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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

(The UWEF Opening signature plays: The UWEF logo zoom in as first but we see Jericho's dropkick, UWEF zooms in more, HHH does his siganture pose, the UWEF logo zooms more, we see the Canadian Connection pose, UWEF logo goes zooming, Paul Heymen laughs evily and the UWEF zooms as close as possible and fades out)

(The RAW entrance plays and the pryos go off)

UWEF Horizon
Phoenix, Arizona
American West Arena
April 8th 2005

JR: Welcome to UWEF Horizon, live here at Phoenix, Arizona, at the American West Arena. Tonight, what a line up we have in store for you.

(They show Randy Orton doing his normal pose on the VS. screen with three shadow men, in picture pose.)

King: Yep. The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, faces Heymen's three men that impressed him at the Rumble last week.

(They show Daivari, Hassan, and Dupree doing their poses put together and Regal, Tagiri, and Eugene posing theirs too on the VS. thread)

JR: Also, the Axis Powers, Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari, face the team of Tagiri, Regal, and Eugenes as well.

(Then they show Triple H posing with the title and Chris Jericho with his normal pose)

King: If you thought what HHH did to Jericho was sick last week, JR, then wait till you see this. Heymen has called a sit down between Jericho and the Game tonight as they will choose their stipulation.

JR: What a night!

(Y2J's music plays and the crowd is up on their feet giving him a massive ovation from the crowd. Y2J comes out in his Highlight Reel attire and has a white bandaid on the head from HHH's attack from last week. Y2J looks extremely pissed off.)

Finkel: Coming into the ring, the number one contender for the UWEF Heavyweight title, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

JR:What a standing ovation for Y2J. He proved to us that he was the King of his world at the Rumble last week!

King: Yep. Then remeber what happened after that. Jericho got putted up to shut up by the Game, the greatest wrestler alive and the UWEF champion.

(He takes the mic as we pan to Y2J signs like: Y2J: Next UWEF Champion, Y2J for President, Game Over: HHH! Y2J is about to speak but the crowd gives a massive "Y2J" chant making him reminise the chant. Then he speaks on the mic.)

Y2J: You know, ever since I was a wrestler, I had a dream. To be a somebody and make an impact. I did at the WWE on my first debut. During my years as a rookie, I went to challenge for the big league and went to challenge Triple H.

(The crowd gives light boos)

Y2J: So I did and at one night on RAW, I fought him for the WWE Heavyweight title. And guess what, I beat him!

(The crowd pop hugely)

Y2J: But it never happened. Not in HHH's memory. When I held that title, I was with bliss and wanted to go home to show my wife but when I heard HHH say to Hebner to go take my title away and never add the match in the record book, my world turned upside down.

(People boo on HHH)

Y2J: Then at Wrestlemania 18, I was down in again when he beat me for the WWE Undisputed title and he played as a good guy and then turned on all of you.

(People chant "HHH Sucks" and we see a sign with Triple H's face on a donkey's butt and in text, it says, "Ironic, isn't it?" and we pan back to Jericho)

Y2J: And if that wasn't enough, last week on UWEF Horizon, he got the better of me. Look at what happened. Roll the footage, monkey.

*We see the titantron of what happened last week

Finkel: The winner of this match and the Royal Rumble, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

(Before Jericho can leave the ring, HHH comes out from behind and clotheslines Jericho from behind. Randy Orton and Batista from the ramp come down with Ric Flair. Evolutio is in the ring. Ric Flair does three lowblows in a row. Jericho leans down as Randy Orton does an RKO. Batista picks up Jericho and does a Batista bomb. Then Orton and Batista pick Jericho up and HHH says with the mic......)

HHH: You see this? You will never be the champ. You have three lives! It's about to become two!

(HHH drops the mic and kicks Jericho's guts and puts him in Pedigree position. He then nails Jericho with a thunderous Pedigree. Jericho is bleeding red on his face starting from the head as HHH does his signature pose on Jericho and the Evolution gang do their signature pose while the crowd boos for them. HHH picks up his mic and says.....)

HHH: Welcome to the arcade field where you play the game!

(HHH's music plays and he poses some more)

*We pan back to Jericho as the crowd boo for what HHH did last week*

Y2J: So, Triple H, you thought you can put me out, huh? Well you failed because tonight Y2J is gonna give you an ass-whooping you'll be begging not to get.

(The crowd pop hugely)

Y2J: We meet later tonight but HHH, my stipulation will make you cry because there will be no way out at Global Warming.

(The crowd give a huge pop as Y2J's music plays and he walks away holding his injured head. He give some highfives to the crowd while walking. The crowd keeps cheering for Y2J.)

JR: Well, Y2J has made it clear to HHH as Jericho knows which stipulation!

King: Y2J is all talk and he should shut up unless he wants a repeat of what HHH did to him last week!

(They show Daivari, Hassan, and Dupree doing their poses put together and Regal, Tagiri, and Eugene posing theirs too on the VS. thread)

JR: Well, the Axis Powers, Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari, face the team of Tagiri, Regal, and Eugene tonight........

(They show Randy Orton doing his normal pose on the VS. screen with three shadow men, in picture pose.)

JR: ............but coming up next, Randy Orton faces Paul Heymen's three Rumble men in a fatal four way match for the UWEF Ironman title! Live at Phoenix, Arizona on UWEF Horizon!

(Commercial Break)

JR: Welcome back to UWEF Horizon, here at Phoenix, Arizona at the American West Arena. This portion of UWEF Horizon is sponcered by.........

(They show the logos each one)

JR:........Wrestling-Edge.com. Check out media, news, and the forums with excellent qualities. Wrestling-Edge.com.

King: Also by the new PSP system. You can play games, music, TV, and movies in there as well. Available in stores now.

JR: And by M&M. Chocolate is better in color.

(The ECW song plays and Heymen comes out)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the General Manager of UWEF, Paul Heymen!

(The crowd boos normally as Paul ignores them)

JR: Well, Heymen is about to tell us who our three men are.

King: I still think Orton should have gotten the belt. He did all that from the WWE and should be the Ironman champion.

JR: Will find out but can Orton do it or not?

(Paul grabs the mic and we hear "ECW" chants)

Heymen: Well, Orton, here is your chance. get out here in get in the ring for your match

(Evolution's instrumental music plays and Randy Orton comes out and the crowd are booing and chanting "Orton sucks")

JR: Here's the so proclaimed Legend Killer, Mr. Randy Orton.

King: And the soon to be UWEF Ironman champion.

JR: Well, King, we'll see about that.

(Orton does his signature pose on the turnbuckle and faces Heymen. The crowd chants you suck to Orton a lot and massively boo.)

Heymen: Well, Orton, you want to know the three opponents I picked, right?

(Orton nods his head quickly as Paul says them)

Heymen: All right then. Here is the first opponent.

(Simon Dean's music plays and there is light booing)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, Simon Dean!

(He shows his products to the fans but they keep on booing him out)

Heymen: All right then. Here is the second opponent.

(The Canadian Connection plays and Edge comes out with his entrance attire with Trish with a white tight tanktop and white and red leather pants. The crowd starts to boo and we pan to signs of: Another Hart Foundation flop, and The What Connection?)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, accompanied by Trish Stratus, Edge!

(Crowd boos heavily as Edge waves the Canadian Flag and Trish walks at ringside as Edge gest in the ring and looks at Orton and smiles evily. Then he does a pose that gives heel heat for Edge.)

Heymen: Well, Orton. Here is a person you may no very well. The last opponent is.......

(Shelton Benjamin's music plays and the crowd gives a huge pop as Orton's jaw drops with his mouth wide open. Edge puts his hands over his head. Shelton has a little white bandaid from Edge's chair shot at the Rumble last week. Shelton is pissed as he walks fast and enters the ring. He does his turnbuckle pose and the crowd claps for Shelton. The bell sounds.)

MATCH ONE: Simon Dean vs. Edge. vs. Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin for the UWEF Ironman Championship

(Shelton goes for Edge as Edge gets stomped by Benjamin. Benjamin then does quick punches on Edge and Shelton Irish whips Edge and does a Stinger Splash on Edge. He then clotheslines Edge outside the ring. Orton from behind does a cheap shot on Benjamin and does several stomps on Benjamin. He then Irish whips Benjamin to the ropes and does a dropkick and gets up quickly to do his siganture pose. The fans hate it and boo. Simon does a German from behind on Orton and Orton rolls outside of the ring. Benjamin does a dropkick to Simon, taking him outside as well. Orton and Simon start to get up but Benjamin does a clothesline to both of them outside. The fans love it and chant "Benjamin". He gets back in the ring and Edge does a clothesline on Benjamin. Edge then rips up Benjamin's bandaid, making us see some scab. Edge then hits Benjamin's exposed scab and Edge smiles to the crowd. Orton is back on the ring and clotheslines Edge. Orton does a Flying Elbow Drop on Edge. Orton is positioning an RKO. Edge is up and Orton does a RKO but Edge reverses it to an Irish whip to the ropes for Orton and Edge does a spinning wheel kick. Simon Dean does a Belly to Belly on Edge and does some jumping jacks in front of Edge, getting little heel heat from the crowd. Shelton, from behind, turns Simon around and does some punches. Irish whips Simon for a Stinger Splash but Simon ducks and Shelton hits the turnbuckle. Simon, quickly runs to Irish whips himself to do a neckbreaker. Orton does a roll up to Simon Dean. 1, 2. Simon kicks out. Edge from behind does a reverse DDT and he picks up Simon for an STO. Trish, from ringside, claps for Edge as the crowd boos. Edge picks up Simon Dean and throws him out. Simon gets up but Trish does her Chick Kick on Simon, knocking out Simon and the crowd gives light cheering. Edge then Irish whips Orton and does a mini spear. Shelton, although, does a dropkick to Edge, taking him outside.)

JR: These four have on target, the UWEF Ironman Championship. Who will take it? Simon? Orton? Edge? Shelton? Find out when we come back from Phoenix, Arizona on UWEF Horizon!

(Commercial Break)

JR: We're back on UWEF Horizon as Shelton is weakened by Edge's armlock!

(Edge puts on a lock to Shelton's arm until Orton kicks Edge from behind. Orton then takes Edge for an Irish whip and Orton gets another clothesline. Orton is fired up as the crowd boo him. Shelton turns him around and does a spinning kick on Orton. Orton falls down. Orton then does a neckbreaker on Edge. Simon tries to get in the ring but still weak from Trish's Chick Kick. Shelton sees Simon and gets up Simon for and Exploder but Simon does a German on Shelton. Edge from the corner of a turnbuckle gets ready for Simon to turn around so he can hit the spear. Simon turns around and he gets the spear. Orton, without the ref looking, does a slick lowblow on Edge. Edge heaves down and Orton nails he RKO on Edge. Shelton from behind, in the turnbuckle, does a spinning clothesline. Shelton waits for Edge, when Edge is getting up, but Trish from behind gets in the edge of the ring and distracts the ref. Shelton then gets all up on Trish's face untill Trish is about to slap Shelton but Shelton holds Trish's hand. Edge waits for Shelton so he can spear him. Shelton turns around, Edge runs up to Shelton, Shelton moves away, and Edge spears Trish outside of the ring. The crowd pops heavily for that. Edge then puts his accidentally face on. Simon from behind does a Northern Lights Suplex. Orton, Irish whipping himself, does an RKO on Simon Dean. There was light pop for that. Orton smiles evilly and the crowd hates him. Shelton, from behind, does a reverse DDT. Orton tries to get up but then he turns around and Shelton does a thunderous Exploder. Shelton pins Orton. 1, 2, 3! The crowd is up with a standing ovation for shelton! Shelton is happy and eye bulging as he has won the title!)

Finkel: The winner of this match, and the NEW UWEF Ironman Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

JR: He's done it! Shelton Benjamin is the new UWEF Ironman champion!

King: That's not right. He can't do that! Orton should have done it!

(Orton gets up and sees Benjamin leave with the title and walks up the ramp. Orton is pissed. When Simon got up, Orton just randomly did an RKO! Massive booing. Orton gets out of the ring and gets a chair. He gets back in the ring and hits Simon with the chair on his back violently several times. The crowd boos louder as the shots keep coming. Orton gets up Simon and RKO's him on the chair. Orton does his signature pose in the center of the ring with an angry look. The crowd chants, "U lost" as Orton leaves the ring and walks back to the ramp. He turns back to the ring and walks to the ramp. Simon is singlehandedly bleeding from the center of the head.)

JR: Of all the things to do to a guy, that must be a sick statement that says, "I'm Orton and I'm being a sore loser!

King: That's what making an impact means. Orton is gonna have his day and when he does, Shelton's ride will come to a stop!

(They show Daivari, Hassan, and Dupree doing their poses put together and Regal, Tagiri, and Eugene posing theirs too on the VS. thread)

JR: Well, the Axis Powers, Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari, face the team of Tagiri, Regal, and Eugenes later tonight.

(Then they show Triple H posing with the title and Chris Jericho with his normal pose)

King: Also, Heymen has called a sit down between Jericho and the Game tonight as they will choose their stipulations for UWEF Global Warming. That's also tonight.

(Lance Storm, with a suit, is walking from the backstage, heading to the ring. He then sees two workers laughing about something. He stops and goes towards them.)

Lance: What are you laughing about? You laughing about how HBK Sweet Chin Music me out of me? HUH?

Worker #!: No, we were just telling a joke.

Worker #2: No we weren't. We were laughng how HB-. Whoops.

Lance: Is that right? You know what else is funny

(The workers shake their heads)

Lance: This!

(Lance Storm beats down Worker One and does a DDT on the concrete. Worker Two then gets slammed to the door. Worker Two is getting. He turns around and Lance give him a straight up Superkick!)

Lance: Now, wasn't that funny? Bastards.

JR: Mr. Lance Storm is heading to the ring, coming up next on UWEF Horizon.

(Commercial BREAKS)

(One of the commercials are promoting Jericho vs. HHH for UWEF Global Warming)

Narrator: A egomanicial champion........

(While HHH talks, we see him pedigree random superstars like Simon Dean, Chris Benoit, Ron "The Truth" Killing, Chris Masters, etc.)

HHH(yelling): No matter what federation I go to, no matter which belts they have, no matter how many superstars they have, I am still #1. You all need to respect me!

Narrator: ........A determined challenger.......

(While Y2J talks, we see footage of him dropkicking and lionsaulting Kurt Angle, we see him use the nightstick on Orton and Batista, and we see him do the Walls of Jericho on Simon Dean)

Y2J: So, Triple H, you thought you can put me out, huh? Well, you failed because at Global Warming, Y2J is gonna give you an ass-whooping you'll be begging not to get!

(While the narrator talks, we see superstars from the WWE/F hold the WWE or World Heavyweight Title, now combined as the UWEF title in this order: Hulk Hogan, Ultamite Warrior, Undertaker, Bret hart, Shawn Micheals, Steve Austin, The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton.)

Narrator: ...........a prestigious championship belt.

(We see Triple H hold the WWE title)

Narrator: Triple H.......

(We see Triple H pedigree Jericho from last week)

HHH: Welcome to the arcade field where you play the game!

(We see Chris Jericho hold the Undisputed title from 2003)

Narrator: ........Chris Jericho.......

(We see Jericho bulldog, lionsault, and do the Walls of Jericho on Triple H)

Y2J(yelling): I will become the King of my World!

Narrator: ........for the UWEF Heavyweight title in a Three Stages of Hell match!

(We see a transparent globe with the UWEF and the PSP logo zooming in and there is fire that turns into the word "WARMING" and then wind comes in to make the word "GLOBAL")

Narrator: .....UWEF & PSP presents Global Warming, live May 7th, from St. Louis, Missouri, live & exculsively on Pay Per View!

JR:We're back from Phoenix, Arizona and.............

(We see a transparent globe with the UWEF and the PSP logo zooming in and there is fire that turns into the word "WARMING" and then wind comes in to make the word "GLOBAL")

JR:.......UWEF & PSP presents Global Warming, live May 7th at St. Louis Missouri on Pay Per View and.............

(We see Triple H doing his signature pose with the UWEF title behind a picture of the Arc of Missouri)

JR:.............The Game, Triple H, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion.......

(We see Chris Jericho doing his Walls of Jericho behind a picture of the Arc of Missouri)

JR:.............will face Chris Jericho, the challenger.......

(We see Triple H doing these poses on the left side: A Triple H Championship pose, a spray spit mist from the entrance ramp, and the signature pose from the turnbuckle. Then it loops in that order. On the right side, we see these Jericho poses: His entrance ramp when they play his titantron, he does a Walls Of Jericho, and his ropes poses. Then it lops in that order. Behind them are three question marks, meaning the Three Stage of Hell. In the middle center, the UWEF title spins around slowly, counter-clockwise. The far background is that picture of the Arc in Missouri. On the bottom center, it says, "Three Stages of Hell for the UWEF Heavyweight Belt". On the bottom left, it says Triple H. On the bottom right, it says Chris Jericho. On the top left corner, the PSP logo is on there. On the top right corner, the UWEF logo is on there.)

JR:.............for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship belt in a Three Stages in Hell match.

King: I'm sorry, JR, but Triple H has beaten Jericho twice for the belt twice, and Triple H is about to make it three.

JR: We'll see about that, May 7th!

(The Canadian Connection song plays and the crowd is boos heavily as we pan back to that sign : "Another Hart Foundation flop" and a new sign: "If I can be serious for an hour......" Lance comes out with a suit and gives a disgutsed look to the fans as they boo him. Lance walks down to the ring.)

Finkel: Ladies & Gentlemen, he is the leader of the Canadian Connection, Lance Storm

(The crowd massively boo to him as he gets in the ring and grabs the mic. We pan back to a sign saying, "Stop showstealing Bret and Owen". Then we pan back to Lance Storm.)

Lance: If I can be serious for a minute.........

(The crowd massively boo to him )

Lance(yelling): I SAID IF I CAN BE SERIOUS FOR A MINUTE.........

(The crowd massively boo to him even more )

Lance: HBK! You think superkicking me was gonna work? Well, HBK, Has Been Kid.......

(The crowd boo and chant massively, "Lance Sucks")

Lance: ........on your best day, (yelling) ON YOUR BEST DAY, YOU COULD NEVER BEAT ME!

(The crowd give a gigantic heat to him)

Lance: HBK, I have issued a challenge. May 7th, at St. Louis, Missouri, at Global Warming, Lance Storm vs. Shawn Micheals.

(The crowd pops for that and chant, "HBK".)

Lance: Go ahead, chant all you want.........

(They chant "HBK" more loudly)

Lance: HBK, I have a surprise for you, at Global Warming, I will have a special star on my corner. His name, Shawn, you should know very well. He is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. Joining us via satellite from Montreal, Canada, Bret "the Hitman" Hart!

(The crowd pops abruptivly and we see Bret "the Hitman" Hart in his home, sitting down, with a microphone earpiece on him.)

Bret: Thank you, Lance. It would be an honor for me to join you at my corner. I am sitting at my home watching UWEF on my TV, watching some talent. Shawn, I know you are listening to me. At Global Warming, I'm gonna screw you over like you did to me at Montreal but the diference will be that you'll be screwed over with diginty!

(HBK's music w/o titantron plays and HBK is in his suit as well! We get a lot of chants but surprisingly, we hear a small portion of "You screwed Bret" chants. He does his entrance posing as usual. Then he stops mid way in the ramp as uses his mic)

HBK: So, Bret, how you doing?

(Bret gives an angry deadly look to HBK)

HBK:Im gonna take that as a yes.

(Crowd laughs a bit. Some booed a bit.)

HBK: So, Lance, you want me at Global Warming, EH?

Lance: Damn right. I'm gonna make sure you give respect to a fellow Canadian.

HBK: I haven't respected a Canadian ever since Celene Dion.

(Crowd laughs a bit loud. Bret is getting frustrated and Lance is quite angry. Some fans start booing HBK)

HBK: Enough with the jokes. So, Lance Storm vs. HBK with Mr. Canadian over there at Global Warming? All right but I must warn you, if I screw you over, promise ot to spit on my face.

(crowd chuckles but some fans are getting annoyed and are booing.)

Lance: You think you're funny, eh? Well, maybe if you're good, I'll give you a sharpshooter.

(Crowd boos)

Bret: Shawn, listen to me real clear. At Global Warming, I will do everything in my power, to make sure you feel how I feel. Shawn, nobody's here to save you. The Cliq aren't here to save you. Vince McMahon isn't here to save you. Nobody's here to save you. In my eyes, you are a open target.

(Crowd gives a mixed reaction but mostly cheers)

Lance: Bret, don't worry. In my eyes, HBK is nothing more than a loser. You know, it just hit me. HBK stands for Has Been Kid.

(Crowd boos)

HBK: You know, kid. I could walk away, but me kicking your ass is much better!

(With that said, HBK walks to ring, taking off his coat and tie and gets in the ring. Lance takes off his coat and tie too. HBK then goes with punches on Lance. HBK Irish whips Lance and does a poweslam. HBK then does a piledriver to Lance. HBK gets in position, stomps his right foot, and gets ready for a Sweet Chin Music. Christian then comes out and gets in to the ring but HBK punches him. Christian gest up and a Sweet Chin Music to him getting a major pop. Suddenly, a black ninja-dressed person get in the ring, has a hockey stick, and gets in the ring. HBk knows this and clotheslines him. HBK then does a DDT on the ninja dressed person, dropping his hockey stick. Lance Storm picks it up, and swings it on HBK's head, knocking him out cold. The black ninja dressed man Irish whips HBK to Lance and Lance does a deadly Superkick on HBK! the crowd gives him huge heat as Lance, Christian, and the mystery man walk back to the ramp.)

JR: Who was that? Was that Bret?.

King: No it wasn't! He's at Montreal and the masked man was here. How stupid are you?!

(Eugene is in the locker room putting his jacket on and the crowd gives him a huge pop untill Regal walks in)

Regal: Hey, old bean. Let's go!

(Eugene is worried)

NOTE: Don't forget that Eugene is mentally challenged so some mispelling on his lines were on purpose.

Regal: Is something the matter?

Eugene: Um, you still care for me, right?

Regal: Of course. Why do you ask?

Eugene: Brecause yous and Tagiri are Tag Team Champions.

Regal: And?

Eugene: I thoughts yous say were we a Tags Team.

Regal: You were injured and I needed a partner to get the titles back. Don't worry, Eugene. I am still your friend and mentor. Come on, chap. You'll be fine.

Eugene: Okay. Let's do it.

(As Regal walks out of the room, Eugene is a bit saddened and looks at a picture in Regal's locker of him and Tagiri winning the titles on RAW in Japan. He then feels happy and walks out of the room.)

(They show Daivari, Hassan, and Dupree doing their poses put together and Regal, Tagiri, and Eugene posing theirs too on the VS. thread)

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Axis Powers, Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari, face the team of Tagiri, Regal, and Eugene. And it is live, next! Right here on UWEF Horizon!

(Commercial Break)

(Eugene's music plays and Eugene, Regal, and Tagiri come out with a normal pop)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, they are the team of the UWEF Tag Team Champions, Tagiri and William Regal, and their other partner, Eugene!

(Eugene stops and is mad because of how Finkel introduced them)

JR: Well, Eugene not happy with what Finkel said but last week Eugene came back with a surprising return and help them overcome the Axis Powers!

King: It won't happen tonight as he overcomes defeat. Eugene winning would be like the Phoenix Suns going to the finals. Impossible!

(They get in the ring and pose as Regal and Tagiri pose together, leaving Eugene out. The Axis Powers song, (Hassan's intro, then the La Resistance song combined with the Arabic sound on Hassan's music without the rock drifts. Hassan & Dupree are in entrance attire. Daivari is in ring atttire, just wearing purple sparkled pants. The crowd boo and chant "USA"!)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, they are the team of the Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari, the Axis Powers!

(They get in the ring as Hassan and daivari do their poses and Dupre does the French Tickler. The bell sounds.)

MATCH TWO: The Axis Powers vs. Tagiri, William regal, and Eugene

(Hassan and Regal start and grapple with Hassan pushing Regal back to the turnbuckle. Hassan lets him go but slapping him in the face, getting heel heat from the crowd. Regal runs to Hassan and tackles him down. Regal does some stiff punches on him and Hassan crawls back to his corner. The crowd claps for Regal and Hassan tags in Dupree. Dupree and Regal start to grapple and Dupree knee lifts Regal's guts. Dupree takes Regal to Dupree's corner and does some massive chops on Regal. The ref pulls him back but Hassan and Daivari hit and choke Regal. Eugene gets in but the ref pulls him back, making Dupree run back and join the handicap beating. When the ref was turning around, he tagged in Hassan. Hassan did a stomp and hit on the guts. Hassan took Regal in the center of the ring and Irish whipped him. Regal got dropkicked all the way to his corner. Tagiri tagged Regal's elbow and he runs to Hassan. Hassan picks him up but Tagiri does a snap DDT on Hassan. Hassan is back up but Tagiri does some quick low kicks on Hassan's legs, making him sore. Tagiri then does a standing enzurguri on Hassan. He pins Hassan. 1, 2. Hassan kicks out. Tagiri Irish whips himself but Dupree with a cheap shot. Tagiri stops and does a back high superkick, knocking Dupree outside. Hassan then does a knee lift up Tagiri's spine and Tagiri kneels down. Hassan tags in Daivari and Daivari does a twirling hurricarana to Tagiri. He does his "Allah" taunt, getting heat from it. Daivari picks up Tagiri and does a flip dropkick. Daivari goes on the turnbuckle and nails a spinning monsault. The crowd actually cheered for that move. Daivari then puts Tagiri in a T position. He gets out of the ring and pulls a magic carpet. The fans, mostly ROH fans, marked out and popped for it. Daivari picks up the Magic Carpet and puts in on the turnbuckle. Daivari does a splash with it but missed as Tagiri moved out of the way. Tagiri crawls to his corner while Daivari tags Dupree. Eugene is excited, extending his arm to Tagiri, but Tagiri tags in regal and Regal gets in, with Eugene angry. Regal with a punch to Dupree, then to Hassan, then to Daivari. Regal powerslams Dupree, then Hassan, then Daivari. Regal picks up Dupree and does a double knee lift to Dupree's face. Daivari does a dropkick to Regal but Tagiri clotheslines Daivari outside, sending him outside too. Regal is down and Eugene tags Regal's shoulder and he chops Hassan then punches Hassan. he Irish whips himself to clothesline Hassan, but accidently clotheslines the ref. The crowd does a loud "Awwwww". Dupree hands Hassan a chair. Hassan grabs it and nails Eugene's head with it. Tagiri still fighting Hassan outside. Regal does a clothesline. Eugene is belleding and slowly and dizzily tries to get up. Regal uses the chair and threats Hassan. Eugene sees Regal with the chair and turns him around, yelling "Why?" Regal denies hitting Eugene with the chair. Eugene pushes him and Regal says "He didn't do it." Dupree sends Eugen outside. Hassan kicks Regal's guts, dropping the chair, and does a quick STO on the same chair. Hasan pushes the chair out and the ref wakes up. He pins Regal and the ref slowly counts. 1.........................................................2......................................... ....................3! The crowd boos and Hassan's hand is raise by the ref as the Axis Powers's music plays.)

Finkel: The winners of this match, the Axis Powers!

JR: That's not right! Hassan used the chair and stole one!

King: Oh, stop it. Regal and Tagiri always are the good guys, in your opinion. As much as I hate their guts, they are a true team!

JR: True team, my ass!

(Regal and Tagiri are in the ring. Eugene yells at Regal saying "He hit him with the chair." Regal ignores him. Eugene slaps regal, getting some heat for him. Eugene walks back alone as Regal stands there from Eugene's slap. Tagiri checks on Regal.)

(We see Kurt Angle walking from the ring, heading down to the ring.)

JR: Well, Kurt Angle goes one on one with Ron "the Truth" Killings, next on UWEF Horizon!

(Comercial BREAKS)

(Kurt Angle's music plays and there is some boos. Kurt ignores and does his usual entrance poses.)

Finkel: The following is for one fall. Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, Kurt Angle!

(Boos to Angle. He warms up a bit waiting for his opponent. Ron Killings first rap wrestling TNA music plays. The crowd gives a huge pop! He does his dancing coming out, wearing his 3LK colors attire, without the 3LK text or TNA logo.)

Finkel: And from Charlotte, North Carolina, he is Ron "the Truth" Killings!

King: Look at this dancing idiot! Thinks this is ballet!

(Truth gets in the ring and he starts to dance. Angle from behind hits Truth. The bell rings.)

MATCH THREE: Kurt Angle vs. Ron "the Truth" Killings

(Angle does a German to Truth. Angle picks him up and tries to Irish whip him for a powerslam but Truth does a clothesline. Truth waits for Angle and picks him up to do a sitting powerslam. Angle gets up and the Truth does a Jumping Axe Kick on Angle, taking him outside. Angle tries to regroup outside as Truth keeps dancing in the ring, getting some pops. Angle gets back in the ring and Truth stomps him down. Truth does a Trish whip to Angle, trying to do a Jumping Axe Kick, but Angle ducks, Irish whipping again, doing a clothesline. Angle then picks up Truth with some stiff punches, making Truth dizzy. Angle then does three straight German suplexes on him. Angle gets ready for an Angle Slam. He gets Truth for an Angle Slam but Truth reverses it and does a kick to the mouth. Truth then does a reverse DDT. Angle tries to get up. Truth Irish whips himself for a Scissors Kick on Angle, but Angle reverses it and does a thunderous Angle Slam. He takes down his straps and takes the Truth's right ankle and does the Ankle Lock and the Truth tries to hold it for 45 seconds but he taps anyway and Angle gets heat.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Kurt Angle!

(He then takes the mic and he loses breath talking.)

Angle: You know, I was one of the final four at the Rumble and I should have been in the Ironman Four Way match tonight!

(Crowd boos)

Angle:Well, I will make an impact! I will prove to everyone that I am the greatest!

(Kurt Angle gets out of the ring and gets a steel chair. He gets back in the ring and he uses the chair and hits it on the Truth's right ankle several times. Angl then puts Truth's ankle between the chair bases. He is going to the turnbuckle, about to snap Truth's ankle.)

JR: Somebody get out here! Angle is gonna snap the young man's ankle. We need help!

(As he is about to jump, Ken Shamrock's music plays and the crowd gives a explosive pop as Shamrock, in his original ring gear, runs down to the ring but Angle rolls out of the ring. Angle smiles at the Truth then looks at Shamrock. Shamrock gives Angle an angry stare and tells him to bring it on! Shamrock checks on Truth, then he looks back at Angle. Angle smiles at Shamock, saying another time, Ken, another time. Shamrock's music plays and the crowd gives him a standng ovation.)

JR: Shamrock is back and helped the Truth from that egomastistical son of a -!

King: Angle just fought someone. He obviously was tired. That's all. Otherwise, Angle would have made Shamrock tap out!

(Evolution is backstage, walking towards the ring. Paul Heymen walks up to Evolution)

Heymen: Now, Hunter, you are here only to tell me what the stipulation is. I already talked with Jericho and has agreed to do the same. I do not want any physical action between you two or else I will strip you out of the title! Is that clear?

HHH: I know, Heymen. If Jericho touches me, I will make sure he lives to regret it!

(As Evolution keep walking, Heymen stops Batista and Orton.)

Heymen:As for you two, I don't want any physicality, so you two will stay behind.

(Orton and Batista are angry and arguing but just walk on back untill Heymen calls back Orton.)

Heymen: Orton, get over here. After what you did to Simon tonight, I cannot allow that behavior in my promotion. You hear me?

Orton: I'll stop but I want something.

Heymen: What?

(He grabs Heymen by the collar and he gets angry.)


(The crowd pops huge in the background.)

Heymen: All right! All right! At Global Warming, it will be Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin for the UWEF Ironman title!

(The crowd pops huge in the background. Randy lets go of Heymen. Randy smiles evily and goes back to the locker room. Heymen walks towards the ring as we fade to a commercial break.)

(The ECW song plays and Heymen comes out)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the General Manager of UWEF, Paul Heymen!

(The crowd boos normally)

JR: Well, Heymen going to be the center between HHH and Jeicho as the stipulations can be endless.

King: Trust me. If Jericho touches HHH, he will go Deja Vu on Jericho.

JR: Why do always have to ass kiss Triple H's?

King: I don't. Why do always think Jericho will win?

JR: Because I believe in him.

King: Always with the believing!

(Paul grabs the mic and we hear "Heymen" chants)

Heymen: This talk is between the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, and the #1 contender for that title, Chris Jericho. I have explained the rules and if any of them touch each other, I will get security and make them follow my rules! Now, let's get this thing started. Introducing first, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, the Game, Triple H!

(We hear Triple H's music and the crowd does some booing. Triple H and Ric Flair, both in suit mode, come out and do their regular entrances. The Game gets in the ring and does his signature pose on two turnbuckles. He then sits on one of the chairs as Heymen speaks.)

Heymen: And the next opponent, the #1 Contender for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship, the King of the World, Chris Jericho

(The crowd stands up and quickly give him an explosive pop and Jericho comes out, in Highlight Reel mode once again, and does hie regular ramp poses. He then does his ring poses and sits on the other chair. He looks at Triple H and is ready to fight but Heymen backs him up.)

Heymen: Hey! Jericho, I told you, one touch and I'll let security take care of you!

(The crowd boos as Triple H smiles and tells him to hit me on the cheek.)

Heymen: Now, Jericho. I'm gonna let you pick the first stipulation of the Three Stages of Hell match!

(Jericho takes the mic but we hear massive "Y2J" chants and we pan to a sign with Jericho's signature pose. On the bottom, it says, "King of the World". Then we pan back to him.)

Jericho: Triple H, it all started in 2000, again in 2003, now in 2005. Now, I have an opportunity to get the better hand of you. Triple H, you will tap to the Walls of Jericho.

(Crowd gives a massive pop as Triple H rolls his eye and uses his mic.)

HHH: All I am hearing from you is nothing but pure crap!

(Crowd massively boo to Triple H and Flair tells them to shut up.)

HHH: Who are ya fooling, huh? 2000, you might have one but I had the upper hand and got back my WWF title. Then in 2003, I won the Royal Rumble and went to Wrestlemania 18 and took the title from you again! Now at May 7th, 2005, it's all gonna happen again only this time, there will be no do overs, there will be no assistance, and there will be NO HESITATION!

(Crowd boos and chants a "U suck" chant)

Jericho: Hunter, I know that! I'm not as dumb as you! But you are talking to a guy who beat both Austin and the Rock for the Undisputed title. I have won the Intercontinental championship seven to eight times and broke a record. I was part of Team WWF/E and where were you? Crying cause of a stupid quad injury. This is wrestling, Hunter! What did you expect! Telling a guy not to hurt you nicely? NO! At Global Warming, I won't back down, I will not quit, I will not surrender. I will finally get the title I have wanted, once and FOR ALL!.

(Crowd chanting a loudly massive "Y2J" chant)

Jericho: So, I guess my first stipulation will be somethng I'm experienced in and something I have over you, the first stipulation will be....................a LADDER MATCH!

(Crowd pop massively and the crowd chant "Jericho" and Triple H isn't pleased as Jericho is happy.)

HHH: You know, two can play at this game! Fine, at Global Warming, my stipulation will be one that I haven't lost at in a Singles match. A match I beat you in! At Global Warming, I want a Hell in a Cell Match!

(The crowd pop for that as Jericho is still happy)

HHH: Jericho.......

(HHH walks up to Jericho)

HHH: .......be aware. I will not lose and you will bow down like evryone else!

(HHH spits on Jericho's face. Jericho wipes it off and the fight begins. Jericho DDTs HHH. Flair starts to charge but Jericho throws him out. HHH with a knee lift to Jericho. HHH puts Jericho in Pedigree position but Jericho reverses it with a clothesline. HHH gets up and and Jericho does his running bulldog. He then does a lionsault to HHH. He gets up HHH and he put him in pedigree position! The crowd marks out and Jericho nails a Pedigree on HHH perfectly! The crowd loves it and chant "Y2J" and he holds the title up his hands. Heymen calls security and Jericho runs to the crowd, leaving the title on a knocked out HHH. Jericho is smiling. The UWEF logo with copyright credits apprear on the bottom left corner.)

JR: My god. We'll see you next week on UWEF Horizon at Carson City, Nevada. GOOD NIGHT, EVERYONE!

King: Somebody get help!.

(The UWEF logo zooms in and fades out)

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