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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Sticksy View Post
not gaining weight but staying steady although i haven't been at the gym as much as i'd like. cricket has been giving me some niggling injuries which make feeling like going to the gym a bit of a chore. like right now my hands are bruised right up and swollen atm which will take a day or so to come back down but they'll remain bruised for ages, still can't make a proper fist with my right hand due to dislocating a finger a couple of weeks back which means boxing is out (one of my favoured home activties), back is acting up a touch and my shoulder is ruined. getting back to it next week now that i'm completely done with uni for the year.

Kenny - as my goals in the gym are more centred on endurance rather than exercise i tend to do more cardio based activities although i do use cable machines for upper body work and occasionally some other machines. haven't done any bench pressing in ages due to fucking my collarbone up and i can't squat for shit. my form is absolutely awful.

generally do something like

a light warm up on either bike or treadmill.
cable machine - chest press
push ups on a bosu ball
rowing machine
bike machine
cool down on a treadmill

i'l change out the cable machine and push ups for seated rows and lat pulldowns depending on days and whanot.

feeling like an absolute chick at the gym really but with all the injuries and whatnot i'm trying to be able to work for a long time (which works well in my sports) and scale back the bulking/strength training.


what are you trying to work towards? (ie goals and whatnot)
Lose weight/gain muscle is my goal. I know that sort of sounds simple? But that's what I want. Sounds simple, but its not at all.

I joined the gym on Tuesday and so far from memory I've done:


- Treadmill for 10 mins
- Shoulder Press
- Leg press
- Chest
- low/high pulleys
- Back workout
- Squat workout
- Exercise Bike to cool down

- rowing exercise
- pretty much the same from tuesday
- whey protein drink during workout/after workout

did the same yesterday and today really, and some other things like just lifting, etc.

i haven't got the names of the cable machines all memorised as of yet, or a set plan, but yeah i've drank whey protein during/after my workout for the past 3 days, is that bad?

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