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Re: Cerbs, time to explain yourself BRO

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
Oh my god don't even try to lie Gee, news flash I still have the PM's saved in my inbox so don't even try.
Uhh your pm's won't prove anything. I didn't tell Cerbs to message you. We both told him that we take care of our own shit, remember? Why are you twisting things around?

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
I'm not on THAT many forums, and I join a lot of them because I usually get bored with boards and stop posting on them so I find new ones. So what?? At least I don't try to use the forums as eHarmony because I'm too ugly to find a boyfriend in real life, lol.
I don't give a fuck how many forums you're on. The point is you're the biggest hypocrite on this forum. You call people lame and pathetic but look at what you do. You're on a bunch of forums chatting it up with so many people. You join forums regarding video games and anime yet, you diss people that like that shit here. Also, you have a freaking wiki page all about Punk. So before you judge others, look at yourself. And really calling me ugly isn't affecting me. I'm confident enough in myself and won't change my mind because someone with a low IQ and limited vocabulary tells me otherwise. You're really nothing special so get over yourself. You have no idea how many people here diss you when they're not on the forum so get off your high horse.

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
In case you haven't noticed you've posted pictures in the picture thread too you retard, the only difference is that you're fucking ugly so no one cares.
I did it once and they were pics of Cerbs and I. I don't post pictures of myself on a weekly basis like you do. Get over yourself. The fact that you continuously have to show how you look and need guys here to compliment you shows that you don't have many admirers in real life.

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
Riiight I totally have my favorite poster in my sig because I want guys attention, that's why you, LC, and Amber B have all been my favorite posters before. I guess I'm a lesbian now? Wow I didn't know that, thanks for telling me.
I've never seen any of us as your Favorite Poster Of The Moment. Also, please don't mention LC. You've been a bitch to her too for no reason. She's a good person so of course she'll tolerate you. You're like this with everyone.

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
Of course you're glad you're not me, you might actually have a personality instead of just sucking up to everyone so they'll pretend to like you and that would obviously be too much for you to handle.
I'm sorry but no, you don't have a personality. All you do is post the same shit over and over again. You're not intelligent and no, there aren't that many people that like you. There are a lot of gimmick posters here claiming they worship you but they don't. You're just too stupid to realize it.

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