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Re: JLA Wrestling

No Mercy Recap

Edge vs Brock Lesnar

Well we knew this was gonna be a good match with a big score to settle and Brock Lesar sure settled it. Two of JLA's brightest stars went head to head and gave it all they had. Lesnar was carrying a slight injury in the match following the assualt by both Gangrel and Edge of the Brood. But this didnt slow him down. After a great match Brock Lesnar got the better of Edge and managed to hit a humoungus F5, even the interference by Gangrel didnt stop Lesnar from getting to 3 count.

Winner - Brock Lesnar

Dudley Boys vs New Age Outlaws - Tag Team Table Match - Tag Team Championsip

Whenever these two tag team get together it's always a great match, when you put the Tag Team Titles on the line well it's one hell of a match. But if you add a Table stipulation, well then it's one hell of a slobber knocker. Thats what we got, and what a match it was. Hardcore style wrestling is the Dudleys speciality, but with Bub Buh Ray Dudley being slamed through the first table you wouldnt have thought it. The Dudleys saved face with D'Von superplexing Bad Ass Billy Gunn into a table on the outside mat, nearly taking both superstars out of the ring. D'Von did manage to get up, and did so with a 3D on Road Dogg Jesse James to win the match. The Tag Team Titles where awarded to the Dudley Boys, and by God did they deserve it.

Winners - The Dudley Boys - New Tag Champs

Raven vs Christian - Hardcore Championship

This one didnt last long, but it did end badly. Christian's reign with Hardcore Title didnt last long, as Raven won back his beloved Championship in true Hardcore fashion. A trolley ride off the titan tron could take anyone out, but if you drop a big elbow too, well then you might as well give Raven the title. Well thats what they did and now Raven is back on the defence.

Winner - Raven - New Hardcore Champion

Viscera vs Shawn Michaels

HBK was in this match to prove a point, to prove he can beat anyone. The JLA Title is in his heart and Michaels was here to show that he deserved a Title shot. Viscera is no push over as we saw, he gave HBK a good match but in the end, Shawn Michaels hit the sweet chin music and got the 3 count. HBK has beaten HHH, The Undertaker and now the 500lbs Viscera, if I was General Manager I'd deffinatly give him a Title shot.

Winner - Shawn Michaels

Jyushin Liger vs Akio vs Ultimo Dragon - Number 1 Contendors Match For the CW Title

This match had high risk manouvers flying all over, and some great technical wrestling to boot. Emotions where flying high and the thought of the Cruiserweight Title added even more spice to the pot. Jyushin Liger was the better man on the night and had the match won with a Liger Bomb. Then to the surprise of everyone, Kain'tai entered the ring as the referee was down to help Ultimo Dragon. The hit and run attack won Ultimo Dragon the match, and a Cruiserweight Title Shot.

Winner - Ultimo Dragon

Chris Jericho vs Tazz - Ultimate Submission Match For The IC Title

This match was fought by two of the best technical wrestlers who know how to make there apponent tap. Tazz was the first to tap, to the deadly Wall Of Jericho. Tazz wasnt going to let his X IC Title slip away as he managed to apply the Tazzmission resulting in Y2J tapping. The minuites wore down as both competitors fought to there best. With the last minuite faling the reigning Intercontinental Champion managed to lock the Walls Of Jericho to get the final submission and the final tap of the match.

Winner - Chris Jeicho - Regains The Intercontinental Title

The Undertaker vs Triple H - JLA World Championship

The main event was for the biggest prize in the JLA, the JLA Title. Triple H fought for his life as did the Phnom. Both superstars gave it there all, but that wasnt enough for Triple H. Taker looked to have the match won until Triple H's DX entered the ring, with every member resulting a deadly fate by The Undertaker. Road Dogg was last to enter and was armed with a steel chair, the swing hit his leader Triple H and severed a big boot for his troubles. The referee rose to his feet to make the count 1...2...3. The Undertaker had won the Game Triple H, and had taken out DX in the process.

Winner - The Undertaker - New JLA World Champion
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