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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Some random things that I noted down whilst watching SHIMMER 33. Naturally, they contain SPOILERZ:
  • Some of the new talent looked good. Athena looks like she has a lot to offer. Taylor Made looks promising too. I'd already seen her in that pre-show match and she definitely has something about her. Leva Bates' in-ring ability isn't anywhere near as good as her gimmick.
  • Allison Danger is brilliant on the mic.
  • Craft vs. Power was a great match. Power has to be on her way towards the top end of the card.
  • Serena vs. Skater was awesome. Probably Skater's best ever match. Highly recommended.
  • SDR vs. Nevaeh = fast paced
  • Matthews vs. McKay was a good back and forth match and another one that was fast-paced and impactful. Nicole kicked out of a HUGE Schoolgirl Crush. Reminded me of the kind of thing Tyler Black would randomly do when Gabe was gradually turning him face.

    I'm not that excited by McKay, in general, but Nicole keeps getting better and better.

    Portia's commentary on Nicole's match was gold, as evidenced by the following comment on the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chants.

    Originally Posted by Portia Perez
    You won't get any Canada chants up in here. These fans are a bunch of racists.
  • Portia was on fire during Hamada-Nakagawa too, winding up Prazak by questioning the rules of wrestling.

    Originally Posted by Portia
    Hair-pulling's not illegal in Japan.
    Originally Posted by Prazak
    What?!? It's universally frowned-upon, Portia.
    Originally Posted by Portia
    Well you won't go to jail for it...
    ...and then a few seconds later...

    Originally Posted by Portia
    Big Boot? Is that not illegal?!?
    This went on for the whole match. It's a must-watch for the commentary, regardless of the fact that it was one of the better matches in SHIMMER history.

    Hell of a false finish in this. The entire finishing sequence was all kinds of awesome.

    What a fucking match! I can...not...belieeeve that's the first time those two have ever wrestled each other!

    Seems like Nakagawa is one of those people who is really, really good at making stars shine even brighter.

    I actually started marking as soon as Hamada's entrance music first hit here. That shows how good she is. The crowd was going mental when she came out too.

  • The crowd was red hot for the start of Melissa vs. Eagles as well. I don't remember there being a SHIMMER atmosphere like this before. The crowd must have sensed/wanted a title change. They didn't get one though. Not even close.

    For the first ten minutes it was pretty much what you'd expect from two main-eventers with a grudge.

    TBH I don't really “get” Eagles. She's too rangy, which makes everything that she does slightly awkward and unorthodox.

    Melissa looked too weak in this, for me. Didn't get much offense in and got pinned cleanly.

    She did a bizarre leg lock about 15mins in, which was interesting.

    Match ended after about 17mins.

    Wasn't a big fan of this match. It was just OK. I don't know if it'll look better if/when I re-watch it.

Overall, this show probably had one of the best top to bottom cards you'll see on a SHIMMER DVD. Serena-Skater and Hamada-Nakagawa are must-see IMO and a few other matches were really good. I just thought the main event struggled to follow Hamada's awesomeness.

So, that's it. I also added some more bits of newz into my newz post. It pretty much sums up the goings on of the past month in the SHIMMERverse.


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