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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 22nd September 2008
Live from the Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

*Video Recap*
From Unforgiven (Last Night)

“My Time is Now”

An emotional John Cena walks out to the stage to a deafening reception, largely positive, and Cena stops at the top of the ramp. He’s in a sombre mood tonight as he takes some time to look out in to the crowd, and there’s no salute from him as he makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. Now he’s in the ring, he heads straight to the opposite side and asks Lilian Garcia for a microphone. He gets one and strolls back in to the middle of the ring with his music cutting as he looks in to the stands, still looking emotional, not at all comfortable it seems.

John Cena: Y’know I’ve been through a whole lot o’ battles during my time here, an’ f’ the last month I’ve had another one, a diff’rent kind of batttle, a battle with myself and my thoughts. I’ve had t’ make one of the toughest decisions of my entire life. Whatever I say t’night, I know I’m not gonna please ev’ryone, even myself. I’m tellin ya I don’t know whether the decision I’ve made is the right one or not, and even if it is, I don’t know if I’m gonna be happier on Raw or on Smackdown.

He’s clearly finding this difficult and takes a few seconds to compose himself.

John Cena: . . . what I realised is that since there’s a whole lot o’ changes right now, it’s time John Cena made some changes. It’s time I take on a new challenge, and that new challenge for John Cena lies on Smackdown.

*Mixed (Largely Boos)*

John Cena: You have no idea how tough it is f’ me t’ say that in front of you all t’night. The people who’ve supported me since I came t’ the W-W-E, since I came t’ Raw, an’ even the fans that ‘ave booed me ‘til they’re blue in the face. The time’s right for me t start a new chapter in my career. Right now, I just wanna say that I’ve loved my time on Raw more than you could ever believe. No doubt it’s been the best time of my career an’ I’m sure this isn’t the last time you’ll ever see John Cena on Raw.

“My Time is Now” plays to a big pop and Cena once again shakes hands with Tazz, who then raises Cena’s arm in the air. The former WWE Champion now takes a bow in the middle of the ring, drops the microphone and salutes the crowd before leaving the ring with Tazz following him. They both slap hands with the fans as they head back up the ramp, and the thankful Cena waves goodbye to the Raw fans from the top of the stage, then heads for the curtain.


WWE Championship
Batista © vs. Randy Orton w/Darren Young

Batista sees Orton coming at him for the Punt and ducks his head. He stands up and runs in to the ropes as Orton puts the brakes on. The Legend Killer turns round as quickly as he can with Batista coming back off the ropes to take him down with a SPEAR!!!. . . . . BUT NO! ORTON STEPS TO THE SIDE AND BATISTA SPEARS THE REFEREE!!!. . . . . The Animal can’t believe it as he looks the ref in eyes, then realises there’s Orton to deal with.

He races back up to his feet, unaware of Orton behind him on his knees, pounding the mat getting ready to strike. As Batista turns round, Orton leaps up and RKO!!!. . . . . HE HIT IT BUT THE REF’S DOWN!. . . . . Orton jumps on Batista for the cover only to see the ref laid out at the side of him. Orton’s livid! He sits up in anger, clueless of what to do next. He looks over at Young, and he too has no idea. Orton looks back at Batista, and The Animal’s eyes are open.

Orton panics and stands up, then calls for Young to get him something, pointing towards the timekeeper’s table. Young gets it and turns round, walks over to Lilian Garcia and grabs the WWE Championship. He heads back to the ring and slides the title in the ring to Orton, and the crowd boo like mad as Orton bends down and grabs the title. Batista’s clawing his way up on to his knees, and Orton steps back with the title in hand, getting ready to take his head off.

The fans’ worry is obvious as Batista struggles up to his feet, totally oblivious as to what’s waiting for him. The focused Orton runs at him, but Batista ducks his head and lifts Orton up off the mat and plants him with another SPINE BUSTER!!!. . . . . The fans are cheering now as the intense WWE Champion kicks his belt out of the ring, causing great concern for Young on the outside. He watches on as Batista bends down and drags the helpless Orton in to place for the Batista Bomb.

The fans rise to their feet as Batista takes a quick look at Young, and it’s a mistake as Orton ducks down and low blows him to a ton of heat, and the ref’s still down and unable to disqualify him. Orton remains on his knees with a face like thunder, pounding his fists in to the mat again. He’s chomping at the bit, getting ready to explode when the crowd does just that, erupting with a barrage of heat. Orton’s too focused to see what his rookie can. . . . .

TRIPLE H IS PACING DOWN THE RAMP WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!. . . . . Young tries to warn his mentor, shouting at him and pointing, but Orton doesn’t hear him or takes no notice if he can as The King of Kings slips in the ring. Young jumps up on the apron and gets Orton’s attention, pointing behind him to the menacing sight of Triple H with a sledgehammer. Orton turns round and can’t believe his eyes.

He stands up and RUNS RIGHT IN TO A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . . Young steps inside and charge at The Game, but he too is on the receiving end OF A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . . Triple H stares down at the both of them with the weary ref lifting his head up off the mat and calling for the bell, awarding the match to Orton via disqualification.

The crowd boo as The King of Kings turns his head to see Batista making his way up. Triple H turns round and sets his sights firmly on the unsuspecting WWE Champion. Batista stands back up as The Game sizes him up, then NAILS HIM WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . .

The fans continue to boo the hell out of Triple H, but he’s not done. He surveys the wreckage with no remorse whatsoever as “King of Kings” plays. The Game lifts his head and looks around the arena at the fans that are booing him, giving them all one collective dirty look as Unforgiven comes to a close.

*Opening Video*
“Wanna Be Loved”

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone an’ welcome to Monday Night Raw, just twenty four hours removed from Unf’given. We come t’ you live t’night from the Thomas an’ Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining me as ever is my broadcast partner, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, an’ King what a night it was last night at Unf’given.

Jerry Lawler: You can say that again J-R. I couldn’t believe my eyes. . . Thanks t’ Triple H, we didn’t have a clear winner in the main event for the W-W-E Championship between Batista and Randy Orton, and not only that, we found out that John Cena is leaving Raw f’ Smackdown. I can’t believe it J-R. Raw without John Cena. Is that even possible?

Jim Ross: Well as much as I respect John Cena King, I have to agree with what Eric Bischoff said last night. No superstar is bigger than Raw, and that includes John Cena. I’m sure Raw will be fine. You just have to look at Un. . .

“Back In Black”

Here comes Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff, and he’s looking very calm considering, chipper even as he walks out to the stage to a strong pop with a few boos mixed in. Still smiling, he makes his way down to the ring and collects a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking out in to the crowd as his music cuts.

Eric Bischoff:
Y’know it’s hard to believe that Unf’given was less than twenty four hours ago. I’ve had not a single second to myself t’day with people calling me, coming t’ see me and asking me all about John Cena’s decision to leave Raw and return to Smackdown.


Eric Bischoff: Despite what ev’ryone’s said, I stand by what I told Cena last night. As big a star as he is, this show is a whole lot bigger than one man, even John Cena, and it always be.


Eric Bischoff: I’m not saying I’m happy Cena’s gone but the bottom line is he’s decided to go, and back there I have a whole locker room of talent. There’s plenty of superstars that are more than capable of stepping up to fill the void, mark my words. And when I said that John Cena will miss Raw a whole lot more than we’ll miss him, I meant it. No one person is bigger than this show. Raw has been and always will be the W-W-E’s number one show with or without John Cena.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: I can tell you that there’s a lot of excitement back there from a whole host of superstars who are ready to do whatever it takes to be the next John Cena. There were people who thought the W-W-E wouldn’t cope without Hulk Hogan, ‘Stonecold’ Steve Austin and then The Rock, but look what happened. When one star leaves, another one steps up. That’s just the way this business works. To ev’ryone who is questioning Raw right now, let me tell you that this is one of the best things that could happen. Cena said himself last night that he’s embarking on a new chapter, well so is Raw, and if you haven’t already heard, I’ve already signed one of Smackdown’s biggest stars to come to Monday Night Raw.


Eric Bischoff: He’s not just one of Smackdown’s biggest stars, he’s one of the biggest names this business has ever seen. However unlike my Smackdown counterpart, I didn’t have to offer up title shots to help make his decision, and I’ve not guaranteed him top billing as the star of the show. He’s not coming here to take Cena’s place. He’s coming here because this is the ‘A’ show and always will be.


Eric Bischoff: Now there was something that John did say that rang true last night. There have been a lot of changes in the last month or so, specifically the rookies that Tazz and myself have brought up to our respective shows. They’ve had a month or so now to make an impact, and I have to say that some of them have really impressed me. Some on the other hand haven’t or haven’t had the chance because of their mentors. So what I have to say right now is to those of you who have the responsibility of mentoring, they’re here to learn and to be given a chance, not to be used as a personal benefit. If at any point in the not so distant future I feel the need to reassign a rookie or rookies, I will do just that. I might even remove them from the roster, and that will. . .

“Behold the King, the King of Kings. . .”

A chorus of boos breaks out inside the arena as one angry looking Triple H strolls out to the stage along with his trusty sledgehammer, swiftly removing Bischoff from his good mood. Bischoff stares at him angrily as The King of Kings walks down the ramp and joins him in the ring after picking a microphone up off the apron. He walks towards Bischoff, staring back at him as his music stops, and they glare at each other with boos ringing round the Thomas & Mack Center.

Eric Bischoff:
Well look who we have here. If gate crashing the main event last night wasn’t enough, you thought you’d come out here and interrupt me, well thanks Hun’er, you’ve saved me a job. What you did last night was completely. . .

Triple H: . . . Bischoff, I think you’ll find I’m the one who’s doing the talking t’night.


Triple H: However you see it, what I did last night was more than justified. After Randy Orton punted me in the head two weeks ago, he’s been a dead man walking. You could even say he got off lightly last night, and as for Batista, he stuck his nose in my personal business. He got what he deserved.

Eric Bischoff: Is that so? Well now you’ve explained what you did, that’s fine. I understand completely. In fact, you know what? I think I’m going to reward you for your actions. I think you’ve mentioned discreetly for a while now that you might be interested in a shot at the W-W-E Championship? Well how about I give you that shot against Batista you want so much right here t’night?


Triple H: Eric, don’t mess with me. Look at what happened to you a few months ago. Ev’ryone thought it was me that left you f’ dead, but mess with me again Bischoff, I’ve got no problem intr’ducing this sledgehammer to your skull.

Bischoff looks totally disgusted with the intense Triple H.

Triple H:
One way or another if you like it or not, you’ll have no choice but to give me what I want. There’s nothing you can say or do to stop me being the W-W-E Champion, and I promise you that what I did last night will be nothing until I take the title from Batista. I will go through ev’ryone in that locker room if I have to. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Hey Hun’er. If you wanna have any chance at getting a shot at Batista or his title, I suggest you shut your mouth right now.

*Big Pop*

Bischoff & The Game stare right at each other, both showing so much contempt for the other.

Eric Bischoff:
What is it with you? What is it that makes you think that you can do whatever the hell you like around here? You’re not the one who calls the shots. I do. If you want a shot at the title, I’ll be the one who makes that decision, not you. No matter what you think, ruining a main event like last you did last night, you’re only going to make things worse for yourself. And after that stunt you pulled last night. . .

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

A mixed reception meets Randy Orton and his rookie, Darren Young walk out to the stage, both looking extremely pissed off. The Viper has a microphone and glares down at Triple H, who turns his attention to Orton. The music cuts and Bischoff looks on up at the seething Orton.

Randy Orton:
Last night, after six months of trying to get back my W-W-E Championship, the championship I never lost in the first place, yet again I was robbed. I had the match won. I HAD THE TITLE IN THE PALM OF MY HAND. ONE KICK TO THE HEAD AND IT WAS OVER, DONE. . . But that didn’t happen. The only reason I’m not standing here t’night as the W-W-E Champion is because not for the first time, a certain individual by the name of Triple H screwed me over.

*Heat (Some Cheers)*

Randy Orton: When I became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in hist’ry, jealousy got the better of you Hun’er, just like it did when Batista became champion at Vengeance. You can’t handle the fact that the rookies you brought in to Evolution turned out to be better than you. However last night was the final straw. I’ve been screwed so many times this year I’ve lost count, but last night I had it in the bag. Dave was at my mercy. Had it not been f’ you, Batista would’ve got the same punt to the head you did two weeks ago and I would be the W-W-E Champion right now.


Randy Orton: Hun’er you can come out here and talk about how I punted you in the head two weeks ago, but after what you did last night, I’m not just going to punt you in the head again, I’m going to put you out f’ good. I’M GONNA MAKE SURE YOU NEVER GET IN MY WAY OF TAKING BACK THE W-W-E CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN.

Triple H: Talk’s cheap Randy. It was only two weeks ago you kicked me in the head and look what happened. You more than anyone should’ve known I wasn’t going to let you get away with. . .


Triple H: I deserved that title shot as much as you did. I’ve dominated this show for the last ten years.


Triple H: Unlike you, I wasn’t given the chance the first time, then when I did get a chance, Batista screwed me over like. . .


Eric Bischoff: . . . ALRIGHT I’VE HEARD ENOUGH. . . Look, there’s no way you guys are ever going to agree on anything. However in this case, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I agree with you Randy. . . Hun’er, what you did last night was way out of line. I even gave you that match with Randy, and now I wish I hadn’t. The fact is you still lost that night and you had no right being involved in the match last night in any shape or form. You should consider yourself lucky that I’ve had twenty four hours to calm down, because after seeing what you did I was ready to come down on you like you wouldn’t believe. I had so many ideas going through my head about how I should deal with you. . .

Randy Orton: . . . Eric, if you don’t mind, I have a suggestion.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, let’s hear it.

Randy Orton: Well let me make something else clear. I wasn’t the only one who was needlessly attacked last night. My rookie, Darren Young also got took a sledgehammer shot to the skull for no reason whatsoever. I also heard what you said about the rookies being given an opportunity. If you go with my idea, not only will we deal with Hun’er, Darren will get an opportunity at the same time.

Eric Bischoff: Randy, cut to the chase. What’s the idea?

Randy Orton: I’m suggesting that right here t’night, Triple H faces not just Darren Young but me in a handicap match.

*Big Pop*

Bischoff smiles, seeming to be very keen on the idea, and Triple H doesn’t show much emotion. He’s just staring up at the stage.

Eric Bischoff:
Y’know what Randy, you might be on to something there. I like it. T’night in our main event, it’s going t’ be Randy Orton and Darren Young versus Triple H in a handicap match.

*Big Pop*

Triple H: If that’s what you want Randy, fine. Just remember what I did to you both last night and that this was your idea, only last night will be nothing compared to what I do to you t’night.

“Voices” plays as Orton & Young glare down at the defiant Triple H with Bischoff looking on in the background.

*Video Promo*

A very fired up Kofi Kingston, dressed to compete is pacing through the back for his upcoming match.

*Commercial Break*

Eric Bischoff is in his office on his cell phone, and in walks Zack Ryder, catching Bischoff by surprise.

Eric Bischoff:
I’ll call y’back.

Zack Ryder: You wanted t’ see me boss?

Bischoff puts his phone in his jacket pocket.

Eric Bischoff:
That’s right I did.

Zack Ryder: So what’s up?

Eric Bischoff: Well Zack, I thought we could have a little chat about you and your role here on Raw.

Zack Ryder: Sure thing. What you got in mind bro’?

Eric Bischoff: Bro’?. . . Anyway. When I came back, Tazz had made you the host of Raw and I’ve gotta say I wasn’t too sure about it, but I gave it a chance. The way I see it though Zack is that either you’re a host or you’re a wrestler, and last night I watched your match with Rey. You might not have won but you did a good job. You’ve got some talent Zack, and the more talent I have at my disposal the better. So what I wanted to ask you was how you would feel about giving up the host job and focusing firmly on being a Raw superstar. I’ve already got a replacement in mind, but if you wanna stay on as host, that’s fine, only you can’t do both. What d’ y’think Zack?

Ryder takes a few seconds to think about it, then nods his head.

Zack Ryder:
Y’know as much as I love bein’ the host of this huge show an’ how great I am at it, the only thing I’ve wanted t’ be is a W-W-E superstar. So boss, whoever it is you’ve got in mind t’ take my place, let ‘em know that’s fine by me, although they’re gonna have some big shoes t’ fill.

Eric Bischoff: They sure will. . . Anyway, now we’ve got that all cleared up. . . In anticipation of you making that decision, I lined up a match for you later on, so maybe you should go get ready.

Zack Ryder: Will do. Catch y’later bro’.

Ryder smiles and walks out of the room with Bischoff amused by his attitude. Just as Bischoff reaches in to his pocket, an angry Ted DiBiase storms in to the room with Maryse & Ezekiel Jackson. Maryse is holding the Intercontinental title as DiBiase stares at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Problem Ted?

Ted DiBiase: Problem? What makes you say that? Maybe I found out I’ve got to defend my Intercontinental title against three men t’night, and if you don’t remember, I only just defended it last night.

Eric Bischoff: So.

Ted DiBiase: So? That’s all you’ve got t’ say?

Eric Bischoff: As it goes, no, there’s something else I think I should say. Like I told Triple H earlier, this is my show and I make the decisions. You’ve said yourself time an’ time again about how you’re the next big star, and t’night you’ve got the chance to prove it. That is of course unless you’re all mouth. If you’re not happy about defending your title t’night, I’d happily strip you of the title like I’m perfectly entitled t’ do and let the other three guys battle it out for the title. That however is your choice Ted. So what’s it going t’ be champ’?

DiBiase is biting his lip so hard to stop himself flipping out at Bischoff, who’s revelling in getting under his skin. Maryse & Jackson aren’t happy either. Maryse especially so, and she’s staring angrily at Raw’s Head of Authority. The Intercontinental Champion realises he has no choice and storms out of the room with his girlfriend & rookie following. Maryse turns round and gives Bischoff one last dirty look before slamming the door, bringing a big smile to his face. He then gets his phone out of his pocket as the camera fades out.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Out to Kill”

Cody Rhodes, his rookie, Joe Hennig and the Bella twins, Brie & Nicole walk out to the stage, all looking a bit subdued after their defeat to Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms last night.

Lilian Garcia:
This bout is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and twenty three pounds. . . Cody Rhodes.

Cody’s in his ring gear and he leads the way down the ramp, and the boos coming from the crowd don’t improve his mood either. As he gets in the ring, he walks over to Lilian Garcia and asks to borrow her microphone. He gets it and his music cuts. He looks in to the crowd with Hennig & the Bellas standing alongside him, all of whom still aren’t looking too happy.

Cody Rhodes:
I’m not going to stand here and make out I’m not disappointed after our defeat last night, but earlier on I heard Eric Bischoff’s speech about how some rookies aren’t being given a chance by their mentors. Eric I hope that you weren’t directing that accusation at me. I’m sure Joe will tell you himself that I’ve been a great mentor. If anything, I let him down last night. However I know that his time, or our time will come. I’m going to show him how to bounce back t’night by beating an old friend of mine. . . Kofi Kingston.


Cody Rhodes: As disappointed as I am that we were unsuccessful last night, I have to admit that seeing Kofi lose his match brought a smile to my face. He might have been all smiles a few months ago when he took Kelly Kelly away from me, but it’s a nice consolation knowing he doesn’t even have the Intercontinental title to fall back on anymore. So who’s laughing now how Kofi? You won’t be laughing t’night either after I beat you. So let’s not waste any time. Come on down Kofi and let’s go.

Cody’s raring to go and hands the microphone back to Lilian.

“S-O-S, I hear ‘em callin’. . .”

A very serious Kofi Kingston makes his way out to the stage to a big pop, and he stops there to take a long look at his former friend & rival.

Lilian Garcia:
And his opponent from Kingston, Jamaica, weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds. . . KOFI KING-STON!

The fired up Kofi paces down the ramp with no pyro for a change as Hennig and the Bellas leave the ring. Kofi’s focused on Cody and doesn’t look at the fans as he enters the ring, well & truly ready for action.

*The Opening Contest*
Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes w/Joe Hennig & The Bella Twins

Kofi started the match aggressively, in a really foul mood. He caught Cody by surprise, but it was Kofi’s own aggression that halted his momentum when the referee stepped in between him & Cody. Rhodes took advantage with a rake to the eye and a running bulldog. Kofi came back fighting with fury, reversing a whip to the corner and following it up by running at Cody and jumping up to the ropes where he unloaded with a series of right hands. Cody was hanging on and just about kicked out after a Boom Drop.

Kofi was well & truly in control, and with Cody struggling to make it back up, one of the Bellas climbed up on to the apron to distract the referee. It worked, and with the ref’s back turned, Hennig also jumped up. Kofi was furious and ran right at him, but Hennig dropped down to the floor just as Kofi was about to knock him off. Kofi stared down at him to warn him off, completely forgetting about Cody, and Rhodes snuck up behind him and rolled him up. The Bella twin stepped down from the apron and the ref turned round to see Cody covering him.

He charged across the mat to make the count as Cody grabbed a handful of Kofi’s tights and rested both his feet on the ropes for extra leverage to secure a cheap victory. Cody quickly slipped out of the ring to join Hennig and the Bellas as Kofi sat up with a face like thunder. He was livid as he watched the gloating Cody with his entourage celebrating up the ramp, and the Jamaican Sensation lost it. He stood up and kicked the bottom rope, then flung his arm wildly at the top rope, greatly amusing Cody & Co.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

“Live for the Moment”

A big pop greets Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore as the long time friends make their way out to the stage, where Leticia Cline is waiting for them. The Carolina born threesome are all in a good mood and walk towards Leticia, who appears to have taken up Zack Ryder’s role as the host of Raw. Leticia smiles at them and their music cuts.

Leticia Cline:
First off guys, congratulations on the victory last night. How are you feeling now that you’re in the semi finals of the tournament to determine new World Tag Team Champions?

Matt Hardy: Well first of all Leticia, let us congratulate you on being the new host of Monday Night Raw.

Leticia Cline: Thanks.

Matt Hardy: You’re welcome. But to answer your question, we’re feeling great right now. After ev’rything I’ve, we’ve been through with Cody Rhodes, anything could’ve happened, but I’m glad t’ say that we’re now just one match away from a shot at being the new World Tag Team Champions.


Matt Hardy: Ev’ryone one knows that I’ve been a tag champion on a number of occasions with my brother Jeff, but these guys are like my brothers too. It’d mean just as much t’ me an’ to all of us if me an’ Greg can win those titles. We’ve known each other since we were kids an’ we’re gonna pull out all the stops t’ try an’ make that happen.

Helms & Moore are nodding their heads alongside Matt.

Leticia Cline:
Well I have some news for you both about that. As we speak, we don’t know who your opponents will be in the semi finals, but we will next week when the last first round match takes place. However t’night Greg, you know your opponent. You’re about to go one on one with Christopher Daniels, and he too along with his partner Kaval are in with a chance to be the new World Tag team Champions. Ever since they’ve debuted here, they’ve impressed ev’ryone. How are you feeling about your match with Daniels t’night?

Helms & Matt switch places.

Gregory Helms:
Well ‘ticia, I’ve already been in the ring with the both of ‘em, an’ I’ve gotta say they are pretty impressive. Sayin’ that though, they got damn lucky that night. That’s not gonna happen again t’night though I’m tellin’ ya. Right now me an’ Matt are on a role, an’ we’re not gonna let anyone get in our way of becoming the next World Tag Team Champions.

All three guys are smiling on the stage, looking very relaxed & self assured.

Leticia Cline:
Well thanks guys and good luck t’night.

Gregory Helms: You’re welcome.

Matt’s music hits again as they head down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans on their way in to the ring.

Lilian Garcia:
This bout is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, GREGORY HELMS.

They all enter the ring and pose for the crowd, getting a very strong reception indeed. All of a sudden, their music grinds to a halt and is replaced by a dark sounding track with Christopher Daniels & Kaval walking out to the stage, getting some heat from the Vegas crowd. Helms, Hardy & Moore look up at them as they go over and join Leticia with the music stopping.

Leticia Cline:
I’ll get to your match in a moment, but last week you booked your place in the semi finals of the tag team title tournament. You came here with quite a reputation and so far you’ve lived up to it with back to back wins. How confident are you that you can go all the way and become the new World Tag Team Champions?

Christopher Daniels: Naturally. We have confidence and complete faith in each other. We always have. That’s what makes us the team that we are and the reputation that goes with it. It’s why we will go all the way and we will be the new World Tag Team Champions.

Leticia Cline: Well t’night Chris you’ll be competing in singles action against Gregory Helms. Are you just as confident about competing on your own without your partner Kaval?

Christopher Daniels: Well as a matter of fact, we didn’t start off as a team. We were two outstanding athletes who just happened to form this strong unit you’ve seen in the last few weeks. As good as we are as a team, we’re equally as good by ourselves. However you didn’t need me to tell you that as you’re about to find that out for yourselves.

Kaval smiles.

Leticia Cline:
Okay, well thanks for your time and good luck.

Daniels & Kaval’s music hits again and they make their way down to the ring with Helms & Co looking more serious now as the match approaches.

Lilian Garcia:
And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, from Detroit, Michigan. . . Christopher Daniels.

*Match #2*
Gregory Helms w/Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore vs. Christopher Daniels w/Kaval

Helms & Daniels put on quite the contest, and with Matt encouraging them to get behind his partner, the fans were in to it. Daniels started the match well but Helms came right back at him, rattling Daniels to leave Kaval concerned. Helms came so close after catching Daniels with the Overcast, a diving neck-breaker, but Daniels just about got his shoulder up at two. Helms was clearly gutted but went back to work, trying to finish Daniels off. He couldn’t though and was left stunned when Daniels ducked the Shining Wizard before rolling him up in a flash.

Helms just about kicked out at two and both men rushed back up to their feet with Daniels ducking a super kick and quickly stomping him in the gut before planting him with the Angel’s Wings to pick up the victory. After getting his arm raised, Daniels soon left the ring and made his way up the ramp with Kaval as Helms sat up looking disappointed with Hardy & Moore joining him in the ring. They too looked up towards Daniels & Kaval, both very satisfied with Daniels’ success.

Winner: Christopher Daniels by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

The very smug looking and casually dressed duo of The Miz & Heath Slater are walking through the back, seemingly headed for the ring.

*Commercial Break*

“AWE-SOME!. . .”

A barrage of heat breaks out in the arena to greet the cocky duo of The Miz & Heath Slater. They just laugh off the boos as they make their way down to the ring in casual clothes, although The Miz is looking more smart/casual. He picks a microphone up off the apron and steps through the ropes, followed by his rookie in to the ring, where they still get boos thrown at them from each side of the arena. They continue to laugh them off as the music cuts, revealing the shocking extent of the heat Mr. Hollywood is getting, amusing him greatly.

The Miz:
I want to thank you all, really I do for this hero’s welcome t’night.

*Major Heat*

The Miz: Truly, I’m honoured that you enjoyed my vict’ry, and so you should. So you should. Not only did I beat John Morrison last night but I beat his poor old victimised buddy, Matt Cappotelli, all in one week. In fact, I didn’t just beat them. I destroyed them.

*More Boos*

The Miz: I embarrassed them. I proved to them that I’m not the wannabe they think I am. I proved that I’m not just a star out of this ring but I can do the business in it too, and boy did I do that. . . I wasn’t just going to settle for any old victory over either of them after ev’rything they’ve said about me. Whatever hurtful things I’ve said about Matt, that’s just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it. They made the mistake of doubting me. They said I wouldn’t amount to anything like many have before them and that I didn’t care enough about this business, but I sure showed them and all of my haters.


The Miz: You have no idea how satisfying it was to make them eat their words, but the only thing better than making them eat their words is making you all eat yours and see your ever so disappointed faces t’night.

*More Boos*

The Miz: How does it feel huh knowing that you were wrong about me? How do you feel now that I showed each and ev’ry single one of you that I’m not a slacker, that I’m not a joke and that I actually care about this business? But more importantly how does it feel now that I proved in front of the whole world that I am what I’ve always said I am. . . that I’M THE MIZ, AND I’M AWEEEEEE-SOOOME!

*Ton of Heat*

The Miz & Slater look around laughing at all the fans.

The Miz:
Seriously, get used to it. You have no choice but to accept that I am what I’ve said I am in the next headline star of not just this company but the entire business, you better get used to seeing The Miz victorious each and ev’ry week. In fact t’night you will see The Miz win his first singles title when I become the new Intercontinental Champion by defeating not just one superstar but three. Yeah, it’s gonna happen. The one person that ev’ryone sat at home has doubted, the one person that ev’ryone in that locker room has doubted from the moment he stepped through it will leave this hell hole of a town t’night as the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. AND THAT PERSON IS ME.

*Chorus of Boos*

The Miz: I promise you. It’s going t’ happen. I just hope that John an’ Matt are watching somewhere when I’m handed the title and raise it high in the air and shove it in front of all your bitter faces.


The Miz: That’s exactly what I’m going t’ do, and in respect of Matt Cappotelli, I think that deserves an amen. What do you think Vegas? Are you gonna give The Miz an amen?. . . Wait, I insist. I want ev’ryone t’ stand up and show me the respect I deserve. I want you to stand up and give The Miz, the next W-W-E Intercontinental Champion a big AMEN.

*Major Heat*

“You Suck”


“I think I’m cute. I know I’m sexy. . .”

A massive roar breaks out in the Thomas & Mack Center as Smackdown’s Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid walks out to the stage to the absolute shock of The Miz and his rookie, Slater. They look up at him, and Michaels doesn’t seem the least bit impressed with Mr. Hollywood. The Showstopper walks slowly down the ramp, staring disapprovingly at the now unhappy Miz.

Michaels is focused on him and ignores the fans as he walks up the steps and enters the ring. He walks past The Miz but keeps his eyes on him at all times, and he’s passed a microphone by Lilian Garcia. With the crowd still cheering, Michaels walks in to the centre of the ring, joining Miz and his music stops. The cheers continue as Michaels stares right at The Miz, who looks confused as to Michaels’ presence.

The Miz:
What the hell’s this about Michaels? The last time I checked you were a Smackdown superstar.

Shawn Michaels: You’re exactly right. I am a Smackdown superstar, but I’m also a W-W-E superstar.

*Big Pop*

Shawn Michaels: Technically I’m on a day off too. Right now I should be sat at home with my family, but here I am back live on Raw.


Shawn Michaels: And d’ y’wanna know why that it is? I came here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s t’ talk t’ you hot shot.

The Miz: What on earth are you talking about?

Shawn Michaels: I’ll say it as simply as I can f’ you Miz. I came here t’ see you. . .

The Miz: . . . Really? Really Shawn? What can you possibly have t’ say t’ me?

Shawn Michaels: I can see you’re confused so I’m going t’ give you the short version. . . You’re not awesome Miz. What you are is a no good son of a bitch.

*Massive Cheer*

Shawn Michaels: I’ve sat at home watching Raw the last few weeks and I’ve had to sit through watching you, listening to the despicable, blasphemous, sickening words that have come out of your mouth. Right now I’ve had about as much as I can take, and I’m not gonna sit around and listen to you insult Matt Cappotelli’s beliefs, my beliefs or anyone else’s a second longer.


Shawn Michaels: I think it’s about time someone explained something to you up close and personal so you get the message. . . You’re not awesome. You’re not clever and you’re certainly not funny. There’s nothing remotely clever about the things you’ve sa. . .

The Miz: . . . I’m sorry you feel that way Shawn but you don’t belong here. What makes you think you have the right to come here and give me a moral lecture huh? I mean really Shawn. What gives you the right to come here and interrupt me on my show you arrogant son of a bitch?

*Ton of Heat*

The Miz: This is my show. You get that Shawn? My show. Now you run along back to your family and Smackdown and we’ll pretend this never happened before I do something I really regret.

Michaels smirks while The Miz acts all tough with Slater by his side.

Shawn Michaels:
Y’know in all the time I’ve been around this business, I’ve met some real pieces of work, but you Miz, you really, really are without a shadow of the most deluded, arrogant, obnoxious jackass I’ve had the misfortune to meet.

*Big Pop*

The Miz doesn’t like that one bit.

Shawn Michaels:
Quite frankly there’s nothing I’d love more than to kick your teeth right down your throat right here right now.

*More Cheers*

Shawn Michaels: No one would blame me either. I’m sure that whole locker room that hates your guts would love me t’ do it too, but that’s not what’s gonna happen.


Shawn Michaels: I’m not going to get through to you doing that, as much as I’d enjoy it. I’m going to make you see the error of your ways. I’m going to. . .

The Miz: . . . Oh and how are exactly are you gonna do that Shawn? Are you gonna quote me some meaningless made up crap from the bible you say’s changed your life? Is that what you’re gonna do?

Michaels gets right in Miz’s face and grabs his shirt with one hand, holding the microphone with the other. The crowd cheers and Michaels glares right at Slater, letting him know he means business with The Miz shell shocked.

Shawn Michaels:
You insult the creator of this earth one more time, I will knock your teeth out in a flash and I promise you I won’t stop there.


Still holding The Miz by the shirt, Michaels stares him right in the eyes.

Shawn Michaels:
You wanna act like you’re the big I am, you better do something t’ justify it, ‘cause right now you’ve not done a thing but talk a whole lot o’ trash. Years down the line, you’re gonna look back on your career and see the defining moment was hitting the defenceless Matt Cappotelli, a man who has more class than you’ll ever have in the head with a steel chair. That I’m afraid speaks volumes about you as both a wrestler and a human being.

The Miz loses it and shoves Michaels away.

The Miz:


The Miz: And then Shawn, there’s Montreal. I’m guessing you don’t need me to remind you of what you did in Montreal to Bret Hart?. . . You can call yourself The Icon, The Main Event, The Showstopper, Mister Wrestlemania all you want, but since you wanna talk defining moments, the only thing anyone will remember about you is that you’re a two faced, back stabbing liar.

*Major Heat*

The Miz & Slater smirk at Michaels, who somehow is keeping calm for now.

The Miz:
You can call me any name under the sun Shawn, we can all see you’re jealous. Why else would you be here other than to steal my spotlight? I mean that’s what you’ve done throughout your career. And as for my defining moment, it’s not happened yet, but it soon will, and it’ll be big. NO, IT’LL BE HUGE. And you wanna know why Shawn? It’s because I’M THE MIZ, AND I’M AW. . .

Michaels explodes with a super kick to The Miz, but no, Miz ducks it and Michaels hits Slater instead. The Miz’s rookie falls to the mat with The Miz back tracking to the corner with the crowd cheering like mad. Slater is laid out and the intense Michaels glares across at the stunned Miz with “Sexy Boy” playing to an even bigger pop. Michaels carries on staring at The Miz, who looks worried as hell in the corner.

He doesn’t know what to do, but Michaels takes his leave, walking slowly to the apron, staring at The Miz the whole way as he then steps through the ropes. Mr. Hollywood goes over to check on Slater while keeping his eyes on The Heartbreak Kid who walks up the ramp and turns round to stare at The Miz again, letting him know he’s got his eyes on him. The Miz knows, and Slater comes round while his mentor shakes his head angrily at Michaels.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #3*
Hardcore Holly vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder was in for a shock in the early going, quickly realising he was in for a fight with the controversial veteran. After a tough start, Ryder showed some battling qualities to work his way in to the ascendency after running back off the ropes and leapfrogging Holly before taking him down with a two handed twisting neck-breaker. It didn’t take him long to get carried away with himself, but as Holly kept on fighting, frustration set in for the now former Raw host. After Holly got his foot on the rope following the Rough Ryder from Zack, Ryder allowed him to use the ropes to pick himself back up.

It was a mistake that brought Holly back in to the match, but not for long as Ryder held the ropes when Holly went looking for a standing dropkick. Ryder pounced as Holly tried to get back up, only to end up on the end of the Zack Attack, an inverted overdrive. Ryder wasted no time in going for a cover, and the ref counted to three to earn himself his first victory in the WWE, and boy was he happy afterwards, smiling all the way to the back after gloating in front of the disapproving fans.

Winner: Zack Ryder by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

The Corporation, led by Mr. McMahon are looking very smug indeed as we see them walking through the back with John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Shane McMahon dressed for action.

*Commercial Break*

“No chance, that’s what you’ve got. . .”

Mr. McMahon
and his boys, Shane McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Corporation stroll out to the stage to a chorus of boos. The boos don’t bother them at all and they walk down the ramp with big grins on each of their faces. As they enter the ring, Mr. McMahon picks a microphone up off the apron with Shane & J.B.L. walking in to the middle of the ring in their ring gear. Mr. McMahon joins them as his music cuts.

Mr. McMahon:
Well I have to say that I’ve always enjoyed Las Vegas, and t’night is no diff’rent. However may I add that has absolutely nothing to do with any of you or where may be this evening and ev’rything t’ do with what we did to both The Big Show and that rookie of his at Unf’given last night.


Mr. McMahon: We’ve always said that we didn’t need The Big Show, and last night we proved it. You all doubted us, and as ever we proved that it doesn’t matter how big a problem we face, we won’t shy away from a battle and we’ll damn sure win it.

*More Boos*

Mr. McMahon: Whatever challenge we face, we will stick t’gether and we will overcome it like we overcame the largest athlete in the world. Let that be a lesson to you all. Cross us at your peril.


Mr. McMahon: Now since the three of us are in such a good mood t’night and that I’m not one to brag, both my sons are eager to taste the sweet smell of success again t’night and would like to extend an open challenge to any two men in the back right now.

All three members of The Corporation turn round and look up at the tron, all looking incredibly relaxed.

“Gold Lust”

A big pop greets the team of Goldust & Eugene as they walk out in to the arena, causing The Corporation some amusement. Eugene looks a little hesitant as he walks down the ramp, but Goldust is focused. He keeps his eyes on his opponents as he and his partner climb up the steps and enter the ring with the McMahon men still chuckling away.

*Match #4*
Goldust & Eugene vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Shane McMahon w/Mr. McMahon

The McMahon boys were coasting after a great start, and boy were they full of themselves. Complacency set in on Shane’s part and Eugene took him by surprise, and the crowd responded by cheering him & Goldust on, worrying the hell out of daddy dearest on the outside. He had to watch on as Eugene lifted Shane off his feet and spun him round in an Airplane Spin, much to the amusement of the crowd. With Shane in a spin after Eugene dropped him down, he soon found himself on the wrong end of a kick to the gut and then a Battering Ram.

JBL knew he and his half-brother were in trouble, and when Eugene turned back in to the ropes looking for a Hulk Hogan Leg Drop, he kicked Eugene in the back. Eugene wasn’t happy as he turned round and tried to tell JBL off, but the ref did a better job. As he went back to his opponent, Shane was sitting up and low blowed him to a ton of heat. As the match went on, JBL took control after a pulling back from a one arm bulldog from Goldust and then ran at him to drill him with a big boot to the face. Goldust was all but out, and JBL soon finished him off with a Clothesline from Hell after knocking Eugene off the apron.

Vince joined his boys in the ring to raise their arms in victory, but that wasn’t enough for him. He instructed JBL to go back after Goldust, and he did, pulling him up and in to place for the Last Call. Just as JBL was about to lift him, “Crank It Up” played to a huge pop with The Big Show & Justin Gabriel making their way out in to the area to make the save, not going down well with The Corporation. Vince and his boys left the ring before the angry mentor & rookie made it in. Show went right after a microphone as Vince, Shane & JBL backed up the ramp and stared down at him.

Winners: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Shane McMahon by pinfall.

The Big Show: Vince, if you think this battle you called it is over, you’re wrong.


The Big Show: The only thing you guys proved is that you’re a bunch of cheats and cowards.

*More Cheers*

The Big Show: You can smile f’ now Vince, but I promise you that by the time we’re done with you, you won’t be smiling for a long, long time.

“Crank it Up” plays to cheers from the Vegas crowd with The Corporation not too happy with Show & Gabriel’s defiance. They all stare at each other with Show especially not a happy camper.

*Video Promo*

A very focused Ted DiBiase is walking through the back along with the equally serious looking Maryse & Ezekiel Jackson for his Intercontinental Championship defence coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Two Weeks Ago

“PRICELESS, baby I’m priceless. . .

The not so confident Ted DiBiase Jr walks out to the stage with the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder and gets boos thrown at him. He cautiously wanders down the ramp and curses the Canadian fans before getting in the ring where he hands over his title belt to the referee, still not looking happy at all as he prepares to do battle with the WWE Champion.

“In the End

Here comes The Animal. Batista runs out to the stage and then each side, sending the crowd in to raptures. With the WWE Championship strapped around his waist, he makes his way down the ramp and stops, then poses as a big pyro display goes off behind him. The WWE Champion is clearly pumped up and sets off down the ramp again but we see Triple H charging out behind him. Batista doesn’t have a clue and is hammered across the back by The Game’s right forearm. It sends The Animal down on to his knees and the music stops. The King of Kings is pissed that’s for sure, and he puts the boots to the back of his bitter & defenceless rival.

Trips pulls him back up and fires him in to the guard rail back first. Batista falls forward and lands back on the ramp, the rolls the short distance down to the bottom. The Game follows him with DiBiase grinning to himself. Triple H helps Batista up again and this time fires him in to the ring post face first, and The Animal falls to the floor. DiBiase leaves the ring with a smile on his face and goes to grab his Intercontinental title as Triple H drags Batista up and tosses him in the ring under the bottom rope. The smug DiBiase heads back up the ramp as the intense Triple H climbs up on to the apron. . .

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

Randy Orton
and his rookie, Darren Young hit the stage looking very focused indeed, catching the shocked Triple H off guard. It brings another smile to DiBiase’s face as Orton & Young walk past him without giving him much attention at all as The King of Kings steps inside the ring with Batista squirming around on the mat. Orton & his rookie slowly enter the ring with their eyes firmly set on Triple H. He shifts in to the centre of the ring and prepares for war as Orton & Young shimmy round, circling him until The Game flips and fires at Orton and then Young as he looks to defend his mentor.

Young clubs Trips across the back as Orton falls to the mat. Orton’s determined rookie grabs The Game by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed and Triple H lifts Young off his feet as he comes back at him and sends him crashing in to the mat courtesy of a spinning spine-buster. It’s met by a mixed reception, and as the intense King of Kings makes his way back up staring down at Young rolling round in agony, Orton is getting up too. The Game turns round and walks right in to The Viper who leaps up and catches him with a thunderous RKO.

Orton crawls across to Triple H and stares right at his starry eyes, and in the corner of his eye, he sees Batista struggling up to his knees. The number one contender for the WWE Championship smiles sadistically and locks his eyes on The Animal. As Young too stands up, Orton makes his way across to the unsteady WWE Champion who has no idea of the danger he’s in despite the crowd desperately trying to warn him. Orton gets ready to strike and urges his Unforgiven opponent to turn round, and as he does, he plants him with an RKO, taking The Animal down to the mat.

With boos ringing out as he rushes back up, Orton smiles sadistically again, looking very satisfied with Batista laid out in front of him. Young admires his mentor’s work and now spots Triple H coming round. The rookie lets Randy know, tapping him on his shoulder and pointing right at The King of Kings. Orton switches gears and grins again with a plan clearly on his mind. He nods at Young and backs up in to the corner as The Game tries to get on to one knee.

The Viper charges out of the corner with a fierce determination written all over his face and punts The Game right in the head. That gets a decent pop and Orton takes several seconds to admire his work with Young doing the same as both Batista & Triple H lie motionless on the mat. Orton now asks Young to go and get him a microphone, and he does just that. The Legend Killer holds out his hand, not taking his eyes off Triple H for a second as Young hands him the microphone.

Randy Orton:
Hun’er, if I’ve not made this clear enough already, this is my title shot, not yours or anyone else’s. At Unf’given I will once again become the W-W-E Champion, and if anyone gets in my way, I will put them including you Hun’er on the shelf permanently.

“Voices” plays again to a mostly negative reception from the Canadian fans, but there are some cheers in there as The Viper stares down remorselessly at the unconscious Triple H. Young looks down and smirks too, and as he & Orton turn to leave the ring, the still emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley runs down to the ring and goes to check on her husband straight away. She panics and calls back for help, amusing both Orton & Young while Batista begins to sit up by the ropes. A couple of EMT’s race down to the ring and try to establish The Game’s condition as Orton & Young back track up the ramp, keeping their eyes on the damage they’ve caused.

*Cut to the Arena*

Jim Ross:
Still t’ come t’night folks in our main event, we will see Triple H taking on both Randy Orton and his rookie, Darren Young in a handicap match. After what went down at Unf’given last night, there could well be hell t’ pay t’night.

Jerry Lawler: That goes without sayin’ J-R. I can't begin to imagine just how physical that's gonna. . .

“AWEE-SOME! I came to, I came t’ play. . .”

The Miz
, steaming after what happened earlier hits the stage along with his pissed off rookie, Heath Slater to a ton of heat.

Lilian Garcia:
This bout is scheduled for one fall and is for the W-W-E Intercontinental Championship. Intr’ducing the challengers. First, from Cleveland Ohio and weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds. . . THE MIZ.

Mr. Hollywood is definitely up for this one as he paces down the ramp, ignoring the jeering crowd with Slater following behind him. The Miz huffs & puffs up the steps in to the ring and takes his T-shirt off straight away, then throws it in down to the floor below.

“Written in Your Face”

Here comes the menacing ‘Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus, hitting the stage and stopping to take a look at each side of the arena.

Lilian Garcia:
And from Dublin Ireland, weighing in at two hundred and seventy two pounds. . . The Celtic Warrior, SHEAMUS.

Sheamus confidently makes his way down the ramp, unsettling The Miz slightly. The Irishman steps through the ropes and takes a long look at Mr. Hollywood & Slater, and they both seem worried by him.

“Booyaka 619”

Rey Mysterio
flies out to the stage to a huge roar from the Vegas crowd. He runs to the left of the stage with Mystico, his rookie following him out.

Lilian Garcia:
And from San Diego California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds. . . REY MYSTERIO.

Rey poses for his adoring fans and runs across to the other side of the stage to do the same there too before heading down the ramp with Mystico. He looks fired up for this one and bumps fists with his rookie, then slides in the ring as he gets there. He hits the second rope and throws his arms up in to the air to another big pop.

“Priceless. Baby I’m priceless. . .”

The hesitant Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase walks out to the stage along with ‘The Million Dollar Woman’ Maryse and his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson.

Lilian Garcia:
And from Tampa Florida, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, the W-W-E Intercontinental Champion. . . TED DI-BIASE.

There’s deep concern written on each of their faces as DiBiase & Co slowly walk down the ramp with all eyes on them in the ring from the three challengers. DiBiase tentatively steps inside and unbuckles his title belt, then hands it over to the referee who lifts it up in to the air and walks over to the apron to hand it over.

*Match #5*
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio w/Mystico vs. Ted DiBiase (c) w/Maryse & Ezekiel Jackson
vs. Sheamus vs. The Miz w/Heath Slater

With the Intercontinental title up for grabs, all four men went all out in the hope of leaving with the title. DiBiase was really fired up for this one and almost had it tied up after catching Mysterio with Dream Street, but Sheamus stopped the cover just as the ref was about to count to three. The Celtic Warrior stomped on the back of DiBiase’s head and quickly dragged him up in to place for the High Cross with Maryse looking very worried on the outside. Sheamus lifted him up in to the air and stepped out of the corner, but DiBiase slipped down to safety and back tracked in to the ropes.

Sheamus was stunned and put the brakes on, then charged at DiBiase, who held the ropes down to send the Irishman over the top and down to the floor. DiBiase had no time to relax as The Miz was making his way back up to his feet. The defending champion ran at him for a clothesline, but The Miz caught him with the kitchen sink, driving his knee right in to Ted’s guts. The Miz took some time to compose himself, and he saw Mysterio clawing his way up on to his knees. The Master of the 619 crawled to the ropes and used them to pick himself back up, and Mr. Hollywood set his sights on him, not taking his eyes off him.

As Rey turned round, Miz charged at him and in to a drop toe hold on to the second rope to a huge roar. Slater was panicking big time on the outside as Rey dialled up with the fans on their feet, watching on as the Mexican hit the ropes and ran back to nail The Miz with the 619. Miz was sent spiralling back on the mat as Rey steadied himself on the apron, getting ready to strike. He was holding on to the top rope as The Miz got back up, unsteady on his feet as Mysterio hit the springboard and went for the West Coast Pop! He jumped on to The Miz’s shoulders, but The Miz held on, causing Rey to panic.

He managed to hammer away at The Miz, sending him forward in to the ropes, and Rey countered with a hurricanrana over the top rope, sending The Miz down to the floor to a huge pop. The Miz hit the floor with Rey taking a deep breath, turning round to see The Miz crawling around on all fours. Slater was concerned and then a big cheer broke out with Rey looking confused. The camera switched to show Shawn Michaels making his way down the ramp with The Miz at the bottom trying to make it back up. Slater was on the opposite side of the ring and jumped up on to the apron, trying to point it out to the referee, but he didn’t want to know.

As soon as The Miz did it make up, the intense Michaels sent him back down to the floor with some Sweet Chin Music to a massive cheer. The Heartbreak Kid backed away with Rey smiling at him, but Michaels was only focused on The Miz, showing a lot of contempt for Mr. Hollywood as he lay out cold on the floor. Slater rushed round to check on his mentor, but there was nothing he could do, and with Rey’s back to the ring, he found himself in danger as DiBiase snuck up behind him. The crowd tried to warn him, as did Mystico, and it worked.

Rey turned round in time to send the champion down on to the second rope with a drop toe hold, getting another big cheer. He only briefly called for the 619 before hitting the ropes, and he hit it, sending DiBiase back across the mat in a daze. He picked himself back up not knowing where he was as Rey stood up on the apron, just as Sheamus slid back in the ring. Rey went for the West Coast Pop on DiBiase, but Sheamus pushed him to the side and nailed Rey out of nowhere with a Brogue Kick. Mysterio was out of it and as DiBiase stood back up, Sheamus grabbed him by the head and tossed him over the top rope and down to the floor, clearing the path.

Maryse, Jackson, Mystico & Slater all looked on with concern as The Celtic Warrior, looking more menacing than ever went back to Mysterio and dragged him up. He set him up for the High Cross, backing up in to the corner with the crowd booing. There was nothing they could do as Sheamus stepped out of the corner and sent Mysterio crashing in to the canvas, then followed up with a cover to become the new Intercontinental Champion! The arena was in shock, and no one was more shocked than DiBiase as he was about to climb back on to the apron.

He just stared in shock on his knees on the floor in front of the apron as Sheamus was handed the title by the referee and raised it up in to the air to a ton of boos from the Vegas crowd. Sheamus was elated and took great pleasure in rubbing it in DiBiase’s face, and Maryse was shocked too. The Celtic Warrior then left the ring with the title, posing with it all the way back up the ramp as DiBiase threw a hissy fit, banging his hands against the apron. Sheamus couldn’t care less as he stood at the top of the stage with a big smile on his face and the title raised high above his head while DiBiase glared angrily up at him and the pissed Miz sat up on the floor.

Winner: By pinfall, and the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus.

*Commercial Break*

An angry Ted DiBiase, the now former Intercontinental Champion storms through the halls with Maryse & Ezekiel Jackson. Maryse really isn’t happy either, and Ted turns a corner to see several poles leaning up against the wall. He flips and shoves them down to the floor, catching Maryse by surprise.

Ted DiBiase:

Maryse rubs his arm, trying to settle him down.

You’ll get the title back. We'll make sure of it.

Kelly Kelly is in the distance and walks towards them, getting closer & closer. She looks down at the poles on the floor and then looks up at the not so happy to see her combination of Ted & Maryse, Maryse in particular. Kelly smiles at them both, laughing almost.

Kelly Kelly:
It’s good to know what goes around comes around. It’s about time you got what you deserved. . . both of you.

Maryse snaps and goes for Kelly, and the two divas grab each other’s hair, pulling away at it until DiBiase & Jackson pull Maryse away. The Million Dollar Woman stares at Kelly and mouths off at her in French while being dragged away by her boyfriend and his rookie with Kelly staring back at her.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Gail Kim
and her rookie, Shantelle Taylor are walking through the hallway, both dressed casually. The two divas reach the locker room and Shantelle turns the corner while Gail opens the door to the locker room and walks in. Shantelle then carries on and walks right in to Mia Rain, a fearsome sight for the rookie with Rain staring right at her and making her very uncomfortable. Taylor looks confused and Rain walks past her, but as soon as Taylor goes to walk away too, Mia turns round and knocks her down to the floor, catching Shantelle completely by surprise. Gail then opens the door and walks out.

Gail Kim:
What’s going on?

Kim sees the carefree Rain standing there and then turns her head to see Shantelle on the floor. She panics and goes right to her as the rookie sits up, not looking hurt, just stunned.

Gail Kim:
What happened?

Taylor turns her head and looks right at Rain. An angry Gail now looks at Rain, who just smirks back at them. Still smirking, Rain turns around without a care in the world and leaves Gail and her rookie to stare daggers at her.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #6*
Shantelle Taylor w/Gail Kim vs. Mia Rain

Rain started the match the stronger against the debuting Shantelle, who looked very nervous in the opening minutes. Gail was looking worried for her rookie and Mia was enjoying it, so much so that she took her eye off the ball. Taylor took full advantage of her opponent’s complacency, shooting up to her feet when Mia tried to pull up. The rookie rallied with a series of forearms to the face and then a clothesline after hitting the ropes. The crowd got behind the Canadian youngster, as did her mentor on the outside. She kept the momentum going with an irish whip and a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker.

The confidence grew for the rookie and she looked impressive against the shell shocked Rain. However Rain wasn’t done and fought her way back in to the contest, fighting a sunset flip and grabbing both of Shantelle’s legs for a cover of her own. Taylor kicked out at two and they both made their way back up with Rain striking first with a Fisherman Driver. Taylor hung on for a while and even came close to gaining an upset until Rain caught her with a high knee strike that dazed the hell out of Taylor. Mia acted quickly to pull her up and hit the Acid Rain, a bridging straightjacket electric chair drop.

There was nothing Shantelle could do and Rain gained the three count and the victory, satisfying her immensely. She left the ring after getting her arm raised with Kim entering the ring to console her rookie, and as she helped Taylor up to her feet, the lights went out and a gong hit to a massive pop. They were out for a couple of seconds, and when they came back on, Taylor & Kim were standing in the ring all alone and panicked, looking over their shoulders. The crowd were left disappointed as JR & King speculated as to what was going on.

Winner: Mia Rain by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Eric Bischoff is sat on his leather sofa in his office enjoying the show when the angry ‘Mr. Hollywood’ The Miz storms in with Heath Slater. Bischoff stands up and doesn’t appear to appreciate the interruption.

Eric Bischoff:
You ever heard of a concept called knocking?

The Miz: Shut your mouth Bischoff. I’m sure Shawn Michaels didn’t have t’ knock to get in the building t’night did he? I bet you knew he was here too didn’t you? I bet you. . .


Miz is fuming and stares right at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:

The Miz doesn’t answer, just stares back at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Alright, we’ll play it your way. For the record, Shawn came to speak with me t’night, and just to clear your conscience, I was more than happy for him to put you in your place. I didn’t know he’d do what he just did, but whether you agree or not which I’m sure you won’t, you had it coming. If it hadn’t have been for Shawn t’night, I would’ve called you out. . .

The Miz: . . . I don’t care. Clearly you’re not going to deal with it which means I’ll have to all by myself, and I will.

Eric Bischoff: Fine, you do that. Oh, and while you’re here, I hope you heard what I said earlier on about how certain mentors have been taking advantage of their rookies, because you Miz, you’re the main culprit. All you’ve done for Heath is have him help you beat John Morrison and Matt Cappotelli, but that’s going t’ change, starting next week. See you’re both going to be in action, t’gether as a team against another mentor and rookie partnership, Rey Mysterio and Mystico. Whoever wins will go straight on to the semi finals of the tag team title tournament.

The Miz: Alright, whatever. That’s fine, but that doesn’t change anything. I’m still going t’ deal with Shawn Michaels, even if you don’t.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not, and if I were you, I’d think very carefully about who you’re dealing with. Even you said yourself t’night that Shawn’s not to be underestimated. Just remember that.

The Miz: You know what the problem is here Bischoff? Shawn. . . and you for that matter. . . you’re both underestimating me.

The Miz smirks at Bischoff, who doesn’t seem all that concerned as Mr. Hollywood turns round and leaves with Slater.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Randy Orton & Darren Young and Triple H with his sledgehammer making their way through the back for the main event coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

The new Raw host and smoking hot Leticia Cline is standing by in the back.

Leticia Cline:
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time. . . He is the new Intercontinental Champion. . . Sheamus.

The camera zooms out and there stands ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus looking incredibly proud with the Intercontinental title draped over his shoulder.

Leticia Cline:
Sheamus, congratulations on your victory t’night. How are you feeling after becoming the new Intercontinental Champion on top of defeating Finlay last night in the first ever Celtic Brawl? Things couldn’t be going much better for you right now.

Sheamus: Obviously Leticia I’m over the moon. By becoming the new Intercontinental Champion, I’ve joined an illustrious list of names that includes the likes of Bret Hart, ‘Stonecold’ Steve Austin an’ The Ultimate Warrior. Not only that, I’ve completed one of the most impressive journeys ever seen in the history of the dubya-dubya-e. I’ve barely been here a matter of months, yet here I stand undefeated and the new Intercontinental Champion. It don’t get much better than that. In fact it won’t be long until I’m the new dubya-dubya-e champion.

Leticia lifts the microphone back up to her mouth but then stops, looking surprised. The camera pans to the right and Carlito walks in to the shot, up behind Sheamus. Casually dressed and holding an apple, Carlito takes a look at Sheamus, looking impressed. The Intercontinental Champion doesn’t know what’s going on.

So you’re the new Intercontinental Champion huh? Dat’s cool.

Sheamus: Yeah it is.

Carlito: I caught your match last night too with Finlay. Dat was brutal Sheamus, real brutal, jus’ like what ju did to my brother Eddie, who by the way’s injured ‘cause of ju. That Sheamus. . . dat’s not cool, not cool at all.

Sheamus: Yeah well. that’s unfortunate. Dees t’ings happen. Get over it.

Carlito: Get over it huh?. . . Jus’ so ju know champ’, me an’ my brother, we look out f’ each other, we always have. Ju get that right?

Carlito takes a bite of his apple with Sheamus not looking so remorseful for what he did to Eddie.

Y’know Carlito, that’s a touching story. . .

Carlito spits bits of apple in to Sheamus’s face, shocking both The Celtic Warrior & Leticia.

See ju around champ’.

Carlito calmly walks past them both with Sheamus staring daggers at him.

You’re so gonna regret that fella.

The camera zooms in on the pissed Intercontinental Champion, and boy is he angry.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Handicap Match
Randy Orton & Darren Young vs. Triple H

The King of Kings entered the ring to a deafening chorus of boos carrying his sledgehammer, not that he cared the slightest bit, staring intensely in to the crowd. He placed his trusty ally in the corner, and then Orton & Young strolled out to the stage with their eyes locked on Triple H. They stared at him the entire way down the ramp with The King of Kings staring back at them in his corner, and as Young entered the ring, Triple H kneeled down and picked his sledgehammer back up again.

Young was stunned and had no time to react with Triple H running at him and driving the weapon in to his skull for the second night in a row. Orton was fuming and stepped through the ropes to try and fight Trips off, nailing him with a european uppercut and a stomp to the gut. The sledgehammer fell out of The Game’s hand and Orton quickly went for an irish whip, but it was reversed and Triple H planted him with a spinning spine-buster. Orton was at the mercy of The King of Kings, who dragged him right back up and planted him with a Pedigree to a ton of heat.

He wasn’t done there though and went back to his sledgehammer when “In the End” blasted out to the biggest pop of the night. The WWE Champion, Batista hit the stage, catching The King of Kings by surprise. Intense as hell, Batista stormed down the ramp as Triple H got ready for him with the sledgehammer. Batista dived under the bottom rope, dropped his title belt and ducked the oncoming sledgehammer shot, ran through in to the ropes and speared the hell out of The King of Kings.

With the music stopping, the WWE Champion, full of rage, went right back after Triple H. He dragged him up in to place for the Batista Bomb, and with the fans cheering, The Animal lifted his bitter rival up above his head and then sent him crashing down in to the mat to a huge pop. “In the End” played again while Batista sat there glaring at Triple H flat on his back with J.R. talking to The King about how long Batista’s waited to do that to The King of Kings. The Animal stood up and grabbed his WWE Championship, then raised it above his head with Orton coming round and both Young & Triple H out of it as the show came to a close.

Result: No Contest.


>Quick Results<

Cody Rhodes
df. Kofi Kingston
Christopher Daniels
df. Gregory Helms
Zack Ryder
df. Hardcore Holly
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Shane McMahon
df. Goldust & Eugene
df. Ted DiBiase, The Miz & Rey Mysterio
Mia Rain
df. Shantelle Taylor
Randy Orton & Darren Young
NC. Triple H

>Superstars Tapings<
JTG & Homicide
df. The Pitbulls

>Confirmed for Next Week<

World Tag Team Championship Tournament
Final First Round Match
Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. The Miz & Heath Slater

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