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Re: Cerbs, time to explain yourself BRO

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
Gee you are SO insecure, I jokingly asked Cerbs for nude pics because in the picture thread he said "PM me 4 nudes." So I repped him saying "Pics now!" Do you think I seriously want nude pics of Cerbs?? Sorry I have an actual boyfriend, like one I can actually touch and see every day, not some words on a screen because no one in my whole country will date me, lol. That's how this whole thing even started, and then you freaked out and started acting like a bitch because SOMEONE ELSE made a joke about me wanting Cerb's dick. I even asked them to stop but you're just so jealous and possessive that you attacked me for something other people were saying. But whaaatever, I feel bad for Cerbs because he's probably going to have to listen to you complain about me for months after this topic, lol.
I know you don't want nude pictures of him but it doesn't change the fact that you can be pretty disrespectful. And no, I don't waste my time talking about you to Cerbs. The only thing he says about you is that you're a dumb bitch. He told me you repped him saying that because he found it peculiar that you kept worshiping him all the time. It's not my fault you give guys the impression that you like them. How does that make me possessive or jealous? I'm not the one that thought you liked him. I asked you what you said and I let it go. Also, I don't see why you're still annoyed about what I said in that thread. It wasn't that big of a deal but you're still not going to let it go.

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
lol! I've said before that I think Cerbs is a good poster (even though I'm sure he'll hate me after this topic) but why would I seriously ask for nude pics?? Gee is just being a jealous insecure bitch, she even got mad when I said "I love Cerbs, his rants are the best." Like "Seriously, just because you're his girlfriend I can't say I like his topics??" Get over it Gee, even if you didn't ask Cerbs to PM me it's still pathetic that you complain about me all of the time to him, and the PM was beyond hilarious like "Gee is really sensitive, please don't make her cry any more. " Like I said he you can't handle it get the fuck out of the rants section.
Do you have problems reading? I never got upset at you for having him as your favorite poster or for telling him his rants were good so shut up already. You don't even like the guy; you know he'll bury you in one second which is why you call him a good poster after you basically say he's retarded. I already explained why he messaged you and I know what was in the pm so really, stop twisting it around.

Handle what? You're a fucking child that needs attention all the time. I'm not worried about you.

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