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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

What's up, guys? I post here and there, but I always read the BTB Discussion thread, also some BTB threads. I don't post much because I usually don't have much to say and if I don't really wanna sound stupid and then be berated by a user or two, even if it's a joke, I still don't wanna waste my time on coming into this section (which I always do, more than once a day whenever I'm on this site) and seeing insults or whatever. That's not my point though, but anyways, I have a question now.

I've been here for a while, always getting inspiration to BTB and then losing it thereafter. I finally found some inspiration to BTB, but I still feel that BTB can be fun half the time and a chore the other time. Maybe BTB-ing isn't for me, but I still like doing it every now and then. I love coming up with storylines for superstars and coming up with the outline for the next show I'm going to write. When I start writing the show, I enjoy writing out the segment or promo because it's like I'm coming up with a script for my fellow actors (superstars) to say and perform.

However, I've hit an obstacle in my thread. Match writing.I don't like it. I don't have fun writing it.

Now I've heard the argument of "you shouldn't write shows for other people, write it for youself" but I'll counter that argument. You're right if you believe this, but you're also wrong. Your sole reason for BTB-ing shouldn't be that reason alone. It's very understandable that when you write or make or do something, you want other people to acknowledge that. You want that small bit of attention. You want to feel important to the section and that your opinion and your work and your voice matter. So when someone posts in your thread, your eyes always light up and you feel a bit excited before clicking on your thread. I'll tell you something, when I was nominated (first time ever, I believe) for an award (regardless of the award) I was very excited and I didn't know that people liked my work and read it, so that was a treat for me.

I got a bit off track there, but it has to do with my Match Writing issue. I don't wanna summarize it with 2 - 5 sentences, as I feel there can be more said about the match, but at the same time I don't want to write more than 20 - 30 sentences. At the same time, why would people consider my work to be really good if I recap and summarize my matches? I enjoy booking, but I don't wanna do it if nobody (at all) reads my work. Of course the concept of you having the decency (if you want to) of leaving feedback for the people who had the decency to leave you feedback comes into play, as nobody should expect feedback (nor should they ask for it, either).

This is a looooong rant and I'm sorry, but I just don't want to be told to stop booking because this is how the system works here. I want to hear an answer that can help me with my problem. I enjoy coming up with storylines and ideas. I like encorporating them into shows. I don't mind doing promos, as I enjoy it, but I do sometimes cut corners, because I'm not at the level of some of the great vets here, nor do I think I'll ever be but that's beside the point, but I just don't like writing matches, as that just sucks the breath out of me and makes me not enjoy BTB-ing, because I've already come up with the storylines I'll be doing for my show and the only way for me to continue coming up with storylines is when I progress is in the storylines I've already made.

Make sense? I hope so because I spoke about a lot of things here. I hope some of you guys can really help me with this. I don't know if he doesn't have much time with this, but I'd also like to hear from Wolf Beast on how we can progress ourselves and how he got to writing the way he writes. Would be very interesting to see someone like him helping out someone like me. But anyways, yeah, I'm done with the ranting, sorry. Just an outreach for help.


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