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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Barry_Darsow View Post
A couple things. First, is that the order of the exercises you're doing? If so, there are definitely some issues with it. Do the big muscles first...meaning doing shoulder presses before you do chest (whether it be bench press or whatever) is a mistake. The shoulders play a role in chest exercises, so what you're doing is tiring them out thus making your chest workout less effective cause you wont be able to handle as much weight. Also leg press before squat i dont like, leg press is more of a finisher type exercise...do squats first.

I think you've maybe got a little too much going on each workout. You'd probably be better off splitting it up (by muscle groups). An error alot of people make is doing too many exercises in one workout. They'll bounce from machine to machine to machine thinking the more exercises they do the better....and not even getting the full benefit from each lift. Rather than doing 6 or 7 different lifts per workout, try just doing 3 or 4 at the most and knock them out the park. Keep it simple. If you try and cram way too much into one workout right off the bat you'll probably get burned out to the point you start dreading going to the gym....and that will be that.

Im currently only doing one lift a day (thats the name of the routine) and loving it. Its an ideal program for me as the workouts are fast, and the program along with your goals is very cut and dry. If the weights didnt go up, you failed! I followed this routine for a few months a couple years ago and i have no idea why i even stopped in the first place. I dont think it would fit your goals though, as its more of a powerlifting type routine.
nah its not in order i did them, was just trying to remember what I did those days, and the ones listed first came into my head first.

so if i were to do a split, would something like this be good?

Monday (ARMS):

(warmup) - rowing exercise
- Shoulder Press (10 x 10 reps of 25-30kgs)
- high/low pulleys (10 x 10 reps of 35-40kgs)
- Arm Press (10 x 10 reps of 30-35kgs)
- deadlift (30-40kgs on bar, 10 x 10 reps)
- bicep curls (if this is the one im thinking of), 10 x 10 reps of 30kgs)
- cardio exercise bike to cool down, burn fat - 10-15 minutes
(i'm a little braindead atm, so i cant think of the other ones I'd use atm)

Tuesday (cardio rest day) - 20-30 mins on exercise bike (i don't have much time on this day, so I use what I have at home, plus will lift weights most likely to)

Wednesday (legs)

(warmup) - Treadmill (10 Minutes)
Leg Press 10 x 10 reps of 45-50kgs
Leg Curl 10 x 10 reps of 40kgs
Calf workout - 10 x 10 reps of 30-40kgs
Squat workout - 10 x 10 reps of 35-40kgs)

(possible repeat of above)

cardio exercise bike 10 minutes to cool down

Thursday (chest)

This is the one I need help with, can someone recommend some exercises?

Friday/Satirday unsure at the moment.

I aim to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, with the days off used for cardio exercise bike + lifting at home.

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