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Re: Dragonball Z Mafia Gamethread

Originally Posted by Stone Cold sXe View Post
This will be interesting as I've never seen Dragonball Z.
you're a terrible person.

Originally Posted by Mr. Lawls View Post
Shut up Postage. I'll do one though.

Vote Count:

dan_marino (1) Lostfap
bob2 (4) Wesson, TheIrishProdigy, Hiplop, Kizza
RKO920 (2) Postage, Hohenheim of Light
Wesson (1) RKO920
Homicidal26 (1) Stone Cold sXe
Hiplop (1) bob2

14 for a lynch
steven, if you're going to act like a dick then you have to follow up. caving on postages demands makes you look like a bitch? are you a bitch mr lawls?

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Couple years ago SXE was pretending he knew what the fuck he was talking about in an MMA thread so I constantly berate him for it.
twas a funny comment. can't believe i forgot about it. i suppose its due to benny hiding from the mma thread due to embarrassment afterwards.

Originally Posted by BkB Hulk View Post
The spirit bomb AHHHHHHH eps were boring as fuck.
didn't it take like 6 episodes for that bloody spirit bomb to charge up? considering we got one episode a day for 5 days a week thats like almost like a solid 2 weeks i was waiting on that.
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