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Re: Klebold needs to go back to Columbine and resume his homosexual activities

Originally Posted by Klebold View Post
Cerbs - the one who links his Facebook because he has so few friends and spends hours on Photoshop making graphics for his little Rant threads? Rantsmania? You're so sad that you spending christmas day on here posting a way. Get back to your dark room with your shitty camera in which you taking pictures of self with your greasy hair.

The photo is of me in my avy and I am not 'skeletal'.

Your new years revolution should be to get out the basement under the stairs at least once per month.

25 and still with your parents and constantly out of work? You'r the fail.
You do know it is not rare for 25 year olds to live with their parents right? Due to the economy and job market, many kids after college move back in with their parents. You so smart guy.

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