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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 26th September 2008
Live from the Bud Walton Arena
Fayetteville, Arkansas

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

A very serious Chris Jericho makes his way out in to the arena with a scowl on his face despite last week earning himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks at No Mercy. He gives the jeering fans nothing but looks of contempt before entering the ring and walking across to collect a microphone. He turns back and stands centre stage in the middle of the ring with his music cutting, giving us a taste of how loud the boos are for Jericho. Heís definitely not appreciating the response at all.

Chris Jericho:
One week ago I was just one of the superstars competing in the beat the clock challenge to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, and after I was successful in my match, I set the time to beat. It was a time that no one else was able to beat, and with that factual information in mind, you would assume that I would be the only one to find myself in the World Championship match at No Mercy. However that is not the case even though I set the best time. The concept of the beat the clock challenge is as straightforward as it sounds. The person who sets the fastest time in their match is declared the winner, and with a shot at the most prestigious prize in this industry at stake, that one person would go on to No Mercy to compete for that prize. Seeing that I was the one who set the time that was not eclipsed by anybody else, surely you can understand my frustration and confusion as to why I find myself in a triple threat match along with someone else who wasnít even victorious last week. That person couldnít be any more undeserving of a world title opportunity, but since he has an ally in our general manager, he has managed to sneak his way in, and the person I am referring to is the definition of failure you know as Christian.


ĎCaptain Charismaí Christian
strolls out to the stage to a big pop in jeans and a T-shirt, looking quite relaxed. His problem solver, Tyson Tomko is by his side, and theyíre both getting dirty looks from the unhappy Jericho in the ring. Christian smiles and points to his fans as he gets in the ring, and even throws a smile Jerichoís way as he walks past him to get another microphone. Tomko stares right at Jericho, unsettling him ever so slightly as Christian turns back and walks towards his problem solver with his music cutting.

Chris, Iím sorry to interrupt, but I couldnít help come out here and back you up. Youíre right. You are indeed the best in the world at what you do. The only problem is that wouldnít exactly help if you were a mentor seeing that when it comes to being the best in the world at what you do seeing thatís not being the best wrestler but a liar and a pissy little bitch. . . Iím sorry tí be the one to tell you this Chris but you wonít be walking out of No Mercy as the new World Champion. . . I will.

ďThis Fire BurnsĒ

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk to a chorus of boos. He walks out to the stage with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez, and ĎThe Straight-Edge Superstarí is carrying a microphone. He smirks down at his No Mercy opponents, who now set their sights on him instead of each other, as does Tomko. Dressed casually and with the world title draped over his shoulder, Punk turns and shares a private joke with his Mexican rookie.

CM Punk:
Guys seriously, all this arguing is pointless. You can argue all night if you want. Itís still not gonna the change the fact that neither of you are going to take this title from me. All you both have tí do is look back to The Great American Bash where if I remember correctly I didnít just defeat the two of you, I also saw off both The Undertaker and Edge to retain the same world title I will when I beat the pair of you again. I beat four of the best this show has to offer that night, and at No Mercy thereís just two of you. . . you two. Itís a foregone conclusion, just like it is that John Cena will be staying on Raw if he has any sense.

Christian: Champ, if I were you Iíd fíget all about John Cena. Youíve got a whole lot more tí worry about right now like No Mercy.

CM Punk: I know full well what I have to deal with and how to handle my business. I certainly donít need any advice from you, but if youíre so worried about my focus, Iíve got a proposition for you. . . How about next week you prove to the world that weíre wrong about you by accepting a match with the man who will actually walk out of No Mercy as the World Heavyweight Champion. . . C-M Punk?

Christian smiles, not overawed at all while Jericho grins away too, looking quite happy at the thought of his two rivals going at it so close to their triple threat match.

You aní me next week? You got it.

Christian & Punk stare at each other with Jericho & Del Rio-Ramirez smiling.

Chris Jericho:
Iíd just like to say that I wish you both the best of luck next week and I look forward to picking up the pieces for myself at No Mercy and leaving as the. . .

CM Punk: . . . You can get that out of your head right now. By the time Iím done with the dreamer next week, youíre next. No one will take this title from me. Thatís a promise.

Punk lowers the microphone and ďThis Fire BurnsĒ plays to heat from the crowd as Punk and his rookie smirk down at the serious duo of Christian & Tomko with Jericho smiling in the background.

*Opening Video*
ďIf You Rock Like MeĒ

*Cut to the Arena*


Tazz is standing in the middle of the ring holding a microphone with the crowd on their feet cheering like mad, and the music cuts, freeing the wide smiling General Manager to speak.

Tínight marks the start of a new era here on Smackdown. Exciting times lie ahead people, Ďcause if you ainít heard already, weíve got the biggest star in the business cominí over from Raw. You guys might know Ďim as John CENAAA.

*Massive Pop*

Tazz: Oh yeah, aní later on tínight, John Cena will be in this ring!

*Big Pop*

Tazz: You guys have got no idea how great it is fí me tí say that, but thatís still tí come. Weíve got some great action lined up for ya, aní weíre gonna get straight to it right now.

ďTime to ShineĒ

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter walks out in to the arena in his ring gear looking as cocky as ever, and his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu follows behind him. Tazz doesnít look all too pleased to see Jeter, and even Yoshi is putting a brave face on for the fans while keeping his distance from his mentor.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Non-Title Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James vs. Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter

Jeter was highly amused as Tatsu went on to trouble Sydal. However the King of the Ring & United States Champion came back fighting as ever and after ducking a roundhouse kick, he connected with a Cyclorama (belly to belly moonsault slam). Tatsu was in deep trouble and despite clearly being preoccupied, Sydal capitalised, dragging him to the corner in a hurry before climbing up to the top rope and hitting the Shooting Star Press to pick up the victory. He quickly collected his title belt and left the ring, probably to find out how Mickie was doing as Jeter entered the ring with a microphone. He watched Tatsu make his way back up, not looking too impressed with his rookie.

Johnny Jeter: Yoshi, you disappoint me. Thatís two defeats in two weeks, and that doesnít just reflect badly on you, which if Iím honest, I donít really care a ratís ass about. It reflects badly on me.

Tatsu just looks blankly at his mentor.

Johnny Jeter:
If you want me to carry on being your mentor, youíre gonna have tí step up your game. And since Iím the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, thereís no one better tí help you, so you better get your act tígether quick if you wanna stick around.

Jeter drops the microphone and keeps looking at Tatsu, who clearly doesnít understand a word his mentorís just said. The Cruiserweight Championís music plays again and he leaves the ring with an unsure Yoshi following him awkwardly.

*Cut to the Arena*

Jeter gets in the ring, not paying any attention to his rookie as he walks towards Tazz and asks for his microphone. Tazz hands it over as Jeterís music stops with Yoshi staying on the outside and it looks like Tazz is taking his leave.

Johnny Jeter:
Hey, just before you wander off boss, thereís something I wanna talk to you about.

Curious, Tazz turns round and shrugs his shoulders at the Cruiserweight Champion.

Johnny Jeter:
This whole mentor rookie deal, it ainít workiní. What the hell were you thinkiní giviní me someone who doesnít even speak a word of English? What am I supposed tí do huh genius? All heís doiní is gettiní in my way, and tí be quite honest, I ainít exactly helpiní him either. So what I want you tí do now boss is give him to someone else, fí his sake.

Tazz walks back over to him and holds out his hand, getting the stick handed back to him.

Yímake an intíresting point. Yeah youíre right about Ďim not speakiní English, but he can learn a lot just from watchiní you, and you are the Cruiserweight Champion after all Johnny.

Jeter nods his head, looking very smug.

So no Johnny, Iím not gonna split you two up just yet. Iíve already had a word with Chavo about the same thing, aní if I feel the need tí do somethiní about it, I will. Only right now I donít think I need to. What you need tí do Johnny is put on a show tínight aní show Yoshi what it takes tí be a champion. Yícan do that right now Ďcause youíve got a match against someone whoís on a role aní youíre gonna have tí be at your best if youíre gonna win this one. . . So all I can suggest Johnny is suck it up aní act like a champion, starting as of right now.

Tazz lowers the microphone and looks at Jeter, whoís not that happy now.

ďLa Vittoria ť MiaĒ

Santino Marella
hits the stage to a surprisingly big pop, and he soaks it up, loving every minute of it. He walks down the ramp smiling & holding his hand up to the crowd modestly as Tazz leaves the ring, walking past Santino on the way. They shake hands as the unhappy Jeter takes a look at his opponent with Tatsu also watching at ringside. Marella gets in the ring and waves to the fans with Jeter taking off his belt and handing it over to the referee as he prepares for the match.

*The Opening Match*
Non-Title Match
Santino Marella vs. Johnny Jeter w/Yoshi Tatsu

Jeter was a lot more serious than he has been in recent weeks, and rightly so given Santinoís winning streak as of late. The Italian started the match the stronger much to the pleasure of the crowd but the displeasure of the Cruiserweight Champion, but Jeter came back in to the match and took charge after Marella missed with a flying thrust kick. The stunned Italian was stunned, and then even more so when he turned round in a flash to get drilled by a tornado DDT. Jeter was the one who was then stunned to see Marella get his shoulder up at the count of two.

Jeter wasnít going to let Santinoís winning streak continue, and after some back & forth action, it looked as if the Cruiserweight Champion was about to seal the deal. After seeing Marella kick out at two again following a springboard moonsault, Jeter was determined to put him to bed and finish him off (). He kindly helped Santino up to his knees and fired him in to the ropes, looking for the Genesis Kick, but Santino ducked and then caught Jeter as he hurried back up with a jawbreaker.

The crowd were cheering, and even Yoshi was smiling on the outside at the sight of his mentor laid out in the middle of the ring. Santino somewhat surprisingly opted not to make a cover and hit the ropes, climbing up to the top rope and then connecting with a diving headbutt. It was met by a big pop from the fans, and despite looking dazed from the headbutt, Marella shifted around on his knees to make a cover, earning himself somewhat of an upset victory over the Cruiserweight Champion, and boy did he enjoy it.

He stood up with a massive smile on his face, looking shocked as the referee raised his arm victory, and Yoshi was clapping him on the outside, something Jeter certainly didnít appreciate as he sat up in the ring. Tasting success yet again, Marella left the ring and headed back up the ramp, still delighted with the win. Jeter wasnít happy at all and had to watch on as Santino seemed to make out he wanted the Cruiserweight title around his waist, making him even angrier.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Thereís an almighty pop coming from the arena as we see Smackdownís newest recruit, John Cena walking through the hallway, shaking hands with a number of production workers & superstars, including Super Crazy, Jimmy Yang & Sonjay Dutt. As he carries on up the hall and turns a corner, he meets an old foe in ĎCaptain Charismaí Christian and his problem solver, Tyson Tomko. Thereís some brief tension between them, but they both grin after a few seconds, but not Tomko obviously. Cena & Christian even shake hands.

John Cena:
Good tí see you again man.

Christian: Man? What was it you used tí call me John?. . . Creepy little something right?

Cena grins, looking a little embarrassed.

John Cena:
Yeah I think it went somethiní like that.

Christian smiles.

Fíget about it, itís good tí have yíhere. We could do with someone else tí lighten the mood with guys like Punk aní Jericho walkiní around.

John Cena: Yeah I heard youíve got a match with Punk tínight aní the world title match at No Mercy cominí up. Aní hey, if it all goes well, we might be seeiní a lot more of each other.

Christian: Yeah so I hear. I know I was just sayiní how serious it can be over here, but since you brought it up I should probably tell yíthat even though Punk aní Jericho donít want you here for whatever reason, if I do walk out of No Mercy as the new World Heavyweight Champion as I plan to, and it comes down to you aní I at Survivor Series or Night of Champions, Iím not gonna hold back. You might just wish you had stayed on Raw.

John Cena: Donít worry Ďbout it. In your shoes, Iíd be the same. Good luck tínight though broí, I mean it. Iíll be watchiní.

Christian: Thanks. I guess Iíll see yíround.

John Cena: Yísure will.

Christian smiles briefly and walks past Cena with Tomko following him, leaving Cena to carry on his journey up the hall.

*Video Promo*

The all smiling duo of M.V.P. & Ron Killings are shown walking through the back, headed to the ring it would seem for when we come back after the break.

*Commercial Break*

ďIím cominí. No one can stop me, no one can hold me. . .Ē

M.V.P. & Ron Killings walk out to the stage to a big pop, and theyíre looking very relaxed, both in their ring gear. They slap hands with the fans all the way down the ramp, and as they climb up the steps, M.V.P. picks a microphone up off the apron before entering the ring. They walk in to the centre, still smiling as the music stops.

Yíknow, after heariní our British buddies runniní their mouths week after week, it appears theyíve been holdiní back on us. It appears that they do in fact have some skeletons in their closet, well one of Ďem does. Itís not like itís somethiní real bad theyíve done or anythiní like that, but I think youíre gonna like it like we did.

M.V.P. turns & smiles at Killings, and he is looking fairly amused.

See what it is guys aní girls, well itís kind oí funny. . . Thanks to our reliable sources, we heard that the inspirational Mister Stu Sanders has been hidiní somethiní this whole time, aní what that is ainít what youíd expect. What heís been keepiní from all of us is that his name, well it ainít Stu Sanders. It seems that he was kind of embarrassed by his actual name, aní in this business I canít blame Ďim. What he donít want you tí know is. . .

ďOn a MissionĒ

Looking pissed off and to heat from the crowd, Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett), Drew McIntyre & Katie Lee (Katie Lea Burchill) walk out to the stage with Katie carrying a Union Jack. Sanders has a microphone in his hand and stares down at their smirking rivals with McIntyre & Katie stood at either side of him.

Stu Sanders:
Well good fí you. You should be very proud of yourselves. Youíve done some digging and youíve come up trumps. Very well done, I applaud your efforts. However I think we can agree that whatever it is you believe youíve found out about me, it doesnít come anywhere near to what the both of you have done in the past.

M.V.P.: Youíre right. Youíre absolutely right. No, seriously you are. The only diffírence is, all these people know our secrets. We ainít ever lied about what weíve done in the past, but you, youíve kept this from us all, which makes me think youíre embarrassed Stu, or should I say, Wade. . . Thatís right I called him Wade. Thatís Ďcause he was so embarrassed about his actual name, Wade Barrett, that he went out aní changed it so he didnít get bullied or picked on at. . .

Stu Sanders: . . . Hold it right there because thatís not true. Iíve never been embarrassed by name at any time in my life, not once, so you can get that out of your head right now.

M.V.P.: Really? That ainít happeniní, aní the way we see it, you changed your name fí a reason. Maybe yícan let us in on just why yídid that if you ainít embarrassed like you claim Wade..

Stu Sanders: Well actually itís very simple, just like the two of you and the typical American wrestling fan. Anyway, thatís not the point. The point Iím trying to make is that there are thousands of people on this planet who use a diffírent name or something we intelligent people like to call an alias. I donít expect you to understand Porter, but let me tell yíthis. . .

M.V.P.: . . . HEY! You donít fool me, Ron or anyone in this building. In fact Iíve just thought of an idea tí put that theory tí the test. . . See if youíre telliní the truth and you ainít embarrassed, you wonít have any problem steppiní in this ring with me tínight, aní if you lose, you go back tĎ usiní your actual name. Howís that sound huh?

Sanders smirks, but McIntyre & Katie arenít amused.

Stu Sanders:
Well Iím afraid to tell you this but your whole plan has backfired. Thereís nothing I would love more than to join you in that ring tínight and beat you to a bloody pulp like both Drew and myself will in just over a weekís time at No Mercy.

McIntyre turns to his partner and asks for the microphone, confusing Sanders, but he hands the stick over.

Drew McIntyre:
Look pal, I know this is your problem aní all, but I want ya tí let me take care oí this for ya.

The Scot turns and looks down at M.V.P. & Killings.

Drew McIntyre:
See fellas, Iím just as sick as he is of you two cominí out here week after week without a care in the world like nothinís ever happened. Well Iím gonna tell yíwhat is gonna happen tínight, if he lets me that is. Then M-V-P, Iím gonna come down tí that ring aní wipe that smug look right of yíface.

M.V.P.: Yíknow what? I donít care which of yíwanna comes down here. It donít matter tí me Ďcause Iím happy whoopiní both yíasses.


Sanders turns back to McIntyre and has a short chat with him before taking back the microphone.

Stu Sanders:
Drew, if you want to accept his challenge on my behalf, then thatís fine by me.

The serious Englishman turns his attention back to his & Drewís rivals in the ring, both looking very relaxed.

Stu Sanders:
Well Porter, youíve got your wish. And as much as youíd like tí think Iíd be embarrassed by actual name if you do win tínight, it doesnít make a blind bit of diffírence, because I have evíry faith in Drew here walking down to that ring and defeating you just as we will tígether in just over a week at No Mercy.

M.V.P.: Great. Now bring yíasses down here aní letís get this party started.

Sanders kneels down and puts the microphone on the floor, then the focused Brits make their way down the ramp, staring at M.V.P. & Killings, and they too are looking very serious now.

*Match #2*
Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P.) w/Ron Killings vs. Drew McIntyre w/Stu Sanders & Katie Lee

Sanders had to contend with the fans in the first few rows at ringside behind him shouting ďWadeĒ at him, getting some encouragement from Killings too. Despite claiming not to be embarrassed beforehand, he didnít like it one bit and turned round to give them a piece of his mind. His partner & MVP were both fired up for this one, and it was MVP that was gaining the ascendency. Both men had their partners cheering them on, and a timely distraction from Sanders allowed McIntyre to turn the match round in his favour, kicking Porter in the gut as he turned round before lifting him up off his feet in to a firemanís carry and then dropping him in to a gutbuster.

The very determined Scot didnít look impressed at seeing MVP get his shoulder up, and even more so when he later ducked a big boot. MVP unloaded with right hands, knocking McIntyre off balance in the middle of the ring. The Franchise Player turned back and ran the ropes, but the Scot came to life in a flash and planted him with the Ego Trip, a swinging side slam in to a sitout facebuster. MVP looked well & truly out of it, but after the impact took him closer to the ropes, it allowed him to get his boot on the rope at the count of two. McIntyre, Sanders & Katie Lee were all gobsmacked, and McIntyre was fuming.

He stared down at his groggy opponent as he slowly came round, and then stood up and watched him struggle to make his way back up. The Scot somehow kept his cool until MVP made it back up to his feet, and he went right after him, setting him up for the Future Shock DDT right by the ropes. It was a big mistake as MVP reached on to the top rope when Drew fell to the mat to a big pop. Sanders was looking concerned as MVP then grabbed the Scotís legs, lifted them up and went for a jacknife cover, but McIntyre kicked out at two. Both men made their way back up as quickly as they could, and MVP caught him with a snap overhead belly to belly suplex.

MVP got his breath back as McIntyre was squirming around on the mat, and as the Scot tried to sit up, the focused MVP charged at him and nailed him with the Drive by Kick to a huge pop. Sanders was panicking big time and was helpless as MVP wasted no time in shimmying round to make the cover to pick up the victory, leaving Sanders, or now Barrett, gobsmacked. He didnít know how to react as Killings joined MVP in the ring, and boy did they enjoy it.

They were taunting Wade and so were the crowd with ďIím CominíĒ playing. The Americans then left the ring and slapped hands with the fans as they made their way up the ramp. McIntyre sat up not looking at all happy, and he was joined in the ring by Barrett & Katie. He apologised to his partner, and Barrett appeared fine with it. He was too focused on MVP & Killings laughing at him at the top of the ramp, and Killings kneeled down to pick up the microphone Barrett left there before the match.

Winner: M.V.P. by pinfall.

Ron Killings: HEY STU! Or should I say Wade. . . WHATíS UP?!


Killings hands the microphone over to M.V.P.

Weíll see yínext week, Wade.

ďIím CominíĒ plays again with the fans cheering and Killings & M.V.P. laughing away at the top of the ramp, pissing off all three members of The Empire back in the ring.

Michael Cole: Well M-V-P has picked up a big victíry heading in to No Mercy next weekend, but someone else on his way to No Mercy is Shelton Benjamin, and heíll be looking for his first victíry against Matt Sydal when they meet for the United States Championship. Thereís a lot of people who believe he canít beat Matt Sydal, and weíve all see how thatís affected the former United States Champion over the last few months. I myself have found out that first hand, so earlier tíday, Matt Striker sat down with The Gold Standard to talk about his ladder match with the King of the Ring. Letís take a look.

*Video Promo*

Shelton Benjamin is sat down with Matt Striker in a makeshift studio. Benjamin is looking very serious, dressed in his casual gear sat a few feet apart from Striker, whoís sat there with some pieces of paper on his lap.

Matt Striker:
Shelton, Iíd like to thank you for taking the time out to talk with me. . . I think itís safe to say that youíve had a very difficult few months, and regardless of a number of people openly stating that they donít believe you can beat Matt Sydal. How are you feeling going in to your SummerSlam rematch next weekend?

Shelton Benjamin: For the first time in months, Iím feeling good again. Iím feeling better than I have in a long time. Itís taken a long time fí me tí realise that Iíve let evírything thatís gone on get way out of hand. I let it all get it on top of me, and it sent me over the edge. It got to the point where I was obsessed with not just beating Matt Sydal but hurting him. I thought Iíd done that a few weeks ago, then I found out that heíd played me. From that moment I knew that the only way Iím going tí beat Sydal is by beating him in the ring. Iím not gonna beat him by putting him out on the shelf or tryiní tí get inside his head. Iíve gotta do what Iíve done from the first time I stepped foot inside a wrestling ring, and thatís by being the best that I can be. I know better than anyone like all the critics that at times Iíve let myself down, but Iím gonna make sure at No Mercy that all that is behind me. Iíve got this one last chance tí do what so many people say I canít, and next weekend when I step inside that ring with him again, Iím not gonna worry about that and what people are saying about me. The only thing Iím gonna be thinking about is getting back the United States title. Iíve had the wake up call I needed. Iíve got this one chance, the one chance Iím going tí take. I have tí take it and I will, because I have to.

Matt Striker: You said it yourself that this all got out of control and became an obsession, but can you really fíget about evírything thatís happened and been said when you compete for the title he took away from you last month?

Shelton Benjamin: I have to. I had tí get my focus back and I have. Last week I got in the ring with the best this business will ever see in Shawn Michaels, and I was more than a match for Ďim. If the doubters canít see that, I donít care. I know that Iím more focused now than I have been my entire career because I have tí be. My career depends on it. For the first time in my career, I have tí step it up to a whole other level. That started last week, and with no disrespect tí Sydal, heís not in the same league as Shawn Michaels and never will be. He canít compete at the same level I did last week, and at No Mercy, weíre not gonna be in his comfort zone, weíre gonna be in mine. Heís never been in a ladder match, and when it comes tí ladder matches, thereís no one better than me, no one.

Matt Striker: Well itís clear tí see that youíve got your confidence back and youíre in the right mindset, and I have to ask you here and now whether in just over a weekís time you think youíll have defeated Matt Sydal and youíll once again be the United States Champion?

Shelton Benjamin: Youíll find out the same time I do.

Matt Striker: I guess so. . . Well Shelton, thanks again for your time and good luck next weekend.

Benjamin nods his head slightly at Striker and the camera fades out.

*Commercial Break*

Looking as slimy as ever with a goofy smile on his face and dressed casually, Dolph Ziggler is walking through the hallway with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand. He stops at a door and composes himself before opening it and walking in. He walks in to the room where Layla turns round in shock, looking very angry indeed.


Dolph Ziggler: Take a chill pill baby, you know you donít mean that. Besides, Iím not here to cause trouble. I came here to give you these beautiful flowers since that loser boyfriend of yours threw the ones I got you last week right in my face.

Layla: Oh how sweet. May I?

Dolph Ziggler: Of course.

Layla holds out her hands with a big smile on her face and he passes them to her, and she flips. She hits him in the chest & face with the flowers, surprising the hell out of Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler:


The door opens and Elijah Burke walks in with Matt Sydal & Mickie James, and theyíre all stunned, but Burkeís livid.

Elijah Burke:

Layla lets up and the rattled Dolph turns round to see Burke walking right at him. Burke grabs him by the shirt with both hands.

Elijah Burke:

Dolph Ziggler: Yeah? Sure about that are ya? How come she held you back last week huh? How about you ask yíself that?

Elijah Burke: Aíight, how Ďbout we ask her now?

Burke looks over his shoulder at Layla, and she doesnít seem too bothered about holding Burke back now.

Elijah Burke:
Babe, how you feel Ďbout me throwiní his ass through that door?

Layla: Iíd love it.

Ziggler panics with Burke smirking right in his face.

Elijah Burke:
Yíhear that did ya? Iím pretty sure she said she couldnít give a shit. Yíknow what that means?

Dolph doesnít have a clue how to react as Burke spins round with Ziggler.

Elijah Burke:
Open the door broí.

Sydal opens the door with Layla & Mickie looking on as Burke shoves him back towards the door and then down to the floor outside.

Elijah Burke:
If yíthink Iím pissed now, just you wait Ďtil I get my hands on yíat No Mercy.

Ziggler sits up fuming.

Dolph Ziggler:

Elijah Burke: Maybe, but youíre in deep trouble. Iím gonna bust you up so bad when I get in that ring with you yíwonít even know who the hell you are, let alone Layla. Yígot that?

Burke turns round and slams the door with Ziggler looking furious as he remains sat on the floor in the hall.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

An unhappy looking Chavo Guerrero walks out to the stage dressed to compete and to a negative reception. He shakes his head at the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp in one foul mood. As he gets in the ring, he walks towards Roberts and the referee, then asks for the microphone. Roberts doesnít think twice and gives it to him. The music stops and Chavo walks in to the centre of the ring with a big frown on his face.

Chavo Guerrero:
What happened last week was nothing but a fluke. Itís true. Heís only a rookie, aní the sooner he understands that the better. Tínight he spat his dummy out. He refuses tí talk tí me after I set him straight last week. I did what I did for his own good. It was a lesson he needed, only his already massive ego is out of control. Iím out here tínight to make him see that it was a fluke by not just winning my match but. . .

ďLa Vittoria ť MiaĒ

Santino Marella
(in his ring gear) hits the stage to a decent pop, interrupting & angering Chavo even further. The music stops as we can Santino standing there all happy with a microphone in hand.

Santino Marella:
A fluke you say Chavo? Well-a the way I see this is you are a horrible mentor. I am-a not surprised he is not talking to you after you-a beated him up the way you did last week. I wouldnít want to-a talk to you either. . . You are a bad man Chavo, a very bad man and I-a have also noticed that you are a jealous man that these-a people like your rookie, mister J-Red.

Chavo Guerrero: JEALOUS? OF HIM? I donít think so.

The crowd cheers and Santino places the microphone down on the stage as his music plays once again. He heads down the ramp, smiling at all the fans with a furious Chavo watching his opponentís every move.

Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero
Just as it looked like he was on top after the Three Amigoís and went up to for the Frog Splash, Marella rolled away and Chavo landed horribly on his chest to the joy of the crowd. As both men then made their way back up, Chavo went to kick his opponent in the gut but Santino grabbed his boot. He then spun The Mexican Warrior round before rolling him in to an inside cradle to score another upset victory, setting off a big pop inside the arena. The stunned & elated Santino stood up and got his arm raised with Chavo sitting up in shock.

He wasnít happy as he watched Santino celebrating in front of the cheering crowd. Chavo snapped and stood up, then went after Santino, turning him round and planting him with a brainbuster. The fans booed and Santinoís music stopped. Chavo then went to the corner and started to make his way up to the top rope when his rookie, J-Red raced down the ramp and climbed up on to the apron. Chavo was furious and told his rookie to get lost, but he didnít and a row ensued, resulting in Red shoving Chavo down to the mat to a huge pop.

With Chavo clawing his way back up, inspiration struck for his rookie. Red climbed up to the top rope and watched closely as Chavo stood up, Red stepped off the top and hit the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO to a big pop for the second week in a row. The rookie sat up and enjoyed the sight of his mentor struggling in a big way, squirming around on the mat as the dazed Santino sat up. Red stood up and helped Santino up to his feet and raised his hand with Santinoís music playing again, met by another pop as they both took satisfaction in Chavo getting his just desserts.

*Cut to the Arena*


Chavo Guerrero and his rookie, J-Red (in his ring gear) walk out to the stage with either of them looking particularly happy. There are some cheers & boos for them, and they glance at each other with disgust as they make their way down the ramp and in to the ring. Chavo picks a microphone up off the apron as he enters the ring with J-Red following hesitantly, not hiding his anger towards his mentor. Chavoís music stops and allows him to speak, and he turns to the side to take another quick irritated look at his rookie.

Chavo Guerrero:
For the last month, my life has been made incredibly difficult, all because of one man, or should I say kid. Not just an ordinary kid but an arrogant selfish kid whoís shown me no respect whatsoever.

Red sn-iggers as he listens in the corner to his mentorís opinion.

Chavo Guerrero:
Even last week when he had no right getting involved, it didnít stop him coming down here and embarrassing me again. Well whether he likes it or not, heís going to respect me, and tínight heís going to learn some respect the old fashioned way, the way I had to when I started out. So what I did was go out and find an opponent whoís going to beat some respect in to him, and then weíll see just how good he is.

Chavo turns round and smirks at Red, who shrugs his shoulders at him, looking ready for action.


A ton of boos greet Shelton Benjamin as he walks out to the stage looking very focused indeed, causing Chavo to smirk again with Red trying to ignore his mentor, who leaves the ring as Benjamin walks down the ramp with his eyes locked on the ring.

*Match #3*
J-Red w/Chavo Guerrero vs. Shelton Benjamin

Both these guys meant business, and Benjamin was more calm & composed than normal. He had to contend with someone in J-Red who was even quicker than him, and Red was more than a match for him. With the fans willing the rookie on, something that didnít do down well with Chavo, J-Red went all out to gain the biggest upset to date in his short WWE career. After ducking a springboard clothesline, he nailed Benjamin with a roundhouse kick and then a standing shooting star press.

The Gold Standard got his shoulder up at two, quickly changing the mood of the now relieved Chavo. Red shook off the disappointment right away, and headed to the top rope, looking like he was getting ready for the Red Alert, a swinging reverse STO from the top rope. Benjamin struggled back up to his feet, still in a daze, but as Red came flying through the air, Shelton pulled away at the last second and the rookie crash landed on the canvas. Benjamin wasted no time in pulling him up to his knees, whipping him in to the ropes and planting him with a Samoan Drop.

Redís back hit the mat hard and Benjamin wasnít done there. He quickly picked himself back up and brought his opponent up with him, placing him between his legs. He then lifted Red up above his head and shifted direction, heading in to the corner and tossing Redís back in to the pads with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Chavo winced and then laughed on the outside as he saw his rookie rolling around in agony, and the calm Benjamin dragged him away from the ropes to make a cover, but Red managed somehow to lift his shoulder up before the ref could count to three.

Chavo was stunned, as was The Gold Standard somewhat as he sat up. He slowly picked himself back up and once again brought Red with him. He fired him in to the opposite corner and went for the Stinger Splash, but Red stepped out of the corner and then slipped behind Shelton to roll him up. Benjamin kicked out at two and both men made it back up as quick as they could. Benjamin was left rattled by a stiff kick to the gut, dropping to one knee as Red ran the ropes. He came back charging at Shelton, but The Gold Standard exploded up to both feet and nailed him with a super kick.

Red was in dreamland as he lifted his head up, not having a clue where he was, much to the amusement of Chavo in his corner. The fans were worried for the rookie too, and Benjamin backed up in to the corner, coolly stalking his prey. As Red managed to pick himself up, Benjamin raced out of the corner and connected with the Paydirt. Chavo was smirking away again and took great pleasure in winding up the fans as Benjamin made the cover and picked up the hard fought victory despite a courageous effort from the rookie.

ďAinít No Stoppiní MeĒ played to a large amount of boos as Shelton stood up and got his arm raised, not showing much emotion at all. The same couldnít be said for Chavo as he carried on laughing, and Red caught a look of it as he sat up staring daggers at his smug mentor. Shelton left the ring and stopped at the top of the ramp to turn round and raise both his arms to more boos before heading to the back.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

A serious Shelton Benjamin is walking through the back and something or someone catches his attention. He slowly walks further where he sees Matt Sydal & Mickie James talking, and Mickie looks over Mattís shoulder, then nods at her boyfriend to signal thereís someone behind him. The United States Champion turns round and sees his rival staring right at him, sweating after his match before the break. They stare at each other for a good few seconds.

Matt Sydal:
Good job tínight Shelton.

Shelton Benjamin: Iím glad you noticed, because last week against Michaels and tínight, theyíre just the first steps to me taking back the United States title at No Mercy, and I will. . . Right now, youíre the one who canít beat me.

Benjamin gives him the eyes for a second then walks on up the hall, leaving Sydal & Mickie not sure what to think about the changed Benjaminís words.

*Cut to the Arena*

ďCheck one two, OH YEAH!. . .Ē

ĎThe All-American Americaní Jack Swagger makes his way out to the stage, met by a chorus of boos. They donít bother him one bit, and the casually dressed youngster heads down the ramp beaming & laughing off the fanís taunts.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin

Upon joining Cole & Striker for commentary, the bitter Swagger said that Michaels embarrassed him last week and that losing to Santino is something heíd never forget for as long as he lived but promised to make up for it at No Mercy. He also pointed out his belief that heís got inside Michaelsí head, and thatís why he will defeat him when they meet at No Mercy in two weeks.

Benjamin was fuming, but to his credit he stood up and focused on finishing the job. He dragged Michaels away from the ropes and backed up in to the corner, then urged him to get up for the Paydirt. The crowd tried to encourage Michaels as he stood up, not looking in the best of shape. Benjamin was almost foaming at the mouth, and the moment Shawn got to his feet, he ran at him, but Michaels stepped forward and Shelton hit the mat to a big pop. Shawn then helped him up to his knees before slamming him right back down and heading to the dizzy heights of the top rope.

With the crowd cheering, he levelled Benjamin with a diving elbow drop and then retreated to the corner where he tuned up the band for some sweet chin music. The fans were on the feet as well as clapping and stomping their feet in tandem with The Heartbreak Kidís boot. As Shelton then sat up, Swagger saw red and threw off his headset before sliding in to the ring. He went right after Michaels, who saw him coming up and tried to take Swaggerís head off instead.

The All-American ducked his head though and stomped Michaels in the gut as he turned round, resulting in an instant disqualification for Shelton. With Michaels slumped forward, Swagger then planted him with his trademark spin-out powerbomb to a ton of heat from the sell out crowd. He stared down with no remorse whatsoever as Michaels lay out cold in front of him. A confused Shelton sat up and looked over, not too happy as Swagger then threw his arms up in the air with his music playing again as this weekís Smackdown came to a close.

*Cut to the Arena*

Swagger is in the ring with a microphone, grinning big time at the jeering fans as his music stops. He carries on looking in to the crowd with the goofy smile for a few seconds.

Jack Swagger:
By now Iím sure youíre all aware of just how much talent I possess. Ever since my very first match, Iíve been nothing short of perfection in this ring. However last week I showed you that Iím more than just a great wrestler. I showed you that Iím intelligent. More importantly, I showed Shawn Michaels that I was intelligent.


Jack Swagger: I didnít attack Shawn Michaels from behind. I didnít jump Shawn Michaels, I caught him by surprise and he didnít react as quickly as he needed to. Thatís what I counted on. It wasnít the act of a coward. It was the act of an intelligent, resourceful, brave. . .

More boos meets Swagger, and he doesnít appreciate them one bit.

Jack Swagger:
You heard me right people. I said it was brave. I took a chance and it paid off, and I intend to do the exact same thing when I meet Shawn at No Mercy.

A mix of boos & cheers meet that announcement.

Jack Swagger:
You people will see Shawn embarrassed yet again just like he was last week. However Shawn, I have to say that I was impressed with how you tried to brush that under the carpet with your trip to Raw Monday night. . . Yísee, where Shawn would like you to think he was playing the hero by giving The Miz a moral lecture, all he was actually doing was diverting what I did to him last week from your memory. That Shawn was smart, but you donít fool me. I know that after what happened in this ring last Friday night, youíre worried. Youíre worried about what might happen at No Mercy, and youíre right to be worried Shawn because I will prove to you yet again that I am not a coward. I will show you that Iím smarter than you, that Iím more talented than you and Iím going to be better than you ever have been.

*Major Heat*

Jack Swagger: Iím warning you Shawn. Youíve not even seen the best of me yet, and thatís despite the fact I beat Bobby Lashley, Bobby Lashley in a best of five series. How many rookies do you think are capable of that? Iíll tell you how many Shawn. . . just one. . . me.

*More Boos*

Jack Swagger: May I remind you Iím an All-American American, a true athlete and the breakout superstar of the decade. The worrying thing for evíryone in the W-W-E is that youíve not seen the best of Jack Swagger yet. Youíve not seen what Iím capable of doing in this ring, and Shawn, thatís why Iím going to beat you in nine days, especially if you allow yourself to get distracted like you did on Raw. . . I donít have to do this Shawn, but if your attention is on anything over than Jack Swagger, you should fíget about turning up at No Mercy if you donít want me to embarrass you again. Thatís exactly what will happen, and thatís a promise.

Swagger soaks up the boos, and there are a lot of them.

Jack Swagger:
I understand you donít want to hear this but itís the truth. If the truth hurts, thatís tough. Iím just pointing out the facts. I promise I will beat Shawn Michaels and prove once and for all that Iím not a coward. . . In fact, Iíd like to put an end to that myth tínight. . . So Shawn, if you think Iím a coward, do you think Iíd do this? Iím calling you out right now.

Swagger looks up at the stage looking very determined, waiting for Michaelsí response.

ďI think Iím cute. I know Iím sexy. . .Ē

ĎThe Heartbreak Kidí Shawn Michaels
hits the stage to a huge pop, but Swaggerís not giving him a warm welcome at all. He stares at Michaels as his rival walks down the ramp and looks back at him while slapping the hands of the fans in the front row. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring, then walks past Swagger to get a microphone from Justin Roberts. Swagger turns round and watches Michaels walk back towards him. The music cuts and they take a long look at each other with Swagger fairly relaxed, as is Michaels.

Shawn Michaels:
Jack my boy, I appreciate the concern but honestly, thereís no need tí worry. Right now thereís only one person whoís got my attention, and youíll be glad tí know that person is you.

*Big Pop*

Jack Swagger: Iím glad tí hear it. You. . .

Shawn Michaels: . . . Whoa Jack, thatís not all Iíve got tí say, and for your sake Iíd give your mouth a rest before something happens to those nice white teeth of yours.


Shawn Michaels: Iíve told you before kid, talkís cheap. Granted youíve made a big impact in a short of space, but that could all come crashiní down before you know it. And by going after The Heartbreak Kid, youíve set yourself up for a fall. . . You might have all the talent in the world, but come No Mercy youíll be going toe tí toe with The Showstopper. Iíve been around the block many times before and eaten snot posed punks like you fí breakfast, and since you saw Raw Monday night, Iím still dishiní out sweet chin music tí those who could do with a cold hard dose of reality.

*More Cheers*

Shawn Michaels: Believe you me Jack, in no way have I tried to sweep what happened last week under the carpet. Itís been on my mind ever since. Whether you believe it or not, youíll find out that for yourself next Sunday. What I will say kid is, it was smart. Yeah it was smart that you waited fí your chance tí jump me again, but Jack, it wasnít smart for another reason, because at the same time you pissed me off.

*Big Pop*

Shawn Michaels: You pissed me off and you got my full attention, and Jack thatís not good news. Youíve lit a fire inside The Heartbreak Kid, and I might not be an All-American American jackass, but if you ask anyone in that locker room, thatís one thing history says you donít wanna do.

*More Cheers*

Shawn Michaels: Iíve done my homework on yíJack, and I admit, youíve got some talent, no doubt. But Iím telliní yíthis fí your own good kid. . . youíre nowhere near as good as you say you are.

*Big Pop*

Swagger doesnít like that and has a pop at the crowd too.

Shawn Michaels:
Iím not going tí stand here aní tell you what yíwanna hear, but this is for your own good. . .

Jack Swagger: . . . Oh really? What makes you think I should listen to you? Like The Miz pointed out Monday night, you donít exactly have a histíry being honest do you Shawn? What I think youíre trying tí do is dent my confidence because you know that after I left you on your back in this ring, you donít have a hope in hell at No Mercy.

*Major Heat*

Jack Swagger: You know it, I know it, and soon these people will know it.

More boos are aimed at The All-American American and Swagger backs away to the ropes smirking at Michaels. ďOn Your KneesĒ plays as Swagger steps through the ropes with Michaels shaking his head. Swagger walks to the ramp and turns round, shrugging his shoulders at Michaels, who appears to be amused by Swaggerís confidence. The fans start to boo with the camera focused on Swagger, but as it goes back to Michaels in the ring and The Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater slip in the ring behind him. Swaggerís smirking as the Raw superstars jump Michaels, clubbing him to the floor and stomping all over him to a ton of heat with the music stopping. The angry Miz & Slater put the boots to Shawn, and Swagger, smirking slips back inside the ring to get a closer look.

He slaps The Mizís shoulder and tells him to step back, and then drags Michaels up to his feet. He sets him up for the gut-wrench powerbomb and looks in to the stands with a big goofy smile on his face, then lifts him up off the mat and sends him crashing down to the mat to a barrage of boos from the sell out crowd. He, Miz & Slater like what they see, sn-iggering away, and then The Miz instructs his rookie to go get something. Slater leaves the ring and comes back with a steel chair with Michaels squirming around on the mat. The smirking duo of Swagger & Miz queue up to take the chair from Slater, but Swagger gives in and allows Mr. Hollywood to have his turn at inflicting pain on The Heartbreak Kid.

As Shawn tries to claw his way up to his knees, his cousin, Michael Shane races down the ramp trying to come to his rescue. Slater nudges The Miz, and his mentor switches gear to nail the oncoming Shane with a steel chair shot to the skull. Boos are ringing round the arena as all three men look down with sick smiles on their faces at Shane, who is flat out. Michaels is on his knees and is trying to stand back up, but Slater sees him and quickly kicks him in the head, sending Michaels back down to the mat. Thatís where Shane remains, and Swagger has something in mind. He takes the chair from The Miz and places it on Shaneís left leg, then stamps on it, causing Shane to scream out in agony.

Swagger enjoys seeing him in pain but isnít done there. He removes the chair and grabs Shaneís injured leg, then turns him over, applying the Ankle Lock to even more heat, and Shane taps frantically straight away, screaming at the same time to the satisfaction of Miz & Slater. Swagger looks directly at Michaels while torturing his cousin, and Michaels sits up to see whatís going on. He panics and rushes up to his feet as quickly as he can, and Swagger lets the hold go to leave the ring, followed closely by Miz & Slater. They look back and laugh as the very worried Michaels checks on his cousinís condition and immediately calls for help from the back. Swagger kneels down smirking and grabs the microphone he left there earlier.

Jack Swagger:
Shawn, just so you know, I have some news for you. . . I believe you know The Miz. Well in nine nights at No Mercy, heíll be in my corner when I beat you. . . Oh aní Shawn, I hope your cousinís not too badly hurt.

Michaels stares daggers at the giggling Swagger, Miz & Slater as ďOn Your KneesĒ plays again to a ton of heat with a couple of EMTíS running down to the ring with a stretcher. They attend to Shane as Swagger, Miz & Slater heading back up the ramp with Michaels looking very concerned for his cousin.

*Video Promo*

Weíre shown a split of screen of Mickie James with her boyfriend, Matt Sydal and Michelle McCool with her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes heading through the back with the number one contender match for the WWE Divaís Championship coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*
During The Break

The pain ridden Michael Shane is shown being put in to an ambulance on a stretcher with Shawn Michaels jumping in the back of it before it takes off in to the distance.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Non-Title Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James vs. Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter

Sydal showed a few minor signs of ring rust and Tatsu followed on from his impressive debut display last week against Chris Jericho by making Sydal work hard on his first match for almost a month. During the match, Michelle McCool and her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes raced down to the ring and attacked Mickie James, distracting & worrying her boyfriend (Sydal). The trio of divas backed up looking very proud of themselves, and Mickie looked in a bad way, barely moving on the floor. Matt went to check on his girlfriend, then Elijah Burke & Layla rushed down to help her to the back.


Michelle McCool is laughing and joking with her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes as they walk back through the production area.

Michelle McCool:
That was a good job tínight ladies, far better than the last two weeks. I sure hope Mickieís not too badly hurt. . . not!

Alicia & Rosa continue laughing with their mentor, but they suddenly stop, as does McCool. The camera pans to the right and standing there is the not so happy General Manager, Tazz.

I could ask you ladies what youíre lookiní so pleased about but I already know. . . Yíthink that was smart or helpful Michelle tí let your rookies jump Mickie like that. I mean what did they learn from that exactly apart from doiní your dirty work?

McCool doesnít have an answer and shrugs her shoulders at Tazz.

Well Iíll tell yíwhat Michelle, Iíve got a way tí settle this problem oí yours wití Mickie. . . The way I see it, you both want a shot at Beth Phoenix aní the divaís title, aní in two weeks at No Mercy, one oí you is gonna get it. Aní right here next week weíre gonna find out who thatíll be, Ďcause youíre gonna go one on one wití Mickie aní the winner will face Beth at No Mercy.

Michelle McCool: Thatís a great idea. I love it.

Tazz: Yeah I thought yímight. The only thing is, Iím gonna be watchiní tí make sure neither oí these two help you out again next week. Aní if they so much as breathe on Mickie, theyíll get you an instant disqualification aní itíll be Mickie who gets the shot.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
Number One Contender Match
Mickie James w/Matt Sydal vs. Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes

Both divas looked up for this one with a shot at Beth Phoenixís Divaís Championship lying in wait for the winner at No Mercy, Mickie particularly so. The contest was competitive and fairly even when it spilled to the outside around the three minute mark after Mickie sent McCool flying over the top with a hard clothesline. She didnít think twice about staying in the ring and slipped under the bottom rope to go after Michelle. She helped her up and fired her in to the security wall. McCoolís rookies, Alicia & Rosa were concerned for their mentor, and despite their warning from Tazz last week not to get involved, they tried to sway Mickieís attention from Michelle to them.

They did just that by walking towards Michelle and telling Mickie to stay away. Mickie wasnít having any of it and pushed them aside to get back at McCool, but as Michelle was helped up, she fought back at Mickie and drove her head in to the security wall. Mickie fell to the floor with Sydal looking worried on the opposite side, and McCool put the boots to Mickie, oblivious to the refereeís count, who counted to ten. McCool turned round in shock at hearing the bell and looked at the referee for answers, but she quickly went back to work on Mickie.

With the match over, Rosa & Alicia joined in the attack on Mickie, pulling her up and whipping her in to the ringpost. Sydal was pissed and immediately went to check on his girlfriend, and at the same time, Beth Phoenix and her rookie, Nikki Roxx made their way out to the arena to even it up. McCool and her girls didnít want anything to do with her as the Divaís Champion entered the ring with Roxx and called them in. McCool, Mendes & Fox stayed where they were, shaking their heads at Phoenix when an unhappy looking Tazz hit the stage with a microphone in hand.

Result: Double Count Out.

Tazz: Well it kind oí looks like weíve got ourselves a situation here. The whole point oí this match was tí determine whoís gonna face Beth at No Mercy, but we donít have a winner, leaviní me in a bit of a pickle. Luckily Iíve got an idea. . . In just over a week at No Mercy, Beth, youíll be defendiní your divaís title against both Mickie James and Michelle McCool in a triple threat match.

ď13Ē plays as Tazz stares down at the smirking McCool as Mickie sits up on the floor with Sydal alongside her. The defiant Divaís Champion stares right at McCool with Mickie not looking too happy either.

*Cut Backstage*

Dressed to compete, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack, Paul Burchill & Harry Smith are walking with intent through the back along with Smithís rookie, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart. Smith looks particularly determined, and so does TJ to a lesser extent.

TJ Wilson:
I wish I was in there with you guys tínight after last week.

Harry Smith: Donít worry, theyíre going tí pay I promise. Iím going tí enjoy evíry minute of it too.

All four of them keep on walking up the hall.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, coming up after the break, four teams including the tag team champions will compete in tag team turmoil. Donít go anywhere folks. Weíll be back before you know it.

*Commercial Break*

John Cena is shown talking to M.V.P. & Ron Killings in the back. All three men are looking very relaxed.

Yíjust need tí ignore all the haters dog. Itís great tí have yíhere.

?: Isnít it just?

The camera zooms out slightly and the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is standing there with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez. They donít look happy with Cena being there like M.V.P. & Killings do, but even theyíre not too pleased to see Punk. Cena though seems quite happy at the opportunity to see Punk, and the World Champion is in his trunks and a T-shirt with the World Championship draped proudly on his shoulder.

CM Punk:
Well look who it is. Itís the saviour of Smackdown. On behalf of evíryone here John, welcome. There is however one thing Iíd like you to come to terms with right away. . . Whatever it is Tazz offered you tí get you here, donít think for a second that youíre going to steal my limelight, and youíre certainly not going to take this title from me. . .

John Cena: . . . Whoa let me stop yíthere champí. Youíve got me all wrong. Iím not here tí steal anyoneís limelight, but I gotta say I like the look of that title oí yours.

CM Punk: You can like it all you want Cena, but just like Christian and Jericho, youíre not taking it from me either. Iím the World Heavyweight Champion and itís going tí stay that way for a long, long time. You think about that.

Punk means every word and stares right at Cena for a couple of seconds, letting it sink in and then walks away with Del Rio-Ramirez following him, staring at Cena. M.V.P., Killings & Cena watch them leave and Cena just smirks.

John Cena:
I think Iím gonna like it here boys.

The camera zooms in on Cenaís smile.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
Tag Team Turmoil
Non-Title Match
The UK Pack w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart vs. Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield

Each team were well & truly pumped up for this one, meaning business from the first bell. The UK Pack & Harry Smith in particular were extremely fired up for this one, and the first elimination took a while. After some competitive action between Bobby Lashley & Ryan Sheffield, Lashley forced his way in to control, finding himself just moments away from putting the rookie away after a ferocious spinebuster. He was sizing Sheffield up for a spear with the rookie slowly picking himself up when Masters stormed the ring and caught Lashleyís attention.

It was The Masterpiece that found himself on the end of a spear, and as Masters went back after Sheffield, he was swiftly kicked in the groin by the desperate rookie. It earned Masters & Sheffield the first elimination via disqualification, not that Sheffield was happy about it. However while he was arguing with the referee, the opportunistic Petey Williams raced in to the ring and dived on top of Lashley then hooked the leg. The ref pushed past Sheffield and counted the squirming Lashleyís shoulders to three with Petey desperately holding on to his tights.

Haas wasnít happy about it and hit the ring to question the referee and got in to a slanging match with Sheffield, resulting in a brawl between the two of them with Haas coming out on top. He ducked a clothesline from Sheffield and caught him with an Olympic Slam that sent the rookie rolling to the apron and down to the floor with Masters also on the outside following the spear. When the match resumed, the champions quickly went about getting some retribution for the Canadians attack on TJ last week.

Smith was more intense than heís ever been and had Devine on the ropes. Williams knew it after his partner fell victim to a delayed vertical suplex. He hit the ring but quickly got tossed out by Smith, landing in front of TJ & Natalya. Devine tried to claw his way back up with the intense Smith urging him up to his feet. Just as Devine made it up, so did Petey on the outside, and he wasnít happy to see TJ there. Smith scooped Devine up on to his shoulder for the running powerslam, but as he turned round, he saw Petey & TJ shoving each other, and he let go of Devine to walk over to the apron.

Burchill jumped down to the floor and backed TJ up, and with everyone ignoring Devine, the Canadian sneaked up behind Smith and rolled him up, holding on to his tights to pick up a big victory heading in to No Mercy when he & Petey challenge Smith & Burchill for the WWE Tag Team titles. Devine quickly slipped out of the ring with Smith sitting up fuming. Petey made his way over to the foot of the ramp to join his partner, and they revelled in their victory, winding the champions up big time. Smith & TJ were seething, and Burchill wasnít happy either as number one contenders to their titles laughed back at them to heat from the crowd.

Winners: Petey Williams & Johnny Devine by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

Smackdownís newest superstar, John Cena, looking very laid back is making his way through the back, seemingly on his way to the ring!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>9 Days!<

*Cut to the Arena*

Tazz is standing at the top of the stage holding a microphone and is positively glowing, looking immensely proud.

Ladies aní gentleman the time has come. I want you all tí stand up aní welcome the latest addition to the Smackdown locker room. . . He is the one, the only. . . JOHN CE-NA.

ďMy Time is NowĒ

John Cena
flies out to the stage to a deafening reception, mostly cheers. He runs past Tazz to the left of the stage and throws his arms up in the air in front of the pumped crowd, and theyíre just as pumped as he is. He runs over to the other side and does the same before joining Tazz to shake hands with his new boss, who passes the microphone to him and then takes his leave, turning round and walking to the back.

Cena does his trademark salute for the fans and heads down the ramp beaming, looking very happy to be on Smackdown. He runs & slides under the bottom rope and jumps up to poses for the fans again with the atmosphere electric inside the arena. He looks on in amazement, gazing in to the stands as his music stops, letting us hear the true extent of the reception heís getting. Itís nuts! Thereís a few boos but the cheers are huge, and Cena looks genuinely appreciative of them.

John Cena:
Yíknow thereís a lot I could say tínight but the first thing is a huge thank you fí that reception. Seriously that was off the hook, so thanks all of you.


John Cena: I gotta admit I was worried about coming here tínight. I know not evíryone back thereís not exactly happy Iíve made the jump from Raw, aní Iíve gotta clear somethiní up some right now. Iíve heard some of the guys back there arenít that happy about how Iím gonna be goiní tí Survivor Series leading a team tí take on a team led by whoever the World Champion is after No Mercy and that if I lead my team tí victíry, Iíll be goiní tí Night of Champions for a shot at the world title.

*Some Cheers*

John Cena: I know a lot of the guys are sayiní thatís the only reason I chose tí come here but itís not at all I promise ya. I said I wanted a new challenge aní thatís the true story, one hundred percent. I know Iím not gonna make a believer out of evíryone but itís the godís honest truth. The last thing I waníed was tí come here aní cause all this trouble like some would have yíbelieve. Iím telliní ya, thatís the last thing I want. Thatís why I wanted tí come out here aní set the record straight. Iím not here tí steal the spotlight from anyone. Thatís never been what Iím about. All Iíve ever done IS BUST MY ASS DAY ANí NIGHT AND THATíS NOT GONNA CHANGE NOW IíM BACK RIGHT HERE ON SMACKDOWN.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: Iím absolutely pumped tí be here no matter what people might be sayiní. There might be some people who call Smackdown the B show, but let me tell yísomethiní. All the guys on Raw watch Smackdown, and they all know like I do that the competition here is off the scale. Youíve got two of the biggest stars this business will ever see in Shawn Michaels aní The Undertaker. The only two guys still in the W-W-E who were on the first Raw show, but theyíre not on Raw anymore. Theyíre here on Smackdown.

*More Cheers*

John Cena: Then youíve got the up aní comers like the tag team champions, Paul Burchill aní Harry Smith, The UK Pack. These guys have been champs for nearly a year. No team on Rawís come anywhere close tí that. And then youíve got the United States Champion, aní if thatís not enough, heís the King of the Ring too. . . Matt Sydal.


John Cena: Man is that kid somethiní right?. . . Then thereís the best in the world at what he does. . . Chris Jericho.


John Cena: Iíve got a little fact about Jericho Iím sure youíre not aware of. . . Did you know that Chris Jericho once beat Stonecold Steve Austin aní The Rock in the same night?


John Cena: He did, seriously itís true. . . And last but not least, that brings me to the World Heavyweight Champion aní one of my worst critics, C-M Punk.

*Major Heat*

John Cena: Now I ainít got a problem with Punk but heís already come aní told me exactly what he thinks about me beiní here. Well Punk youíre just gonna have tí get used to it, ĎCAUSE JOHN CENA IS HERE Tí STAY.


John Cena: I said before I ainít here tí steal the spotlight aní thatís the truth, but if I get a shot at the world champion whoever that may be, you better believe Iím gonna take it.

*More Cheers*

John Cena: I didnít come here fí the chances Tazz gave me, but now Iím here Iím gonna do evírything I can tí find a team fí Survivor Series, lead them tí victory aní go on tí Night of Champions tí become THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: This hasnít exactly been the best year of my career with injuries aní time out, but thereís still time fí me tí make two thousand aní eight a year tí remember, finishing it on a high in the best way possible by walking in to Night of Champions fightiní for the world title and walking out the new World Heavyweight Cham. . .

A ton of boos break out and we see ĎThe Rated-R Superstarí Edge sneak in the ring and stalks Cena, getting ready to explode out of the corner. Cena has no idea and turns round curiously to get speared by the returning Edge.

Michael Cole: Whatís going on? Weíve not seen Edge since SummerSlam. Whatís he doing here, and whyís he just speared John Cena? I donít get it.

Matt Striker: Nor do I Michael but he sure has made a statement tínight.

Boos ring out as the intense Edge stares down on his knees at Cena and runs his hands through his air with Cena rolling around holding his stomach. Edge looks up and smirks in to the crowd as ďMetalingusĒ blasts out. He stands up and continues smirking at the crowd as he steps through the ropes and makes his way up the ramp. Cena sits up in the ring, still clutching his chest but now glaring at Edge, who turns round and just laughs to himself at both Cena and the jeering crowd.

*Video Promo*

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is making his way through the halls with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez alongside him, and the shot switches to Christian & Tyson Tomko doing the same for the upcoming non-title main event between Christian & Punk!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*
During The Break

Edge is shown in the back with Petey Williams & Johnny Devine, all of whom appear to be in a good mood.

Petey Williams:
Itís good youíre back man, and what you just did tí Cena, that was awesome. I mean seriously awes. . .

All three of them are distracted and we see Tazz walk up to them, and Smackdownís General Manager is not at all happy. Edge is revelling in it though, looking very brash indeed.

You gonna tell me that was about huh? What the hell dí yíthink you were doiní?

Edge just smirks at Tazz, whoís desperately waiting for an answer.

You really wanna know what just happened?. . . Letís just say I did what had tí be done. Thatís what just happened. Now since it looks like youíre not here tí thank me, I think weíre gonna take off. You can thank me next week.

Edge taps him on the shoulder and walks off with the grinning Canadian duo, leaving Tazz fuming with the camera zooming on his angry face.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Match
Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. CM Punk w/Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Chris Jericho joined Michael Cole & Matt Striker at the announce table and told them that he wasnít there to scout his rivals in the triple threat match at No Mercy for the World Heavyweight Championship as he claimed it didnít matter who would win this contest because he is better than both of them and everyone else in the world. He was saying that he was making sure the entire world was told that to avoid false hope as far as their hope for Christian to win the world title is concerned.

He watched on as Christian went all out to shock the World Champion, and after being rattled in the early going, The Straight-Edge Superstar came back fighting and showed why he is the top dog on Smackdown. On a night of extremely competitive action, this one stole the show with both men hell bent on earning a huge victory heading in to No Mercy. Captain Charisma was given a helping hand when Punkís rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez was ejected from ringside when they clashed on the outside. Despite protests from both mentor & rookie, the Mexican was reluctantly sent packing by the referee.

However it brought more out of Punk, and he stole a march after catching Christian with a standing dropkick as a counter to a diving cross body. The World Champion was dominant, but the courageous challenger to his throne kept on fighting and fought his way back, countering a springboard tornado DDT by tossing Punk forward and down to the mat. As Punk picked himself back up, Christian struck, running at him and taking him down with a spear, only Punk got his shoulder up at two. Christian kept on going, heading to the top rope for the Frog Splash, but Punk rolled to the side and Christian splashed in to the unforgiving canvas.

They both struggled back up to their feet and it was Christian that struck gold, ducking a roundhouse kick and catching Punk with an inverted facelock backbreaker. The fans were cheering and Punk was in trouble. Christian knew it and went for the cover, only for the resilient Punk to kick out before the ref could count to three. Captain Charisma could taste victory and was getting ready for the Killswitch as the World Champion clawed his way back up. The crowd were on their feet and Christian jumped on Punk the moment he got to his knees and dragged him in to place for his finisher. Punk wasnít done though and countered, shoving the Canadian in to the ropes.

Christian hit them and held on to the top rope, causing some panic for Punk. He ran right at Christian and in to an extended elbow, sending him staggering back in to the centre of the ring. As he then turned round in a spin, Christian ran out at him but in to a roundhouse kick out of nowhere from the World Champion. The Canadian fell to the deck and Punk immediately dropped to his knees and covered him, but it was Punk this time that was left frustrated as Christian got his shoulder up at two. The fans were going mad, and so was Punk, literally. He stood up and dragged the apparent dead weight that was Christian up and lifted him up on to his shoulders for the GTS.

With the fans trying to will Christian to a fightback, he managed just that and stunned Punk by slipping down to safety by Punkís back. The World Champion turned round in a flash, and Christian immediately tried for an irish whip, but Punk reversed it and sent Christian in to a collision with the referee. Christian was stunned & concerned for the ref, but Punk took the opportunity by turning him round and lifting him up on to his shoulders for the GTS. Then out of nowhere, Jericho slid in the ring to the shock of everyone, especially Punk, who dropped Christian and ran right in to a Codebreaker from Jericho.

The fans werenít sure how to react to that, but Jericho just looked down and smirked at the sight of the World Champion flat on his back. He then left the ring and made his way up the ramp as Christian sat up not sure as to what just happened, but he stared up angrily at Jericho who had taken up to watch the final moments from the stage. Punk began to come round as Christian sensed his opportunity, making his way back up and watching Punk struggle on to all fours.

The referee too was shaking off the cobwebs as the crowd got behind Captain Charisma, and as Punk made it back up, he didnít know where he was. Christian took full advantage and grabbed the championís arms, spun him round and planted him with the Killwitch to a massive pop inside the arena. Jericho was smiling like mad at the top of the stage as Christian turned the lifeless Punk on to his back and made the cover with the referee crawling across, slowly counting to three to give Christian a huge victory ahead of his World Championship match in nine days.

Jericho was smirking away as the tired but proudly satisfied Christian sat up on his knees and lifted his right arm up in the air with the crowd going nuts. Tomko joined him in the ring and helped him on to his feet, then raised his arm with the ref still in a bad way. Punk rolled to the apron and Jericho caught Christianís attention. Still smiling, Jericho looked down at him with the curious Christian glaring up at him as the show came to a close.

Winner: Christian by pinfall.


>Quick Results<

Santino Marella
df. Johnny Jeter
df. Drew McIntyre
Shelton Benjamin
df. J-Red
Mickie James
DCO. Michelle McCool
Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
df. The UK Pack, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas and Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield
df. CM Punk

>Superstars Tapings<
Dolph Ziggler
df. Super Crazy
Matt Sydal
df. Brian Kendrick

>Confirmed for No Mercy<

Sunday October 5th 2008 (9 days)
Venue: Wachovia Center
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs. CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship
Ladder Match
Matt Sydal © vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack © vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

WWE Divaís Championship
Beth Phoenix © vs. Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

Flag Match
M.V.P. & Ron Killings vs. The Empire


Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Elijah Burke vs. Dolph Ziggler
(If Ziggler wins, he gets a date with Layla)

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