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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
nah its not in order i did them, was just trying to remember what I did those days, and the ones listed first came into my head first.

so if i were to do a split, would something like this be good?

Monday (ARMS):

(warmup) - rowing exercise
- Shoulder Press (10 x 10 reps of 25-30kgs)
- high/low pulleys (10 x 10 reps of 35-40kgs)
- Arm Press (10 x 10 reps of 30-35kgs)
- deadlift (30-40kgs on bar, 10 x 10 reps)
- bicep curls (if this is the one im thinking of), 10 x 10 reps of 30kgs)
- cardio exercise bike to cool down, burn fat - 10-15 minutes
(i'm a little braindead atm, so i cant think of the other ones I'd use atm)

Tuesday (cardio rest day) - 20-30 mins on exercise bike (i don't have much time on this day, so I use what I have at home, plus will lift weights most likely to)

Wednesday (legs)

(warmup) - Treadmill (10 Minutes)
Leg Press 10 x 10 reps of 45-50kgs
Leg Curl 10 x 10 reps of 40kgs
Calf workout - 10 x 10 reps of 30-40kgs
Squat workout - 10 x 10 reps of 35-40kgs)

(possible repeat of above)

cardio exercise bike 10 minutes to cool down

Thursday (chest)

This is the one I need help with, can someone recommend some exercises?

Friday/Satirday unsure at the moment.

I aim to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, with the days off used for cardio exercise bike + lifting at home.
Kenny- when you're writing "10 x 10 reps", do you mean 10 sets of 10 reps on EACH? That looks like a drastic overkill version of German volume training. That is waaaaay too much for that amount of lifts. That workout looks like it would take 2-3 hours. I wouldnt suggest doing more than 2 lifts per workout using 10 X 10. You really dont want your workout going much past an hour. If you want that rep scheme, i would suggest following something like this http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/luis13.htm You seem like your gunning for alot of volume so maybe that could work for you. Take it easy on the cardio though as this is a tough program and would end up being counterproductive and hurt muscle gains.

If you're doing your own routine, for chest you can get by just sticking to variations of the bench press, whether it be barbell flat/incline...or dumbbell flat/incline. Ive always been predominantly a barbell guy, but you could mix them up. Like maybe do barbell flat/dumbbell incline for a few weeks, and then flip flop it or something. Definitely dont do all 4 of them in one workout! I would suggest doing the barbell exercise first in the order if you do mix them, as ive always found it really awkward feeling going from dumbbell then to barbell. Theres also cable shit you can do as well as flies, but the benching is the meat and potatoes.

By the way, on a side note what you're calling your "Arms" workout, really isnt an arm day. Arm day is more commonly referred to as a triceps/biceps isolating workout...which i definitely wouldnt recommend anyway.

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