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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

The 4 way was not only better than Miz/Morrison but better than any other TV match from 2010 imo. Wrote this about it.

Dolph Ziggler vs Big Show vs Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes - Smackdown 07.01.2011
Woah nelly this was brilliant. Absolutely loved Show's performance in the MITB match and this isn't far behind it. viva said a while ago around the time of the MITB match that Big Show vs the world may be the best formula around atm and it comes up again here and again it's brilliant. It's a shame that they cant make a less established monster like Zeke perhaps look as dominant as Show does in this. Start of the match with Show just literally dominating everyone was really fun, loved Drew not being able to get in the ring and him getting more and more pissed off and being kept on the outside. All 3 heel's selling was spot on too which just added further into making Show look like a genuine monster and not a big guy who's easily beaten. The transition spot that took Show out of the picture was awesome. Show's so dominant that the only way he's losing this is if he makes a mistake which he does and then all 3 heels join together to try and take him out for good. Looked really cool too. What looked even better though was the 2nd spot to keep Show down on the outside where Drew launched Cody off the top rope into him. Came out of nowhere and looked great. The transition between Show going from fun giant beating the bad guys up to pissed off monster with a chip on his shoulder was beautiful. Then you get the random interference segment from Barrett which didn't end up as bad as I thought it would. Barrett vs Taker seems a lock for Mania now that he's seemingly on SD now after being booted out of Nexus. I guess Show is just a filler feud until Taker comes back and deals with Kane before Mania. Saw a lot of people on WF complain about Show kicking out of all 3 finishers after Barrett's attack and normally if any old guy did it I would be too but this is a fucking giant. If anyone should be allowed to kick out of all this it should be this guy. All 3 of them were awesome near falls too and totally believable after the run in. Ending was perfect too with Dolph realising after all Show had took there was no way he'd be able to beat so he suckered Cody into his own finisher which was enough to finish him off because you see Cody is a tiny fragment of the sixe of Big Show so it's going to take much less to keep him down!

Really glad that Ziggler won, presuming that he'll get the shot on PPV but I assumed that with Morrison so who knows. Ziggler and Edge had a great TV match last year so this should be really good at minimum. Ziggler's for me the heel equivalent of Danielson at this point where you can put him in there with virtually anyone and he can have a watchable match with them. Seems as though the Danielson match was a real breakthrough for Ziggler too because he's been pushed really well and more importantly, really consistently since that match. Was obvious as fuck when Ziggler was entered into the match that he'd be winning because the only other viable option was the face and that wasn't likely to happen. Really enjoyed how the previous segment transitioned perfectly into the next one. Vickie abusing her power was great too, in both segments. Even more convinced now that Ziggler will win MITB and a world title from it this year. ***1/2 at least.
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