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Re: Cerbs, time to explain yourself BRO

hey. so i was told about the conversation in this thread earlier and was a little dumbfounded that certain things are still being discussed, so i figured i'd fill in all the gaps, or in some cases, correct them (LOOKING AT YOU CERBS), in order for you guys to get a clear picture or whatever.

in regards to the david thing; i offered plenty of proof to uphold everything that occurred. i was pretty much held at gun point (not literally), when it came to the rant, just to post it. i had the password to the admin cp, so the proof is in the pudding right there that i had some connection (ew) with david. whether you guys chose to condone or condemn his behavior, that's up to you to decide. as far as i'm concerned, it was a shitty situation purely because when you think about it, the guy had access to my traceable IP and lived about forty minutes from my house. doesn't take a genius to work out why a then naive 15 year old would be a little distressed about the matter. and cerbs, it's not as simple as block when the person doing it was admin on the forum you frequent daily, but okay, different strokes for different folks.

as for the cm skittle hacking, i genuinely don't know why i'm being accused of that. apparently someone has gotten the incorrect impression that i hacked the account with enigma. he hacked the account with a mobile thing and i, at the time, was on msn speaking to him, he was linking me to the pictures. i had absolutely zilch to do with the actual access of her account (the mobile thing someone showed me on the forum, i won't say who cos that'll be stirring the point, i was just like 'lol hey look at this' to enigma, i didn't understand how it worked cos to me it looked complicated, thus, i didn't use the technique, he did. it went something like him accessing a bunch of peoples PB accounts, then he then decided to do shannons, it wasn't my "idea", i just didn't stop him - although me laughing at what he was doing was somehow encouraging him? heh). all i did post that was use the laughing face a lot and call her very flat chested (what can i say? had she been walking around my town she would have been tagged and thrown in the dog home if seen on the street). i guess i was wrong for associating myself with that, but it was fairly amusing at the time. but no, i didn't hack it. i appreciate the accusation though, especially when it's been thrown at a time where i can't defend myself. as for the telling cerbs to keep it on the hush? what? i'm not even gonna bother arguing a point that's been pulled out of thin air, some of the bollocks you're coming out with in the thread makes you look like the kinda guy who has velcro on his shoes b/c he's too stupid to try laces. nice try, though. /inb4umad

and the photos/plagiarism. i honestly can't justify any of that, no matter how hard i try. i was fifteen and incredibly stupid, moronic, [insert any other synonyms for the aforementioned words here], and while certain problems propelled me to do such things, it still doesn't cut the cake and i get that. but hey, we all make mistakes, whether you guys chose to let go of them, well that's not up to me. to each their own. i sincerely do apologize, especially to the guys/girls i got pretty close with on here (gee being one of them), i felt absolutely horrible for it. for me now though, posting those things was a long time ago and i've moved on. when you're young you do stupid shit, and apparently i did my very stupid shit on an internet wrestling forum. oops.

anyway, since i've got a few alfred hitchcock movies waiting in my dvd player to be watched this evening and my cat looks like she's about to pounce on my brownie covered in custard (nom nom nom), i'm gonna cut this short. just thought i'd finally clear some things up, fill the null in the ship that was once hannah. finally close this chapter once and for all. take what i saw how you like, i don't mind. perhaps i'll see you all again when TNA becomes the top tier company in mainstream wrestling or when scott hall finally stops drinking (aka, never).

and @ sticksy: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y53...ts/lololol.png

cliffs for those tl;dr's:
- david was creepy
- i didn't hack skittles pb account
- i'm going to go watch psycho, the birds and vertigo

puppies and kittens,
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