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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday 26th September 2008
Live from the Bud Walton Arena
Fayetteville, Arkansas

>Cena’s Coming Home!<

There’s been speculation for weeks regarding the future of John Cena, but last weekend at Unforgiven, he announced his decision. It was a decision that will change the shape of Friday Night Smackdown as Cena told the world he’ll be heading back to Smackdown, the show where he made his WWE debut over six years ago. It was a decision that obviously delighted Smackdown’s General Manager, Tazz, but you have to wonder if the reaction of the Smackdown locker room will be the same. There’s already been opposition raised from CM Punk & Chris Jericho, and after learning that Cena will be leading a team of men at Survivor Series against a team led by the World Heavyweight Champion with a potential shot at the title lying in wait at Night of Champions, Punk & Jericho, as well as Christian do now have something to worry about.

Tazz also has something to worry about. He was told by Eric Bischoff that an important member of the Smackdown locker room will be heading to Raw. We didn’t get any indication as to who that was on Raw this past week. Maybe we’ll get a clue or find out who is heading to Monday nights tomorrow night when Cena marks his return to the blue brand three years after he left. We don’t know what to expect, and with Cena, you know to expect the unexpected. You can’t afford to miss his big return. Tune in and make sure you don’t!

The days are counting down until No Mercy, and as we get closer & closer, the tension is growing each & every week. We saw that first hand last Friday night when the two men who will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship ten days from now made their respective cases for being the next World Champion. Chris Jericho & Christian had differing views on not just who would leave No Mercy with the world title but who deserved to be there in the first place. Jericho was indeed the man who set the time to beat in the Beat the Clock Challenge two weeks ago. However the chance to better it was taken away from Christian due to Jericho’s interference in his match with Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez.

The Straight-Edge Superstar then interrupted his title rivals and made a case for Del Rio-Ramirez, stating that he too was deprived of an opportunity of a title shot thanks to Jericho. He also let the Canadian duo know that the only person who will be leaving No Mercy as the World Heavyweight Champion is him. The arguing didn’t end there, and with Punk so sure of himself, he challenged Christian to a match this week, a challenge that was accepted. Jericho said he would enjoy watching his two rivals go at it, and so will everyone in the Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas this week. It’s going to be an epic main event tomorrow night. Make no mistake about that and make sure you don’t miss it at home!

Jack Swagger sure made his mark on Shawn Michaels last week during The Heartbreak Kid’s match with ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin. In what was a gripping main event, The All-American American brought a halt to the proceedings and gave his No Mercy opponent a disqualification victory and maybe a sneak preview of what’s to come when they meet in ten days live on pay-per-view. It sure did bring a smile to Swagger’s face, but will he be smiling this week? If he saw The Heartbreak Kid’s trip to Raw on Monday night, he may not as Michaels sure did mean business when he went after The Miz. Maybe Swagger should tread carefully tomorrow night!

It’s fair to say that Harry Smith was in one foul mood last week, and understandably so after Petey Williams & Johnny Devine attacked his mentor & long time friend, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart. Smith was hell bent on getting back at them, and when he did find the two men who will be challenging him & Paul Burchill for the their WWE Tag Team titles at No Mercy, he let the Canadians know exactly what he’d do to them if they messed with TJ or Natalya again.

We’ll see Smith get his hands on them this coming week as Tazz has lined up a four team Tag Team Turmoil match that will see The UK Pack not only meet their No Mercy opponents but four other men who have struggled to get along as of late in the shape of Charlie Haas & Bobby Lashley and Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield. Only one team will be left standing. Just which team will that be?

Mickie James & Michelle McCool have been blaming each other for their respective eliminations in the series that saw Beth Phoenix claim the Diva’s Championship back at The Great American Bash. This week we will see them compete for the chance to fight for the opportunity they both cost each other previously as the winner of tomorrow night’s clash will go on to No Mercy and face The Glamazon with the diva’s title at stake.

After jumping Mickie while she was watching her boyfriend, Matt Sydal in action last week, McCool and her rookies were told by Tazz of the match he’s lined up for this week and that if either Alicia Fox or Rosa Mendes played any part in the match, McCool would be disqualified on the spot. It’s safe to say that Mickie will be out for revenge this week, and what better way to get it than keep McCool away from the title she wants so badly one more time. Whether she can do that is another matter. We’ll find out tomorrow night in Fayetteville.

Shelton Benjamin’s certainly had a tough few months, culminating last month at SummerSlam in losing the United States Championship to Matt Sydal in another losing effort to the King of the Ring. Last week we saw Benjamin push Shawn Michaels to the limit, and he may even have defeated The Heartbreak Kid had it not been for Jack Swagger’s interference. Has The Gold Standard turned the corner? He needs to as his rematch for the United States title at No Mercy is just over a week away. Can he carry on from his solid performance last Friday night? He’ll sure hope so.

In ten days, Dolph Ziggler will be looking to earn himself a date with Layla, and last week a gift of flowers he sent to her weren’t appreciated at all by her boyfriend and Ziggler’s No Mercy opponent, Elijah Burke. After Ziggler was successful in his match, Burke stormed down to the ring and confronted him, throwing the flowers back at him. He had to be restrained by Layla, much to the relief & amusement of Ziggler. It looks like Burke is running out of patience and quick with Ziggler. That could mean trouble for someone tomorrow night.

Chavo Guerrero’s had a bad couple of weeks with his rookie, J-Red, and things didn’t get any better last Friday night. A week after being defeated by Red, Chavo tasted defeat again last Friday night against Santino Marella. The Mexican reacted in the same manner he did the week before by attacking his opponent afterwards. What he didn’t bank on though was J-Red coming to the Italian’s aid, laying his mentor out with the Red Alert for the second week in a row. How is Chavo going to react this week?

Another superstar having difficulties dealing with mentoring is the Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter. He watched on as Yoshi Tatsu was in action against Matt Sydal, and despite pushing the United States Champion to the limit, Jeter’s rookie just fell short. Instead of encouraging his rookie, Jeter told Yoshi that his defeats were reflecting badly on him. Will Yoshi step up his game to please his mentor this week?

We’ll see bitter rivals M.V.P. & Ron Killings and The Empire compete in a flag match in just over a week’s time at No Mercy. The Empire were impressive in victory last week but their American rivals were quickly on hand to remind them of their No Mercy clash. Both teams will be on hand this week, and we’ve learned to expect anything can happen with these four men.

It’s not long until No Mercy, and all hell could break loose as we get even closer. Make sure you’re there to see just what goes down in Fayetteville tomorrow night.

>Confirmed for This Week on Smackdown<

Non-Title Match
Christian vs. CM Punk

Number One Contender Match
Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

Non-Title Tag Team Turmoil Match
The UK Pack vs. Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield

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