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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Alim View Post
So unlike others.. I need to put on weight. I'm 17 years old, 5'10 and weigh about 132lbs. I've been hitting the gym for the past couple of months and people are telling me I won't gain a lot of muscle unless I gain mass first. So how can I get 'bigger' while eating healthy at the same time? So please don't suggest eating McDonalds every meal and a stick of butter every 5 minutes.
well some people do dirty bulk.
They roll up to a fast food place and kill as much food as possible.
If you are 5'10 132 I'd almost suggest eating EVERYTHING you can get your hands on.
Just don't eat empty dumb stuff like twinkies and hohos. If you are going to pig out at least grab from protein out of it.

If you want to clean bulk .....
Steak , Chicken breasts and Fish allllllll day every day. Tuna , Cottage cheese , oats<-----
Also egg whites are money. When I bulk I can eat a carton of eggs a day. EGG WHITES. If you eat that many yellows I'm pretty sure you'll have a heart attack haha.
You need to be taking protein after EVERY work out and then eating about 30mins to an hour after.
Get your carbs from vegetables and get all your healthy fats in.
For bulking you almost have to take a good mulivitamin. Not your crappy walmart men's 1 a day.
I suggest Animal Pak.
You also need to take fish oil and omega3.
You also need a GOOD protein and if you are really serious casein before bed. I'd mix them with 2% or even whole milk for the extra fat and calories.
Life heavy and eat , eat , eat , eat. Your body is made in the kitchen.

You are probably going to gain a little fat , but that happens. You bulk up , cut down , bulk up , cut down etc etc.
Clean bulking will minimize fat tho

If I were you I'd be shooting for 2500-3000 calories a day

Also be patient. You aren't going to gain 70lbs of muscle in 3 months.
Just work , work , work and it will come

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