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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Being that I haven’t posted anything for the best part of 11 months now I thought I’d utilise the Showcase Thread to post one of the many failed project-attempts that I’ve amassed in that time. This is not work that I am proud of, as aside from the general sloppiness in the writing it barely reaches 20 minutes (real-time). Regardless, I feel like posting something... no strings, baby.


Backstory: The only important details are that TNA’s Bound For Glory 2010 is in the books and that Hardy turned heel akin to how it happened in real life. ‘They’ were: ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris, ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown, Homicide, Hernandez, Eric Young and Christopher Daniels – a group of disgruntled homegrown TNA stars that have returned as heels and seemingly aligned with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Hardy, Abyss and co. Jeff Jarrett walked out on Samoa Joe during their 3-on-1 handicap match and is also a key compenent of the alliance.

Thursday, October 14th
The Impact Zone

The show opens in the live arena where Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff stand dead-centre of the ring. Amidst an almighty sea of boos, Eric Bischoff begins.

Eric Bischoff – Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are once again, the maestros of yet another elaborate and maniacal plan. I mean, you’d have thought with our track-record that someone would be smart enough to see this coming, wouldn’t you? You’d think that our little Deception of the TNA wrestlers, the TNA staff, and most enjoyably – you TNA fans...

As expected, the Impact Zone reacts angrily to the pompous attitude of Eazy-E.

Eric Bischoff – ... you’d think that someone would have figured us out and dammed the river before it was too late, but no, low and behold – we stand before you with exactly what we came here for ten months ago! See, last week on Impact, Dixie Carter made the biggest mistake of her life – she signed away her company, ‘TNA Wrestling’, to us without even realising it. I mean, come on Dixie – even you, you little Southern Bitch, should know to read the small-print before signing the deal?!

With the fans jeering at every opportunity, Hogan takes the time to pose over the ropes with his hand to his ear sarcastically, rubbing it in the face of the entire audience.

Eric Bischoff – Dixie, I know that you already know, but for those who are a little too dense to realise it yet – when Dixie signed a contract for the Abyss vs. RVD Monsters Ball match... she was really signing over all rights to the organization to three people: Eric Bischoff... Hulk Hogan... and Jeff Jarrett! A lot of people were wary, but over time through our little charade, we won them over. The boys in the back were all suspicious on day one, but over time we had them eating out of our hands! And not to be braggadocios about it, but I’ve gotta say – it feels pretty damn good, too!

Mike Tenay – This is absolutely disgusting.

Eric Bischoff – I’ve got your emails... your cell messages... your text-messages... your tweets – all looking for answers to your pointless questions: ‘Why Eric, why?’... ‘How could you do that to Dixie Carter?’ ... ‘Why would you turn your back on the fans that made you and pull the wool over their eyes like that?’

Eric Bischoff – Well, to be blunt – it was never a matter of ‘how could I’ or ‘why would I’, but rather a matter of ‘are these people actually buying this crap, Hulk? Do they actually believe that we’re in TNA to help it grow and help put more money in Dixie Carter’s pocket?!’ In simple terms for you simple-minded people, it was more than easy to screw each and every one of you when the opportunity inevitably came about. See, we’ve been here before with WCW, and right now, you’d better believe that we’re going there again with TNA! Get ready, because like we said on January 4th when we laid down the foundations – ‘we’re going to turn TNA upside down!’

Bischoff passes the microphone to Hulk Hogan, who literally strokes his moustache whilst figuratively stroking his ego, before beginning.

Hulk Hogan – Well TNA-maniacs, it looks like we’re in a time-warp right now brother – Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff – running roughshod over this little gig right here.

Heat for Hogan.

Hulk Hogan – I think my blood-brother Eazy E said it best – how ignorant can you be, Dixie, to sign away your company to a couple of sleaze-bags like us? Sister, if you’re really dumb enough to do that, then maybe you deserved to get taken for a ride by the both of us. Honey, I hate to say it, but all of Daddy’s Money that you’ve invested over the last seven years... it’s ours now! TNA, and all its history of mediocrity... belongs to Hollywood!

The screen briefly cuts backstage to the interview area with the TNA logo backdrop, where Dixie Carter is inconsolably crying in the arms of her husband Serg, whilst watching the broadcast on a monitor.

Hulk Hogan – Ya know brothers, I’ve actually got a little paperwork in the mail, and within the next few days we’ll be renaming this joint HOLLYWOOD... CHAMPIONSHIP... WRESTLING! Oh yeah – s’got a pretty good ring to it!

Hogan and Bischoff look at each other with dirty grins on their faces.

Hulk Hogan – TNA was nothing but an opportunity to make a quick dollar to me, and I know that it’s nothing more to Eric too, so to everyone in the back: to your Mr. Andersons’, and your Samoa Joe Schmoe’s, your Pope’s, and your Motorcity Machine Guns – you boys had better get ready to lose your jobs, because brothers, unfortunately for you – I don’t see much in the way of a future for you working under the two of us.

Mike Tenay – I’ll say it again... this is absolutely disgusting! Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are on a power-trip and no one is safe!

Hulk Hogan – But let’s not get this little party derailed... let’s waste no time... ladies and gentlemen please welcome the third member of the HWC hierarchy – ‘Hollywood’ Jeff Jarrett!

** My World **

The ever-familiar theme of Jeff Jarrett plays in the Impact Zone to a not-so-familiar chorus of boos that on this night accompanies it. Jeff Jarrett emerges with a wide grin on his face wearing a red ‘Hulkamania’ t-shirt, as well as casual jeans and black shoes. He points from the top of the ramp to the men inside the ring who are applauding him before joining them.

Mike Tenay – Here’s the man who sold his soul! Here’s the man who sold Dixie Carter and this company down the damn river – Jeff Jarrett.

Double J is greeted by warm hugs from his new business partners much to the distain of Dixie Carter who we can see backstage shaking her head in disgust, still with tears flowing from her eyes. Jarrett asks to see the contract which Bischoff has in his hands and receives it, kissing it tenderly before raising it high in the air.

Jeff Jarrett ‘Ya know, as the founder of TNA, you’d understand why it would eat me up seeing my company ran by another person. You’d understand how bitter it would make me over the last few years, seeing ma’ creation: ma’ hard work ma’ blood, ma’ sweat, and ma’ tears – being operated by somebody else. I’d also hope that you’d understand why I would have to go to such extreme measures – aligning myself with two sworn enemies – just to regain the control that I deserve. You’d understand that... or at least, you would understand it... if it were true.

While the last four words seemingly went over Hogan’s head, Bischoff is slightly caught off guard, but figuratively shakes his head at the notion and moves on from it.

Jeff Jarrett – Now I’ve been involved in a few screw-jobs in ma’ time, but this... this one right here, this is the sweetest.

Jarrett once again raises the contract aloft for all to see.

Jeff JarrettThe contract that I hold in ma’ hand right here is the difference between Dixie Carter owning this company... and the three men you see standing in this ring owning this company. This contract – paper and ink – separates this one company’s future. According to the litigation on this contract, I am entitled to and I own a 40% share in TNA Wrestlin’, and am thus the majority share holder. It would be so, so easy to take this contract, use it and abuse it, and to take over TNA and re-shape the company to how I see fit. You’d all understand my motivation for doing such a thing, stealing a multi-million dollar company away from somebody else – because the gain would be so hah’ for yours truly.

Bischoff nods in agreement.

Jeff Jarrett –But Eric... Hulk – I’m afraid to say that that’s just not gonna happen.

The doom and gloom mood of the Impact Zone changes to one of renewal and hope, with all of the fans in attendance either already thrilled at what they’ve heard or intrigued by where Jarrett’s going with this. Eric Bischoff on the other hand is baffled, mouthing ‘What?’ to his so-called business partner.

Eric Bischoff –You’re right it’s not gonna happen – we all get a share in this, Jeff, not just you.

Bischoff forces a smile as he calls Jarrett out on the literal meaning of what he said, hoping for the best and that Jarrett had made some sort of error in saying it.

Jeff Jarrett –That’s not what I mean, Eric.

Bischoff looks at Jarrett in restrained disgust.

Eric Bischoff – ... Th-then what do you mean?

Jarrett pauses for a while before responding, meanwhile, off-mic, Eric asks him again what the deal is. Hulk meanwhile takes a step forward towards Jeff via his crutches.

** Another **

The Impact Zone rises up generally negatively for the arrival of the TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy. Eric Bischoff’s spirits lift immediately though as he announces Jeff Hardy.

Eric Bischoff – Ladies and gentlemen... the NEEW – TNA World Heavyweight Championnnnn – JEFF... HARR-DYYY!

Hardy stands at the top of the entrance way taking in the atmosphere with his title belt draped over his shoulder emotionlessly before making his way down the ramp to join the party. As Hardy nears the ring, Bischoff reminds Jarrett off-mic that ‘we’re all in this together’.

Taz – Well here comes the man who along with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, turned his back on TNA wrestling and sold his soul for that belt right there! This guy’s got some explainin’ to do.

Ever the kiss-ass, Bischoff sits on the second rope and pulls the top one up to make the champions entrance more comfortable. Hulk and Eric both take turns in hugging ‘their’ champion, who seems very assured of his own presence. Hardy chews his gum rather brashly before, in the direction of the camera, spitting it out forcefully. After receiving a mic from a ringside lower-being and waiting for the crowd to simmer down, he begins.

Jeff Hardy – You know, they say the best trick that the devil pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. I couldn’t agree with that more, because you’re looking at two guys – Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who pulled off one hell of a trick at Bound For Glory.

Heat for ‘Hollywood’ Hogan and Bischoff.

Jeff Hardy – And of course yours truly, Jeffrey Nero Hardy, who played the role of antagonist in capturing this (he holds the title aloft) TNA World Heavyweight title.

Hogan and Bischoff concur with Hardy, who they’re visibly very happy with.

Jeff Hardy – I’ve gotta say that regardless of the circumstances that surround, and the way that you people are treating me, holding this title belt – this thing of beauty – it’s a dream that I’ve held for the last six years since I first stepped foot in TNA. I’ve accomplished my dream and achieved my goals... thanks to these two men right here.

On cue, the fans generate heat for the smug Bischoff and Hogan.

Jeff Hardy – Say what you want about ‘em... but these three men are geniuses the likes of which we rarely see on this earth. Hollywood Hogan: biggest star in wrestling’s history, Jeff Jarrett: TNA’s founder, and the life-blood of TNA... and Eric Bischoff: the conniving, deceitful, scheming genius – they are the reason that this moment is possible. These three guys are the ones that orchestrated and put together this little master plan. Together we laid the foundations for this little scheme that we’ve got goin’ on – the scheme in which the four of us take over the entire Wrestling world. Hulk, Jeff and Eric would have the power... and I myself... would have the title.

A ‘You Sold Out’ chant erupts, but it seems fleeting and like water off of a ducks back to Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: But ya see, Hulk, and ya see Eric – like the man standing beside me Jeff Jarrett, that’s just not the way that it’s gonna go down, man.

Bischoff chuckles to himself before seeing the seriousness in Hardy’s face and again mouthing ‘What’? He then puts the microphones to his lips.

Eric Bischoff: Uh, excuse me?

Jeff Hardy: Oh, that’s right Eric.

Hardy looks to Jeff Jarrett who to the delight of the crowd, raises the contract high in the air once more before RIPPING IT in two, mortifying the onlooking Hogan and Bischoff!!

Mike Tenay – WHAT?!?!

Jeff Hardy: The con-man, just got his lieing ass... CONNED!

The fans erupt in support of Hardy, who looks at Jeff Jarrett knowingly.

Jeff Hardy: And I can’t tell you how good it feels, how empowering it feels, knowing that I’m part of the reason that the two of you have finally been figured out. I mean guys... did you really think that I’d sell ma’ soul for the dollar sign? Did you really think that I was seedy enough to spit in the face of Dixie Carter and all of these fans (cheap pop) – just for the glory of the TNA World Title, is that it?

Hogan and Bischoff look at each other in disbelief.

Hulk Hogan: Brother, I don’t know what your deal is, but you had better hope that this a joke you’ve got going on right now.

Hardy pauses momentarily, looking to the fans in attendance before responding.

Jeff Hardy: Oh it’s far from a joke Hulkster. See I grew up ‘ah-dolising you, trying to be like you in every possible way – but now I see you for what you and Eric truly are... and that is the cancer in TNA!

The fans break out in a unanimous chant of ‘Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!’

Eric Bischoff: Alright, I-I see what’s developing here. I see it. Very well-worked, boys, kudos to the both of you... but come on now, let’s be serious for a moment here. Let’s be business-men – are you really going to pass up that title, Hardy? And you Jarrett – you’re telling me that you don’t want that majority share in TNA: the company that you founded?! The company that was stolen away from you why Dixie Carter?!

Despite desperately trying to plead with Jarrett’s dark-side, his response is definitive after a moment to ponder his response.

Jeff Jarrett: NO!

Bischoff mouths to Jarrett ‘WHAT?’, as Hogan takes another step forward and pokes Jarrett in the chest, only to have his hand slapped away by the TNA founder.

Jeff Jarrett: Hulk... Eric – consider this your last stand in TNA, because according to Dixie Carter: the true owner of TNA...

Jarrett raises the contract torn contract high once again and then tears it into eight neat pieces, before throwing it high into the air and letting it fall like confetti.

Jeff Jarrett: ... you’re... FIRED ~ !!!

Hulk and Eric look at each other with grim looks on their faces as the fans pop wildly.

Hulk Hogan: Jarrett – you little redneck, backstabbing prick – you really think that tearing up that contract is gonna eliminate us from TNA... our company? Do I really need to remind you brother, that the two of us have got two year contracts with TNA – the two highest-paid contracts in all of professional wrestlin’?! You can’t kill Hulkamania – many have tried... all have failed!

Still fired up, Jarrett responds.

Jeff Jarrett: Hogan – read ‘ma lips... I just did. You’re gone from TNA, you hear me? There is not a chance in hell that I’m gonna stand idly bah’ and watch you tear TNA down from the inside. This company, TNA Wrestlin’, is the greatest professional wrestlin’ company in the world, and I’ll be DAMNED... I’ll be DAMNED if I let two money-hungry ego-maniacs come in and kill TNA like you did WC’Dubyah!

Bischoff, sick of hearing Jarrett speak, signals to TNA security Gunner and Murphy to enter the ring and take care of the two Jeff’s. They follow orders as told to, entering through the ropes and standing face to face with Hardy and Jarrett, almost nose-to-nose.

Eric Bischoff: Well don’t just stand there... c’mon!

In another shocking twist, both Gunner and Murphy turn to face Hogan and Bischoff before shaking their heads and telling them ‘NO’! The fans pop as Murphy shakes Jarrett’s hand and Gunner shakes Hardy’s, before they both exit the ring and make their way up the ramp.

Jeff Jarrett: So before we forcefully remove you from this building, there’s one more person that you need to man up and face. You need to look her in the eye and you need to realise that the times have changed, and that TNA isn’t going anywhere. Ladies and gentlemen... TNA’s president, Mrs Dixie Carter.

To no entrance music, Dixie emerges with her husband Serg still visibly shaken by the drama that’s unfolded. Though her husband insists on accompanying her to the ring, she tells him that she’s got this one and makes her way to ringside, with Hardy pulling the ropes up for her. She takes a deep breath before making her way alongside Jeff Jarrett, who embraces her in a hug. Eric Bischoff leers at Dixie deviously, whilst Hogan similarly watches on callously. Tension builds as they stand off each other, before Eric takes a big step forward and gets in the face of Dixie and proceeds to yell at her relentlessly. Dixie stands there, stone-faced, and takes it, but after Eric is done with his tirade she takes a slight step backwards before unleashing a vicious SLAP to the face of Bischoff!

Mike Tenay – WHOA!?!?

Bischoff stumbles backwards and falls on his backside, visibly embarrassed. He responds by swiftly making it back onto his feet and lunging towards Dixie violently only to be met by a stern kick to the gut by Jeff Jarrett who then tosses Bisch towards Hardy like a piece of meat before the champion downs him with a Twist of Fate!

Taz – Our TNA champion... Jeff Haw’dy – just took out Eric Bischoff with the Twist of Fate!

Eric does the wise thing by rolling out of the ring where he lays motionless on the floor, leaving Hulk Hogan all on his own. Hogan takes a moment to examine his next choice of action.

Hulk Hogan: That’s all well and good guys – you took out my Immortal blood-brother Eric Bischoff... but don’t be so dumb to think that Hulk Hogan doesn’t have another plan lined up right now. Don’t be so dumb to think that I wouldn’t have prepared for war here in TNA. Every army needs soldiers – Dixie, here come my Immortal brothers who are gonna take over this company with me!

On cue, Abyss leads Monty Brown, Chris Harris, the Latin American Exchange, Eric Young and Christopher Daniels down to ringside amidst a mixed reaction.

Mike Tenay – ‘They’ have arrived! What’s gonna happen next?! Don’t go anywhere... you don’t wanna miss what happens when TNA Impact on SpikeTV returns!

Commercials (9:15pm – 9:19pm)

Back in the Impact Zone there is another stand-off inside the ring. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are backed up by ‘They’.

Hulk Hogan – You don’t feel too hot now, do ya’ champ? Do ya’ Dixie? Do ya’ Jarrett? See Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have been on a recruiting mission of sorts, and right now, my blood-brothers – ‘THEY’ – are here to help us take over this place.

Jeff Jarrett – Is that how it’s gonna go down then boys? Abyss, Homicide, Hernandez, Wildcat, Daniels, Eric, Monty – is that how you wanna do this?

Monty Brown takes a step forward with a microphone in hand and stands alongside Hulk and Eric.

Jeff Jarrett – Guys, you’re TNA Wrestling originals. You were here since the get-go. You men are the foundation of this company, and it was your blood, sweat and tears that helped TNA get to where we are today!

Amidst an impromptu ‘Alpha Male’ chant, Monty Brown responds.

Monty Brown – You know Jarrett, you’re right. You’re completely, positively, 100% right. We are the ones who built this company, and it was our hard work that made today possible. We were the backbone of TNA Wrestling, but Jeff – if the Alpha Males memory serves him correct, you had no hesitation in giving all of us the shaft for these readymade ‘superstars’ from the WWE and WCW. I’ve seen the likes of Foley... Steiner... Booker T... Flair... Nash... Hall... Sting – all come into this company and push the existing talent right down the pecking order, so Jeffrey, why would I take your side... when I could become Immortal?

Hogan grins widely, as Dixie, Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy look on. Dixie steps forward with a microphone in hand.


To summarise: Jarrett and Hardy reveal their feigned heel-turn before turning on Hogan/Bischoff and, in the process, regain the power in TNA for Dixie Carter. As this ends, ‘They’ are about to announce their allegiance to either TNA and Dixie Carter or Immortal.

Again - not particularly proud of this work but I got the urge to post something. I like the concept of thread a lot and it's a shame that it's rarely used imo.

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