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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Shimmer Volume 33

Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James vs Athena and Bonesaw **

-Decent opener, I actually quite enjoy the team of Rachel and Jessica. It was the first time I saw their opponents Bonesaw and Athena in action, they seem to be fairly good competitors for the little time I was able to see them in the ring. I possibly see Jessica and Rachel challenging for the tag titles in future shows.

Cat Power vs Jamilia Craft ***

-Once again a great match put on by my girl Cat Power, and Jamilia Craft is awesome as well. This was a short match but was very solid and I enjoyed, hoping we see them in a series because they work very well together in the ring.

Allison Danger vs Leva Bates ** 1/4

-A fun match, Danger still has it in her to deliver in the ring and she proved it with this one. Leva is definitely a future star in Shimmer and I still expect big things from Ally, she is one of the girls who are destined to hold the Shimmer Championship.

Melanie Cruise vs Taylor Made * 3/4

-This was sorta meh to me, No offense to Melanie but I enjoy her more when she is in tag team action with Annie Social, they should be the next heel team to hold the titles after someone takes the from The Ninjas.

Misaki Ohata vs Ariel *** 1/4

-I LOVED this match, Misaki is becoming one of my favorites and I seriously hope she continues with Shimmer because her matches are always fun to watch, This wasn’t quite as good as the one against Del Ray but still a very good match. The fairly lock ftw!

Serena vs Kellie Skater ** 3/4

-Happy to see Serena back in Shimmer competition, and picking up a win. Kellie is impressing me even more each volume and she will definitely be a big time player in the future of Shimmer.

Sara Del Ray vs Nevaeh ** 1/2

-As always, it is fun to watch Death Ray in action but I really wanted to see Nevaeh get the W here. I would like to see another encounter where Nev pulls out the upset and perhaps she goes on a winning streak until the eventual return of Lane when she loses the KO title in TNA so that they can have a match together I marked for the Crossface though lol I love that hold.

Jessie McKay vs Nicole Matthews *** 1/2

-As expected, this was an epic match and now that they are 1-1 I am hoping we get some gimmick match between the two (Have not looked at any of the future cards yet hehe, I like to be surprised for the most part) But I seriously want to see them go at it one more time or two because they work so well together, this was one of the best matches of the night hands down.

Daizee Haze vs Ayumi Kurihara ***

-Just like their last match on the previous volume this was very high paced action and all around awesome, Was glad they kept the winning streak of Kurihara in tact as it makes her upcoming match on Vol. 34 all the more interesting. (Again I do not read spoilers or look at cards for future shows past that of what is the next show)

Ayako Hamada vs Tomoka Nakagawa ***

-After seeing this match, I was saying to myself it would be one hell of a tag team if Hamada and Nakagawa joined forces because they are two of the world's finest cruiserweight style women's wrestlers and as a team they could go very far in SHIMMER, I feel. Great stuff with the water bottle, these two are another couple of women with great chemistry and putting them in a team will only be a good thing imo.

Madison Eagles © vs Cheerleader Melissa - SHIMMER Championship. *** 3/4

-Excellent main event, I am really behind both these girls and hope that when Eagles does lose the belt is to Melissa in some sort of gimmick match but for now I am greatly enjoying the reign of Maddie Eagles. This match was totally awesome, Eagles works extremely well for a big woman and I dare say she is the best "Big Woman" in women's wrestling, even better than Kong and even Death Ray who are both awesome in their own right. I love the emotion of Melissa and the storytelling it adds even more to this match as it is her first shot at the gold.

Once again another spectacular showing for Shimmer, definitely cannot wait to see what is next

Avy and Sig - CJ
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