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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I got the TNA 3 Pack with Turning Point 09, Final Resolution 09, & Against All Odds 10. I liked all 3 shows, so I wanted the 3 pack. I'll give brief summaries on my feelings towards them now.

TP09 = Hailed as the best TNA PPV of 2009, I can't say I fully agree. I really enjoyed both Slammiversary & Bound for Glory as well, but TP is a very strong effort. The undercard is mostly solid with Red/Cide for the X Title, Tara/Kong in a Cage, the Six Man Tag Team Match, & The 3 Way Tag Team Title Match providing solid action. Steiner/Lashley & the KO Tag were mediocre, but came with low expectations anyway. The strength of the show was in the Double Main Event of Angle/Wolfe & AJ/Daniels/Joe IV for the World Title (yeah, not II, IV. It was their FIFTH PPV match in a 3 way setting people!) were both excellent. Angle/Wolfe was my pick for MOTN and was nothing short of an excellent technical display centered around who was, at the time, a fresh face to the company & a hot feud. Excellent work there. The 3 Way, while nowhere near as interesting as it had been in 05 or 06, was a fantastic athletic display from all three men. I loved it. So two strong main events makes for a strong PPV from TNA.


FR09 = Well this one has Feast or Fired which just pissed me off. I HATE THAT MATCH!!! But the rest of the undercard is fine. Guns Vs. BI for tag gold was very good as the opener. Tara/ODB was solid. The Hardcore Tag of Foley/Abyss Vs. Richards/Raven was surprisingly fun. Eight Man Tag was alright, and Steiner/Lashley was much improved from the month before. Its probably Lashley's best match in TNA (which ain't sayin' much). But once again, the real strength of the card is in the double main event. Angle/Wolfe II in 3 Degrees of Pain was not as good as the first match but still alot of fun. I liked the action & the intensity that both men brought. I thought it was dumb to have the "Using the Cage = DQ" rule since each fall only had one way to win anyway, so what would the harm be in letting them use the cage? Anyways, Wolfe & Angle had another vicious & grueling match and it was fun. AJ Vs. Daniels 1 on 1 for the gold was pretty brutal. Some of the hard falls they did in that match were pretty sick. Very good match between the two with the awesome finish of The Super Styles Clash. So once again, another very good show IMO.


AAO10 = This one didn't necessarily deliver as far as having classic matches goes, but it didn't need to. I felt like the show had a good story throughout the night, set up by the tournament. I said it before, but what I loved about this show was that when it was done, I walked away from it thinking The Pope & Mr. Anderson were stars. Both of them came off looking like elevated talents when it was done, and I was pleasantly surprised. So because of their individual paths to the finals, it made the show pretty enjoyable to me, and it was great to have Pope go in their hurt. AJ/Joe was a pretty good World Title match to have there as well. The one real dud on the show was the Nasty Boys/3D match which was, by far, the worst match on all three shows (even Feast or Fired). Not the greatest show in terms of in ring action, but the sum was greater than the parts to me.


Very happy with the DVD set.


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