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Re: Official SHIMMER Discussion Thread

Shimmer Volume 32

Jamilia Craft vs Malia Hosaka **

-A decent opener, I really like Jamilia and can see her going far in future volumes. Malia is one of those veterans who can put on some good matches and also put over younger girls. I was glad Craft won this one and like I said I hope she goes far.

Rachel Summerlyn vs Kelly Skater * ½

-Another alright outing here, both these girls have a lot of potential and will progressively get better as time goes on. The match was fairly short much like most of them but they did good for the time they were given.

Cat Power vs Nevaeh * ¾

-Two of my favorites in this match, I really wished they got more time in there. I hope to see more matches between these two girls in the future, both are deserving of a lot of merits and will be holding gold sooner or later.

Jennifer Blake and Allison Danger vs Melanie Cruz and Annie Social **

-This was a good match in terms of the storyline development with the whole thing of Ninjas hiring Cruz and Social to take out Danger. It appears as if Blake/Danger are going for the tag belts and I wouldnt mind seeing them win eventually, although I really like Ninjas as champions. Perhaps later on.

Tomoka Nakagawa vs Jessie McKay **

-I wanted to see Jessie win but it was a good match none the less. Jessie and Tomoka could probably have another great match in the future and McKay is another I would like to see main event someday, Mckay/Eagles is destined to happen sometime.

Portia Perez vs Tennille ** ½

-Not a big fan of Tennille yet, she hasn’t showed me anything to special really but this was a a fun match and I was glad Portia won.

Sara Del Ray vs Misaki Ohata ***

-One of my favorites of the show, Misaki is one of my favorite Joshi athletes and Death Ray is just beyond awesome. I loved this match and at times actually thought Ohata was going to win very good stuff.

MsChif vs Daffney ** ¾

-Another one that could have been much better with more time, if they ditched at least one other match to give this one more time it would have totally stolen the show for me as they are a dream match of mine. I hope they have a gimmick match of sorts soon.

Sarah Stock vs Nicole Matthews ** ¾

-Nicole is definitely going to shine in singles action someday and this match proves it. She held her own in there with the dark angel and kept up with her, this was one of the ones I was particularly looking forward to watching and I liked it.

Daizee Haze vs Ayumi Kurihara *** ¼

-This match much like `and the following two was a potential MOTN really like Daizee's new persona and the thing with the Joshi girls is getting better and better, I love seeing them in Shimmer competition and hope it continues.

Mercedes Martinez vs Hiroyo Matsumoto *** ½

-Excellent back and forth matchup was almost as awesome as the main event even. Martinez is another one of those girls who deserves the belt in the future after all she has done in the company.

Cheerleader Melissa vs Ayako Hamada ****

-It was just as spectacular as I knew it would be. These two have had so many awesome matches together, like the Flair/Steamboat of women's wrestlers. Could watch them go at it millions of times and it would never get boring. Melissa will definitely be the next to hold the Shimmer title, it cannot be any other way.

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