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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Originally Posted by NoGimmicksNeeded View Post
I would like to take this opportunity to suggest everyone watches Carnivale. There's only two seasons out of the planned six due to HBO being a dick and cancelling it for whatever reason (massive cost at making each episode?).

It's a level below The Wire and The Sopranos, but I'd put it right below them. I'd say its on par with shows like The Shield, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, Firefly. It's easily the most rewarding show I've ever watched and just completely sucks you into its mythology. Basically it's the story of the lead up to the final battle between good and evil in 1930's Dustbowl America, it looks like I imagine Grapes Of Wrath would, and is just beautifully written. It's obviously meant to be leading to the final battle in the context of the invention of the atomic bomb, it's sad it never got to that stage, but what was made is just brilliant. Brother Justin Crowe is one of the best characters I've ever seen.

Watching Oz right now, finally got round to buying the complete set as a Christmas present to myself. Just finished season 2 this week. So far so good.
I'm about 8 episodes into season 1 of Carnivale and I'm really enjoying it. Been a few weeks since I watched an episode so I really should get back to it soon.

Also bought the complete Oz set. Haven't started watching that yet, though. I'll probably finish up The Wire first (which is awesome, and makes me wonder why it took me so long to get into season 1).
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