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Re: Cerbs, time to explain yourself BRO

Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
lol, Coming from someone who is actually pathetic enough to try to find a boyfriend on a wrestling forum. Sorry, it's not my fault guys on message boards like me, I don't "sick" anyone's dick. Unlike you I actually have this thing called a PERSONALITY so I don't have to make up for it by kissing the whole board's ass in every post. Seriously why do you even come to the rants section? All you ever do is talk about how much you love everyone and how everyone should be nice, why don't you take your ugly man jaw transvestite ass to the Anything section then. And if I hurt your feelings again don't tell your boyfriend to PM me begging me to be nice to you, that was beyond pathetic even for you Gee.
You're a fucking idiot. I didn't tell anyone to pm you. I didn't join the forum to find a boyfriend, by the way. I'm only a member of this forum and WCF unlike you who is a member of I don't know, 50 different ones? And what do you do on each forum? Post pictures of yourself for attention, tell guys you would suck them off and have your favorite poster of the moment because you want guys to give you attention. I don't try to get attention by red repping people and having my favorite poster fest. Yeah I'm nice to people, so what? At least I'm not nice to one person one second and a total bitch the next like you. Also, before you diss my jaw, why don't you get that mole on your face removed? You're a fucking disrespectful idiot. In the end of the day, I'm glad I'm not you.

<3 ~JT~

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