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Re: Pokemon Mafia (3) GAMETHREAD

Night Two

Postage is taking a stroll down his block. Suddenly, a gun goes off and a bullet starts going straight to Postage. The bullet suddenly rips through the air in very slow motion. It goes slow enough for Postage to catch the bullet mid-air. He looks at the bullet and chuckles to himself. Clearly, a petty gunshot won't kill Postage. Postage drops the bullet onto the floor and continues walking his merry way.

Pikachu is wandering around a dark cave, looking for Ash. Pikachu wasn't alone, though. There was somebody in the cave too. Not for any specific reason, though. Maybe he lives there? Maybe he was trying to get from one point of the cave to another. Or maybe he was trying to kill Pikachu? There is no exact way to tell. But the fact of the matter is is that it scared the living fuck out of Pikachu. Pikachu automatically let out a thunderbolt attack on the man. Admist the light from the thundershock, it was revealed to be Hohenheim of Light. Pikachu didn't shock to kill, but unfortunately Hohenheim of Light was paralyzed.

Lostfap was sitting in his room. He closed the lights to go to bed, when suddenly there was a noise in the room. He picks up his head, wondering what happened when there was an intruder in the room. He went to strike Lostfap but two creatures stepped in and scared the killer off.

Night is now officially over.

With 18 alive, it takes 10 to lead a successful lynch.

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