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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Unforgiven Feedback

Yeah, itís late, but I was focusing a little more on my own BTB. Time to get back on track.

Clever video package to start with that played on the theme of Unforgiven well. The hyping of the main matches on your card from the commentators was done nicely too.

Absolutely no problem with having the tag match start things off. It works fine imo. Decent start to things with some back and forth action between Hennig and Matt that flowed well, moving at a good pace before the hot tag. The action between Helms and Rhodes was pretty good too, even if the big Shining Wizard nearfall seemed a little randomly thrown in there in a place where it didnít seem like it would get the three. Still, after that the dominance from the heels over Helms was gone about well, with there being some good little hope spots from Helms to keep things exciting before the inevitable hot tag to Hardy. I was a bit surprised by how basic it was from there, as Cody showed pretty much no fight, but still, the right choice here as the Carolina Crew are a lot more of a team, plus Matt has needed to get one over on Cody for some time now. Good start to the show.

Nice little segment to keep the Cena decision firmly in mind for later tonight with both authority figures in the building.

The Morrison speech seemed a bit like one long blurt, but I guess it still showed his intensity well ahead of his match with Miz later.

I liked how you built this match up, keeping it vicious despite not being hardcore from where we joined in, before picking the match up even further by incorporating weapons on the outside. Have to say I liked the trolley spot, just purely because of how different it is. The fire extinguisher being used was pretty cool too, as itís not something weíve seen in the ĎE in a long time to my recollection. The match built pretty well to the end from there, with Sheamus going over nice and cleanly, looking like the better man, as he should. Another pretty good match here, with some innovative stuff.

Nice little promo to have Miz get his intentions clear ahead of his match.

A bit of an odd start to the write-up for the Ryder/Mysterio match, as the reversal of a sunset flip pin attempt seemed to make a bit much of an impact on Rey physically. Ryder smashing Mysterioís shoulder into the ringpost, only to not follow up with some more work on what would obviously then be an injured shoulder of Mysterio certainly seems odd too. Still, the build to the finish was very exciting with some good counters, and while Mysterio picked up the win, Ryder obviously looked good in defeat, which is a real positive for you. Another fairly exciting match here, with the finish being built to well.

Cena talking to his fellow homies, eh? Good to see you continuing to hype the decision, as while itís not a match, itís obviously one of the bigger things to do with the Unforgiven card.

It may just be a small thing, but I find it a little odd that Morrison would be going for fancy moves like the break-dance leg drop and the standing shooting star press with no weapons involved, along with making covers after them when he wants to hurt Miz more than anything. Still, things picked up nicely with Morrisonís dive to the outside, while I liked the aggression you showed from Slater, especially since his interference works in that it gets The Miz the momentum cheaply, while also being allowed to let Slater look ruthless. While the action picked up when they were back in the ring, especially with some good counters that led to Slater eventually putting Mizís foot on the rope to keep him alive, the match hasnít really got that aggressive edge that I feel it should have. The action was nice, but the chair only becoming involved in the end seemed a bit odd. Really, if you take away how personal this match was, I thought it would have been great. I just think that after the way the build has gone, the match maybe should have been a little different. At the same time, as I said, some great, crisp action.

Good to see a defiant DiBiase ahead of his match, making him look like a strong champion, despite also being a coward.

Solid enough beginning toward the end of the match with a nice period of offense from DiBiase, leading into a good comeback from Kofi, with the only thing that I would have maybe liked to have seen being more little hints at a comeback before he actually got into it for Kofi. Still, after the comeback from Kofi, the action was again very nice, with some good counters and nearfalls, including with the Trouble In Paradise foot on the rope. I thought that actually was great for DiBiase too in that not only did he beat Kofi clean, but he survived everything Kofi had, really putting him over as someone who is worthy to go on as the Intercontinental Champion. Good stuff.

Like before with Morrison, this seemed a lot like a big blurt out from Orton, which isnít right for Orton considering his slow, calculating character, especially as a heel. Still, good to see some hype going to the main event later.

Show dominating at first against a McMahon is what you would expect, plus I liked the way you shifted the momentum, not only having the interference, which is needed to make it believable against Show, but also by having his size used against him with the chop block. Show being impossible to keep down was good to see too, with Gabriel being the one to take more of an extended beating being sensible. Still, I liked how you kept him always in it against two guys who arenít actually wrestlers, not only keeping things exciting, but perhaps realistic as well. The finish came strongly too, with Gabriel being allowed to look good due to the interesting, albeit a little weird option of having Big Show knocked up by the chloroform. I guess it works well in showing how underhanded The Corporation are, while Vince gets his pride back by getting to pin Gabriel.

The Cena speech has actually been something Iíve really been looking forward to, as Iím not quite sure which way itíll go, so itís certainly gotten my attention of late. The speech started out pretty well, with Cena building up what heís done over the years without doing it in an overly obvious way, before addressing Orton in a good way too, mixing up the serious Cena with the right amount of the little jokes that he throws in there. The little speech about how exciting things are was pretty good too, while the little mention of what Tazz has offered make the SmackDown! deal seem bigger too. After seeing that, it didnít really come as a shock at all when you had Cena choose SmackDown!, because the feud with Punk is then absolutely ready to go with their series pretty much already set out to start up after No Mercy and go at least until Night of Champions. Bischoff coming out straight after Tazz certainly led to an interesting announcement, and I really like that youíre making more of a story of this than just having Cena jump ship. Iím honestly not sure who youíre having jump ship, as it really could be a number of guys, although I guess Edge tops the list, with The Undertaker perhaps being the outsider. Anyway, a nice promo that, as you can see, has me interested about how youíll be following up on it. Very nice to see some real development here.

Nice little confrontation between DiBiase and Bischoff here to keep their issues going. Loved the audacity of DiBiase to claim he could fill Cenaís shoes, while him having to put his title on the line on RAW should be good.

Nice to see the match really picking up early, making for a long chain of nearfalls later in the match. Young trying to interfere, only to fail, was a good way to make use of his presence at ringside, while the counters building up nicely is good to see. Surprised at the use of the figure four leglock from Orton, but it makes a lot of sense considering the way this thing started up with both coming out to talk to Flair after SummerSlam. The counter from Batista to put the pressure on Orton perhaps has a little bit of poetic justice to do with just that too. The finish built up from there, with Young being used very well, while the ref bump actually did aid the contest, which I feel it often doesnít. Iím surprised to see Triple H back so soon considering he was just punted, and really, I thought this was a bit of a disappointing way to end things. While the rest of the card, and indeed the rest of this match delivered, finishing a PPV with a DQ finish always gives the viewer that let down feeling. I understand youíve got these three connected in their pursuit for the title, but I donít really like how this ended.

Overall, apart from the disagreeable finish and the Miz/Morrison match maybe being a good match in the wrong way, I thought this was a very solid effort on your part. Eveything throughout the show pretty much delivered what it had to with perhaps a little more, and youíre really continuing to impress me with the direction this thread is going in. I think with things starting to get towards that Road to WrestleMania time, the thread is really picking up at the right time, so hopefully this continues on. Well done man.

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