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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Shirley Crabtree View Post
No, it's nothing like that. That argument has always been pointless. Piracy doesn't involve stealing. It involves making a clone of something (an inferior clone too) and distributing that.

Making a copy of the video content doesn't really matter because media content, on it's own, is worthless in 2010. It's too abundant to have a value.

Pirating something isn't comparable to stealing a rare, physical master copy (which is what the toothpaste is).
Piracy doesn't involve stealing? Wow. I'm sure all the recording artists, movie producers, software designers (who choose to charge, a.k.a. non-freeware), and other companies who are losing money every day to piracy would differ with that opinion. Saying that my argument is "pointless" tells me everything I need to know about you. Perhaps you just fail to see the point, or just conveniently choose not to.

Media content worthless? Ok, so you like band such and such or movie such and such...so tell that to the creator. "Mr. or Ms. Creator, I think your product is worthless due to it's over-abundance, so I'm not gonna pay you any money for your life's work. I may or may not also believe that art has no real value." (scrolls through millions of stolen songs on iPod for immediate-near-future enjoyment).

Originally Posted by musdy View Post
I probably wouldn't have gotten into SHIMMER, if I hadn't downloaded Hamada vs. Del Rey from this site. I still bought the DVD.
Well I've see Sara Del Rey at a live show, where she kicked some jobber outta her boots, and I've seen Hamada on TNA displaying some of the finest, if not the finest, female wrestling I've ever seen. Those names are selling points enough. Once again, at least you buy the product, which is why a lot of artists just put there stuff of for free now hoping there are people like you that will do just that, buy after they tried.

Look I know I may not convince those that have already justified things to themselves, but let's take this piracy debate outta the SHIMMER thread.

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