liked Shelton not to wrestle here. I thought The Interview set up the No Mercy match well and now he has done something since.

Another good promo. Swagger came across well as a big heel and was so cocky. He played himself up really well and by having shawn say he has his attention, it plays Swagger up even more. The attack from Miz is something I expected and it was well done and described. I do't know about Miz being in Swagger's corner. Why? Anyway good promo.

So was ther not suppsoe to be any entrances in this match ? Strange to have all of them already there ? Good match, with a good finish, a triple threat match between these will be a good idea and should be a nice match.

The Cena build up has been well done so far, He is mixing with the faces and having confrontations with the heels, good start to time at Smackdown.

This was very short and had a lot of potential. I know it's a pain writting long show matches so the rest weren't bad but this had 4 teams in it ? I would have prefered to see another team win as well but not that it means anything, I know it has good reason.

Cena spoke soem good lines. I especially liked the Jericho one ha. The ending was brilliant, Edge Cena always gets ratings. They work so well and he makes a return as well. It brings a lot to talk about from the one promo.

Main Event was really good and you showed you're good match writting skills here. Interestign situation between Jericho and Christian. We know the history and obv the tactic is to take out the champ but I don't know what will happen next between these.

Overall: It was a good show as always, enjoyed it. Think first time I have ever found some faults but even with them it was a good show. Took me ages to do this as well ha, I do prefer reading them with more detail though. Good job
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