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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Interesting words from Bischoff but I like the way he is making sure Raw still strong without Cena. The way of describing it was good, suing examples of former stars that have been repalced. A signing from Smackdown is exciting, I wonder who it will be. The thing about the rookies makes me think that obviously you are going to change someone's mentor ?
OK strange from Bischoff when he was telling HHH he agrees with what he did and offered him a shot ? Seemed a bit out of character...Goodmove by Orton mentioning how the rookies he brought into Evolution were better than him, kind of ties in with the whole Rookie thing going on at the moment and mentioning the punt he gave HHH was a good touch. I don't really like the word Bull, don't think I could imagine Orton saying it. So was Bischoff being sarcastic earlier because he now said he doesn't agree with what HHH did ? Good sugestion from Orton, makes a good main event for later. It was a good open to the show, got the points across that you needed. Suprised there was no Batista...

Probably best if Ryder was not hosting anymore. I could never really see it anyway even though he was funny. The conversation they had was very realistic and well put together. You got another suprsie in there as well, I wonder who the new host it...

Ted is right to complain about having to defend two nights in a row. Some how I can see him losing this match and having another go at Bischoff. Bischoff is doing a good job of throwing his weight around tonight.

Good trash talking by Rhodes on Kofi, adds to the match. Good win for Cody, Im glad it was a dirty win as well because it makes Kofi even angrier after what Rhodes said before the match. Good job from Henning as well.

Cline as host ? I thought it would have been an announcemant. I would not of thought it would be her but I won't judge until I see how she does. Interview with Matt was basic, not much said of any use but at least got Matt involved as im sure he won't have a match tonight. Some good mic work from Daniels. Another short match, bit of a Unforgiven hang over ? ha. I thought you would give Daniels the win so it was a good move. He is the better wrestler.

Really good heel work by The Miz. He got in some good self praise, slaggings for Morrison and Matt and to the fans which was my fav. I do hope he does not win The Inter Title though. I would want him to step into Cena's position now. Good to see Shawn here, I wonder what will happen now, It was a top promo and The Miz looked really stong in it. Shawn did a good job as well and a rivalry would be good.

Good win for Zach afetr the talk he had with Bischoff earlier. You are going to push him ? I would normally think against that but you use his character well so it should be good.

Goldust and Eugene ? It's not that bad because I suppose it was just a way to get them in the ring and have Show get involved but Im sure there would have been someone mroe realistic in the back ? I would be suprsied if they accepted that challange in real life. Good words from Show though. The fued will continue I guess.

The stars involved in this match are big. All have been Champions in real life, the challangers I mean and I just don't see Ted winning this. I would probably prefer if he did though because the others might be too good for it. Ok I was right, not really happy about Sheamus winning it, puts him out of any WWE Title picture for now. It was an exciting match though. Mysterio being pinned might mean he will be the number One Contender unless Ted stays around.

Not the biggest fan of Womens matches anyway but this was ok for one. I don'tknow whyn the lights would ahve went out for this one. Taker ?ha. Interesting to see what happens next with these.

Miz star of the show again. Telling Biscoff to shut his mouth is unreal. I was laughing at the thought of it happening. Im gald he is going to get Shawn back and not let it go. Biscoff choice of words telling him to be acrefull was good as well. I don't like that he is in the Tag Tournament. In the space of a week he will have been involved with Morrison, Shawn, The Inter Title match and Mystero and Mystico. That is a bit much. I hope he concentrates on just Shawn after next week.

As much as Im a fan of Sheamus, Carlito just made a joke of him ha. You did Sheamus dialog perfect by the way and Im one who could tell you that ha. Does this mean he will be N1 contender ? It leaves a lot of questions so that is good.

Main Event was good, bit short for a main event ? But it was never going to be much of a wrestling match more of a fight. I kinda ahd a feling Batista would get involved because he didnt earlier. Batista seemed strong at the end. A triple Threat Match in the amking ?

Overall: It was a good show coming off Unforgiven. The Miz and Shawn part was the best and Ted and Biscoff has potential. The WWE Title picture is getting exciting as well. Also always good to have a new champion on a Raw. Well Done.

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