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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Shirley Crabtree View Post
The whole piracy thing is a big debate. I think piracy can actually help to spread the word freely and widely and then spawn more new fans, who are willing to support the company financially. It's difficult to say that with a promotion like SHIMMER though, who really are running hand-to-mouth, show-to-show. When you buy a SHIMMER DVD you're literally paying for one of the girls to get a taxi from her hotel to the show and back.

I tend to just buy what I feel is my own fair share of wrestling stuff (as a donation to whatever company) and then watch stuff, that I'm not sure is worthy of be bought, for free. In fact, I buy more than my own fair share. So I don't feel too guilty about pirating like a bastard.
Way to justify piracy to yourself. Hahahaha. That's like saying, well I shop at Walmart all the time, but I'm not sure about this new Walmart brand toothpaste, I think I'll just steal it, because I buy Crest here all the time anyhow.

Piracy help spread the word? If someone is looking for a pirate copy, they're already at least somewhat familiar with the promotion or event and can research further if they want. How are you going to spread the word through piracy? Are you going to hold a screening of the pirate copy in your home theater further breaking infringement and exhibition laws to gain new interest in your favorite company?

I think the middle-ground is the live play-by-play of the PPV. They're explaining, in great detail on the better websites, what is being shown on the PPV, but you are not pirating by reading a description.

Now this is where 'better websites' needs to be highlighted. There are some play-by-play websites with obvious criticisms and opinions. I dislike these types. I like just straight play-by-play, descriptive, but without judging or commentary. I can make up my own mind if the description of events is good enough.

Then based on the description you can choose to buy the DVD when it comes out. It's like reading a detailed Amazon.com review of a DVD, or blu-ray.com review. You're not pirating there either but you can get the entire gist of what is being sold. Then you buy the goods based on the review, and with live play-by-play you don't have to wait for the DVD to come out even. You could even still order the PPV on replay if you wanted to, plus if capable, you could see it in HD glory. Yes, piracy is a big debate still, but if you stay on the legal side of things, I've shown that you can still have a choice on what you're buying.

Oh yeah, and GO SHIMMER!

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