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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by smitlick View Post
interesting take from the previous poster even though the comparisons of Shimmer and Walmart are completely ridiculous but whatever. I wouldn't own 5 Shimmer DVDs if i hadn't first tried the company by downloading a show. Same goes for the 145 ROH DVDs i now own. Wouldn't have bought any of them if i didn't first try them through the downloading a show. To me its basically a try before you buy. Is it illegal, YES but companies like ROH wouldn't have received the hundreds of dollars i spend with them each year if i hadn't first downloaded a show of theres.
The comparison just says that there's something new to try in a different brand (wrestling or toothpaste) and you've most likely already bought a wrestling PPV (maybe WWF/E) at some point in your life, or a popular brand of toothpaste in the comparison. So I guess I left out that there should be a free sample stand for the toothpaste...just like there's a videos page on the SHIMMER website that gives you a sample of the action for free.

Now here toothpaste analogy doesn't fit for sure, (imagine the mess...ew) so let's make it, I dunno, samples of a new ice cream flavor (oh wait, that's messy too, but moving along...) from a new competing brand (and now we're at Sams Club or Costco instead for authenticity). So you don't need to steal the competing brand's ice cream, 'Chunky Funky', just to get a taste since you have got a free sample. Analogy saved. So free samples of wrestling are the video pages on the SHIMMER site, or written recaps of PPVs.

Sure I may not be getting through to anyone enough for them to quit pirating, but still just showing that it isn't necessary. It is good that you bought all that merch though to support the companies that entertain you. That's what it comes down to really for me, if it's enriching your life in some way, you should spend the money even if you already stole it.

Now for SHIMMER related posting...Sara Del Rey rocks!

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