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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG: As The Worm Turns

Johnny Goodtime and Jerome "LTP" Robinson vs. Malachia "CK" Jackson and Ryan Taylor

For those that hate the way all the PWG opening matches seem to go this should be a much nicer change of pace. It wasn't nearly as much of a spotfest as any of the previous openers that I've seen in the past year or so. In fact there was only one dive outside of the ring to floor and it made perfect sense in the context of the match. Jackson was out for the count but Taylor was stirring around ringside and would have been in the ring within a few seconds. So Goodtime hit a dive over the top rope that took him out of the match so LTP could score the pinfall.

It was nice to see these guys works a match that had some mure structure and less SPOTZ! The fact that they also pulled it off very well left me impressed with the effort that everyone gave.

Scott Lost vs. Brandon Gatson

I loved the start of the match. I think what I liked about the way Lost took a cheap shot to start the match was that everyone saw it coming from a mile away except for Gatson. The match was good but I have to say it may have been over shadowed by the hilarious commentary. Topics included:
Super Dragon driving across Canada twice to follow Guns and Roses, Anal plugs, Bruiser Brodie and Rick Steiner, The origins of the Iron Sheik humbling people, and La Parka.

There wasn't anything mind blowing in the match but Gatson picked up a really big win against Lost. It was hard hitting and they did a good job of creating heat in a match that really was just randomly thrown together.

Roderick Strong vs. Chris Sabin

Roderick Strong stiffs everyone and this wasn't an exception. What really surprised me was the Sabin beat the hell out of Strong as well. He hit one of the hardest kicks to the chest that I remember seeing in a very long time. I also liked that we got to see Sabin's sort of heel but more asshole side. His pure fear of getting chopped again early on in the match was pretty funny.

Some amazing talent for the third match of card and they delivered. Good stuff.

The Cutler Brothers and Christina Von Eerie vs. Brandon Bonham, Joey Ryan, and Candice LaRae

The match was kind of lacking in the good wrestling department but I found myself thoroughly entertained regardless. I thought it was really odd that the Cutlers isolated Joey Ryan in the match. He's a a former PWG champion and clearly looks to be the strongest person in the match. He sold well enough and I would rather see him in the ring than Bonham so I guess it worked out. I really liked the fact that Ryan played face but still kept his scum bag persona going full throttle. He simply just can't contain himself when it the ring with women, whether it be his opponent or his partner.

You wouldn't want to watch this match for the wrestling but a good addition to the card.

Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley

"This is gonna be on DVD in 2 months or so."
"More like 6 months at the rate you guys are going"
"You son of a bitch."
This really made me laugh when I heard it on commentary at the start of the match.

I can't say I was surprised that this ended up being awesome. Hero is one of the best in the world right now and Shelley is part of one of the best tag teams in wrestling. If he did more singles matches I think he would be up there on some people's list as well. Good mat wrestling early on and people that are tired of how many elbows Hero throws will be happy with the way this went. He threw one elbow, it was one of the best I've ever seen, and he knocked Shelley out with it. Hero screaming "Shelley!" as he charged into the corner also warranted bonus points.

PWG Tag Team Championship Match:
The Young Bucks (c) vs. Two Skinny Blacks Guys of Low Moral Fiber (El Generico and Chuck Taylor)

It's amazing how much the crowd wanted the belts of the Bucks. At this point they were already the longest reigning champions and would tie Davey and Super Dragon for defenses with a win here. The pops that Generico and Taylor would get when
they were close to winning were awesome. Another good match on the card with a really exciting finishing stretch. They really got the hopes up of the crowd up a few times before the Bucks picked up the win.

PWG Championship Match:

Davey Richards vs. Kenny Omega (c)

I was getting a little worried going into this match. There hadn't been a MOTYC yet. This match changed that. I really liked the way that they used Omega's injured arm. It was heavily taped an obviously injured but Davey really didn't go after it all that much early on. It wasn't until Davey was really in jeopardy of losing the match that he went full throttle after the arm. It was stiff, never boring, and they did some stuff down right incredible in the ring. There were even a few moments that had me laughing. I haven't seen the match they had together in ROH but as a stand alone match it was incredible.

PWG has no real storylines. They don't seem to have a clue where they are going from a booking standpoint. I still love the company and think it might be the best wrestling company in the United States. They just have good matches.
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