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Friday Night Explosion Results

JR: Its good ol Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler and folks welcome to Explosion! The Arrowhead Pond here in Anaheim, California is pakced to the rafters and we have a great show for you tonight, Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas, 4 team tag in our main event, Justin Credible vs Tony Mamaluke, La Parka & Juventud Guerrera vs Jerry Lynn & Psicosis in tag action, plus Carlito Carribean Cool makes his WIWA debut! King your thoughts......

King: Bloody hell Ross did you miss anything out then? Well anyways this will be a great night of action and I cant wait to see Haas beat Benjamin tonight Ross, Im pumped.

JR: Well unfortunatley for you there is a 50% chance that Haas wont win so bank on anything yet. But folks Im told that Roger Walker is standing by with Carlito Carribean Cool!


Roger- Well Carlito tonight you make your WIWA debut infront of a sold out Arrowhead Pond arena, do you think you will make a succesful debut?

Carlito- Well Danny, Carlito in the WIWA, now that, thats COOL!

Just as Roger goes to ask another question The Rock walks into the room.

Rock- Hello Rogy baby, and um who in the blue hell are you?

Carlito- My name is Carli.....

Rock- IT DOSENT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS! (crowd errupts with laughter) Because to the Rock you could be Jerry Springer, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Lynn, it dosent matter because the Rock would still whip your CANDY ASS no matter who you are! (crowd errupts) You see sonny jim, the Rock is a man of the people, a representitive of the peoples council if you will, and you see the people have something they told me to specifically pass onto you.................YOUR NOT COOL! (crowd errupts)

Carlito- SHUT UP SHUT UP! Listne to me Rocky, you, YOU ARE NOT COOL! You are a joke, a man who needs to practilly kiss the peoples ass to get them to like you, and just incase you dont get it Rocky, thats NOT COOL!

Rock- What the HELL is wrong with you, are you on X? Are you on crack,cocaine,speed,marajuana or whatever you afroheaded carribeans smoke? Huh well are you, answer the Rocks damn question.

Carlito- I dont do drugs Rocky, thats NOT COOL

Rock- Ahhh SHUT THE HELL UP! You, yeah you with the frizzy afro, you just incase you havent realized by now, are a joke and you are NOT COOL! And the Rock means that you are NOT COOL! You see if you actually knew how to wrestle, I might grab your MONKEY ASS and whip it all over Anaheim! (big pop) But since you cant wrestle for loose change on a street corner, then whoever your wrestling are not gonna have any worries whippin your CANDY ASS all over the Arrowhead Pond. And by the way spitting in peoples faces with an apple, thats not COOL, thats bloody stupid, an idiotic attention seeking act, but, on Tuesday when Diesel got you at your own game, that, that was COOL!....................IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..........WHAT THE ROCK............IS.......COOKING!

Rock exits to a huge pop leaving Carlito with a stern look on his face.

JR: Well that cocky Carlito just got what he had coming to him!

King: That was bloody hilarious JR, The Rock layed into Carlito and didnt stop.

JR: Well after the break we get the action underway as Tony Mamaluke takes on Justin Credible

Commercial Break

Match 1: Singles Match
Participants: Tony Mamaluke vs Justin Credible

Mamaluke worked on any body part of Credibles he could, especially the left arm. After every move Mamaluke hit he would turn it into a submission. Credible finally managed a counter and rolled quickly out of the ring. Credible caustiously got back in the ring and hit Mamaluke with a cheap shot. Credible smirked as the crowd booed him. Credible dropped knee to Mamalukes head then covered him 1---2-- kick out by Mamaluke. Credible whipped Mamaluke to the ropes and scoop slammed him on the return. Another cover, another 2. Credible put Mamaluke in the corner and tried to chop away, but Mamaluke came back with chops and rights of his own. It soon turned into and all out slugfest which got the crowd on their feet cheering. Eventually Mamaluke dropkicked Credible down and then went for a cover. 1---2-- kick out by Credible. Mamaluke goes for another armbar but it gets countered into a sideslam. Credible then goes to hit the X-Mark but Mamaluke catches his leg, trips him down, turns him over into a stretch muffler, then sits downa nd locks in the Sicilian Crab! Credible almost immediatley taps as Mamaluke celebrates through the crowd.

Match Time: 10m 57s
WINNER: Tony Mamaluke via Submission

JR: What a great way to open up one of the biggest Explosions ever, with Mamaluke making Credible tap out to the Sicilian Crab!

King: Thats a good win for Mamaluke, and hes gonna need all the practice he can get to last 2 minutes with Hulk Hogan at the Rumble in 2 weeks!

JR: Yeah but Mamaluke is a skilled in ring wrestler, hes great on the mat. Well I understand that Roger Walker is now backstage with the Natural Born Thrillers!


Roger- Yes JR I am indeed standing by with the Natural Born Thrillers, all 7 of them, as Johnny Stamboli seems to be back in the game after a brief contract dispute with management, and well I not sure who to ask this question to as I do not know who the leader is so which 2 men have been chosen to represent your group in the 4 team tag tonight?

Reno- Well we had a ballot which I won, thus I am the leader, thus you must ask me the questions from now on. But onto the question you just asked, Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak have been chosen to represent in the main event tonight.

Roger- I see, will anyone else play a factor in this match?

Reno- No we have agreed that Mike and Shawn dont need our help to win, they are already good enough to beat anyone in this entire locker room so interference is not on our cards.

Roger- Well gentlemen thank you for your time and good luck.

Roger exits the NBT dressing room.

JR: So it will be Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak vs Hardyz vs Dudleyz vs DOA tonight in our main event, with the first team to score a pinfall or submission will go on to face the tag champ the New Age Outlaws at the Royal Rumble, but after the break we get some Lightweight tag team action, see you then.

Commercial Break

Match 2: Tag Team Match
Participants: Juventud Guerrera & La Parka vs Jerry Lynn & Psicosis

Guerrera starts with Lynn. Guerrera gets the upperhand in every situation. Lynn, the veteran, stares blankly at Guerrera as he tags out, annoyed and in shock that he could not get a single move on Guerrera. Psicosis steps in and has his head taken off by a wheel kick. He gets up and Juvi dropsaults him then drops a running elbow. Cover 1----2--- kick out by Psicosis. Juvi takes Psicosis to his corner and chops away before tagging in La Parka. Parka snap suplexes Psicosis and holds the lock in for a cover which is broken up by Lynn. Parka whips Psicosis to the ropes and goes for a diving clothesline but Psicosis has it scouted and ducks, sending Parka through the ropes to the outside. Psicosis instinctivley distracts the referee as Lynn gets some cheap shots in on Parka including whipping him into the steel steps. Lynn rolls Parka in the ring. Psicosis instantly pins La Parka 1----2----no! Kick out just in the nick of time by La Parka. He looks in pain, holding his back. Psicosis back suplexes Parka then holds him in position and tags in Lynn. The veteran drops repeated elbows to the chest of Parka and covers him only to have Juvi break it up. Lynn then whips Parka to the ropes but Parka comes off the ropes and nails a hurricanrana followed by some armdrags and a DDT. Lynn is down and Parka struggles to get up. Parka almost makes the tag to Juvi but Lynn grabs him by the foot and drags him back into the center of the ring. Parka goes for an enziguri but Lynn ducks. Parka then uses his held foot and hits Lynn with a sensational kick. Both men down. Crowd claps Parka to his feet. He gets up, Lynn tags in Psicosis. Psicosis goes for Parka who dives and tags in Juvi. Juvi goes to work on Psicosis with a flurry of chops, kicks and rights. Juvi whips Psicosis to the ropes but Psicosis reverses, only to have Juvi shoulder tackle Psicosis down. Juvi gets up and turns around, as off the top rope comes Lynn with a huge flying cross body. Lynn gets up and turns around to have La Parka missile dropkick him from the top rope. Juvi slams Psicosis and goes to the top rope, but Lynn runs up and enziguri's Juvi off the top to the floor! HOLY SHIT! chants circle around the Arrowhead Pond. La Parka hits a reverse DDT on Psicosis but turns around into a kick to the gut from Jerry Lynn. Lynn hoists him up and drops him with the cradle piledriver. Psicosis shakes the cobwebs loose and puts an outstretched hand over La Parkas motionless body. Lynn knocks Juvi off the apron as the ref counts the fall in the ring 1----------2------------3!

Match Time: 13m 41s
WINNERS: Jerry Lynn & Psicosis

JR: Wow what a match, we truly have a great mix of Lightweights here in the WIWA dont we King?

King: We sure do JR, what a match, Im glad that my picks won too!

JR: Understandebly so too King, you always choose the bad guys.

King: Shutup Ross you always go with the good guys so you've got no right to say that to me.

JR: OK sorry King.

Camera pans back and we see Carlito walking down the hall. He is smiling around and juggling his apple in one hand. He dosent see where hes going and bumps into TORRIE WILSON!

Carlito- Will you watch where your going woman, you almos knocked Carlito over and ruined his apple.

Torrie- Im sorry Carlito I didnt see you there.

Carlito- Its OK I guess, so what are you doing here anyways, arent you with the WWE.

Torrie- I was until Adam signed a whole bunch of divas over to here including myself,dawn marie,miss jackie,carmella,trish,lita,sable,victoria,stacy keibler and molly holly.
Carlito- Now that, thats COOL. Carlito starts drooling over Torrie.

Torrie- Oh you asshole. Torrie slaps Carlito and walks off.

Carlito- Ahh she dosent know what shes missing out on.

Carlito continues to walk down thw hall but stops when he passes the door to GM Heymans office. Carlito knocks and enters.

Heyman- Well hello there Carlito are you ready to debut later tonight?

Carlito- O I cant wait Paul, um who am I versing by the way?

Heyman- Well I booked you in a match with Rey Mysterio.

Carlito snickers and laughs.

Carlito- Wow that will be a challenge (sarcasm)

Carlito takes a crunch of his apple then spits it in Heymans face.

Carlito- Hahahahahaha

Heyman wipes the apple of his face. Carlito goes to exit the room.

Heyman- Um Carlito on second thought you wont face Rey Mysterio, no no instead you will face Big Daddy Cool, DIESEL!

Carlito turns around with a shock look on his face.

Calrito- No no no no no, god no not him not the behemoth!

Heyman- Sorry Carlito, you had your chance and you blew it out your mouth, literally!

Carlito- Carlito is sorry please reconsider.

Heyman- NO WAY! O and Carlito, now that, thats COOL! (crowd errupts)

Carlito walks out of Heymans office looking very angry and afraid.

JR: Well it looks like that time Carlito bit off a bit more than he could chew!

King: But why Diesel of all people, hes 324 pounds and hes 7 feet tall! Carlito is gonna have one hell of a time winning against Diesel.

JR: Well that match is up after the break, ITS NEXT

Commercial Break

Match 3: Singles Match
Participants: Diesel vs Carlito Carribean Cool

Diesel comes out to a huge pop. Carlitos music hits and he comes out to some light heat. Carlito cautiously makes his way to the ring. He slides in and starts hammering away on Diesel but uit dosent seem to faze the big man. Carlito goes for a slam but Diesel counters with a club on the back. Diesel then drives a knee into the gut of Carlito, then drives him down to the mat hard with a powerful Jacknife. Diesel cassually covers Carlito 1-----2-----3!

Match Time: 1m 01s
WINNER: Diesel

JR: Diesel just handed Carlitos ass to him in 1 minute flat!

King: O man when Diesel got Carlito up for that Jacknife then dropped him down, Carlito hit the mat like pancake batter slapping off a frying pan.

JR: Way too easy there for the big man and not a very impressive debut by Carlito. Well this next match is gonna be the time for Shelton Benjamin to get his hands on his backstabbing former friend, Charlie Haas! Lets show you what has happened between these 2 in just a couple of days.

Video of Haas attacking Shelton and Shelton then challenging Haas is shown.

Match 4: Singles Match for the WIWA TV Title
Participants: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Charlie Haas

Haas gets a huge boo from the crowd when he comes out. Sheltons music hits an the TV champ gets a huge pop and runs towards the ring. He starts mugging Haas with rights. He whips Haas off the ropes and clotheslines him down then grabs Haas' head and starts laying into him with more right hands. Shelton then pumps up the crowd and they love it. Haas rolls out of the ring but Shelton follows him and clubs him a couple of times before dropping Haas on the barricade. Shelton then slaps Haas and dropkicks Haas into the crowd. Shelton climbs over the barricade and throws Haas back to ringside. Shelton high fives a few fans. Shelton climbs on top of the barricade and jumps off onto Haas with a crossbody, followed by more right hands. Shelton then whips Haas shoulder first into the steel steps. Haas screams in pain as he holds his right shoulder. Shelton then slams Haas into the spanish announcers table and rolls him back in the ring. Shelton covers Haas but Haas puts his foot on the ropes. Shelton picks Haas up and slams him down hard. Shelton plays to the crowd while waiting for Haas to get up. He then whips Haas to the corner and nails a stingers splash on Haas. As Haas stumbles out of the corner Shelton goes for the T-Bone but Haas counters with a swift kick to the groin, right in front of the ref. The ref rings the bell.

Match Time: 8m 32sWINNER: Shelton Benjamin via DQ

Haas continues to mug Shelton while hes down. Haas rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides it into the ring and hits Shelton square on the head with it. Shelton is bleeding pretty badly. Haas then puts Shelton in the Haas of Pain just like on Full Throttle and after a ton of refs and officials run in and seperate Haas from Benjamin, he lets go, knowing the damage is already done. Shelton holds his left leg and his head in pain as he is stretchered out by 2 officials. Haas though isnt finished and attacks Shelton as he is on his way up the ramp. He hits both the officials with the chair then hits Benjamin in the ribs, then pushes the stretcher with Shelton on it off the stage crashing through the tables and equipment below! The crowd are silenced. Haas taunts and points to himself saying he is the man, the crowd boo him as EMT's rush down to attend to an out cold Shelton Benjamin.

JR: O my god we need some more EMT's and medics down here, Shelton was just pushed of the stage through a couple of tables among other things!

King: Well Im not a fan of Benjamins but that was just sick from Charlie Haas, whats gotten in to him lately, that was just uncalled for.

JR: It sure was, I think Haas never wants to see Shelton wrestle again.

King: Well he may have gotten his wish then JR, Shelton is still yet to move.

The camera pans around the arena, showing the faces of the fans, some are standing in shock, some are sad, some are crying.

Paul Heymans music hits and he walks out to the usual mixed reaction.

Lillian Garcia- Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WIWA General Manager, PAUL HEYMAN! (mixed reaction)

Heyman grabs the mic off Lillian.

Heyman- Thank you Lillian, well folks have you had a good night so far? (crowd errupts) Well its only gonna get better because not only is our main event still to come, but let me be the first to introduce the lovley new divas added to our roster!

Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Victoria, Miss Jackie, Lita, Sable and Molly Holly all make their way out and stand on the apron.

Heyman- My god dont they look good! Anyways, there wont be a womens championship yet, they are here for other things, to entertain you, the fans! (crowd errupts, WE WANT PUPPIES chants start circling the arena) Thank you girls you can head on back now.

The divas exit.

Heyman- Now onto what I really came out here to say......

Just then Randy Ortons music hits and the females in the crowd go nuts, the rest of the crowd boo loudly. Orton has a mic in hand, he starts speaking as he walks down the ramp.

Orton- Well well well, if it isnt Paul Heyman, the man who took ECW from a small little indy company out in Philly, and turned it into one of the more succesful companies in sports and entertainment. Move aside Heyman, the Legend Killer is here. (crowd boos). So Paul after all you did to make ECW what it was, that kinda makes you a legend ey? (the crowd know whats coming, mixed jeers and cheers)

Heyman- Well I guess it does, thank you Randy.

Orton- No no Paul thank you

Randy Orton then delivers an RKO to Heyman to mixed cheers. Orton the poses on the turnbuckle.

*GLASS SHATTERS* blast over the speakers and the crowd errupts as Stone Cold makes his way to the ring, looking for a a fight. He hops in the ring but Orton stops him.

Orton- Woa woa, calm down Steve, I understand your pissed off that I RKO'd you, but you gotta live with it.

Austin thinks about Ortons comments, gives him the double middle finger slaute and Stunners Orton out of his boots. The crowd errupts as Austin drinks a couple of cold ones. Then Heyman comes round and gets to his feet. Austin hands him a beer. Heyman and Austin toast together, but Austin gives Heyman the Stunner and Heyman sprays all his beer out as he goes flying across the ring. Orton then gets to his feet groggy and Austin hands him a beer. Orton looks at the beer then looks up and Austin gives him another Stunner. The crowd is loving this. Austin gets a couple more beers and downs them while standing on the turnbuckle.

Austin then grabs the mic.

Austin- No Orton you gotta live with Stone Cold kicking your ass tonight, and thats the bottom line coz Stone Cold said so!

JR: O HELL YEAH! Austin just gave Orton a bit of his own medicine.

King: And he gave Heyman a Stunner too!

JR: The Rattlesnake is all fired up! Well folks after our final commercial break, we have our main event, 4 team tag!

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back folks, and its time for the MAIN EVENT!

Match 5: 4 Corners Tag Team Match Winners Are Number 1 Contenders for Tag Titles at Royal Rumble
Participants: DOA vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak.

Great match but after about 15 minutes all 5 other NBT members made their way down to the ring and started beating up the opposition. This left Jeff Hardy open to the Meat-Ginder. Stasiak hooked the leg and the NBT's are going to challenge the Outlaws at the Rumble for the tag team championships.

Match Time: 16m 34s
WINNERS: Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak

JR: No no no! Those other members made their damn presence felt! Goddam it all!

King: Yes yes yes! C'mon NBT, the next WIWA tag team champs!

JR: That was a highway robbery, any of the other teams deserved it but not he damn NBT! We will see you tomorrow for Full Throttle!


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