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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Interesting that once again you start the show with one of your midcard feuds, altough this time The Empire makes more sense to do so and considering the heat they have, it's also credible that they do so. More so than Chavo Guerrero last week. I still find it interesting that only Stu Sanders and MVP do the talking for their teams. I could easily see this translate into a singles feud between the two, since they have been carrying all the weight of this rivalry.

Great move with the rookie getting attacked. It will get the tag champions mad in some sort of protection sense kinda way and will make the title rivalry that more personal. I can picture Natalya trying to step up against the men. The next match was kinda interesting. I am all for Matt Sydal vs Yoshi, but Yoshi continues to lose steam after the great showing with Jericho. Tatsu did bring it to Sydal, but isn't Sydal still injured?

Michelle vs Mickie next week? I like it.

It's interesting to see how much TV time you devote to the quartet of Burke/Layla/Bourne/James. I can't say all of their segments are riveting TV, but they arent exactly boring, and Ziggler's antics are great, so this segment was one of those that clicked and worked great. Layla seemed to accept Ziggler a little bit more, so my theory of the turn seems closer and closer.

We needed Lashley's explanation, because it was indeed kinda random he came out to help Charlie Haas. However, I don't know if I can buy Lashley was ever bullied. Of course he wasn't that big when he was a child (I've see the pictures), but still, when you see Lashley, you don't think he was bullied. Then again, that might be the point of all of this.

Ive notived the matches have been shorter this week. Anyways, Chris Masters got his ass handed to him by Lashley. Complete domination. These two aren't over by a longshot after the ending, as Masters will get his heat back one way or the other. Maybe via his rookie....

Damn, Harry got mad. I didn't picture the confrontation going like that, but reading it, it made sense for Paul Burchill to not be as angry as Harry, yet to stay supportive of his tag team partner. But damn, DH wanted to rip the heads off from those two guys indeed.

See? More of the quartet. Layla can act as angry as she wants, she seems to be taking Ziggler more and more fondly.

Damn, it took some time to finally see the main actors of the show in action. If you ask me, these show needs more appearances from them and less from the midcard. Chris Jericho's explanation made a lot of sense altough of course it was biased. I don't think he would actually want a rookie, but his ego was hurt when he didnt get one. There was some parts with Christian that dragged, and the asskissing between CM Punk and Del Rio has to lead somewhere (Del Rio face?), otherwise it's just weird. The promo was awesome though, with everybody insanely in character, and booking Punk vs Cage makes sense. I think Christian will win, since this promo presented him as undeserving of being in the title match.

Having an arrogant guy like Shelton be respectful of HBK is great. It also feeds the HBK vs Swagger feud, as it presents Swagger that much arrogant with him having no respect for the legend.

I felt the mic time for Santino and Chavo was unnecessary, specially Santino's. It seems Santino will be up for a push, winning two weeks on a row.

HBK vs Benjamin was good. In fact it was great, altough you just know Swagger would get involve leading to the end of the match. Of course it happens and he ends the show on top of HBK. The game of oneupsmenship continue. Let's see if there is follow up between Shelton and Swagger after Shelton wasn't pleased with losing via DQ.

Good show, altough I feel you are devoting too many segments to the wrong guys. I saw Burke three times on the show, yet the ones in the title match, only once. HBK wasn't seen until the very end of the show, yet we saw Petey Williams twice. Besides that, it was a really good show that advanced all the storylines well.


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