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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post
Deadwood is solid, Olyphant's a good actor, great villain in Die Hard 4 and brings teh lolz in Gone in Sixty Seconds.

I miss that show K-Ville, never even got through it's first season coz of that fucking writers strike. Caught some eps last night online, was a fairly good show.

Game of Throwns looks pretty goodd actually.
I forgot that Olyphant was the cop in GiSS. Man, that was such a great bad-movie.

I caught the pilot of K-Ville ... looked decent enough. Never had time to watch it, and this was before I had a DVR.

A lot of shows suffer unfair fate. Like the Black Donnellys. and Boomtown.

Originally Posted by Pyro™ View Post
Deadwood is great but I never thought it "picked up". Season 1 is amazing, season 2 is great and season 3 is just ok. If you don't like it in season 1 that's too bad, because I really thought that was the peak.
Aw, really. I blame my expectations.

Expectations are the devil, and can ruin good things.

Originally Posted by Kizza View Post
Thoughts on Burn Notice?

Seen some random episodes on TV, a mate gave me the first 2 seasons of it, haven't gotten round to watching it yet.
I love Burn Notice, but I'll admit, it hasn't been great since season 1. Season 1 was strong. Good writing, nice plot. But after that ... eh. Seemed like the show has treaded water for the past few seasons. A shame.

Also, the acting isn't very good. Even with the LEGENDARY Bruce Campbell. If you pay attention, you'll notice how poor the acting is. Along with the sound editing.

Originally Posted by Lostfap View Post
Psych is very average from the episodes I've seen. One of those shows I'd watch on tv if bored but that's about it.

Also The Wire's the best show ever, go watch it etc.
Ah. Alright. I'll go back to ignoring Psych. Seems pretty formulaic. I already catch enough cop shows.

Onto a different subject ... Fastlane. Cancelled way before its time! Bill Bellamy was in it, c'mon!

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